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100+ Hedgehog Names For Your Spikey Friend

by NC Staff
Are you ready to dive into the wonderful world of hedgehog names? These adorable and spiky little creatures deserve names as charming as their personalities. Whether you have a male or female hedgehog, a cute baby hoglet, or even an albino hedgehog, finding the perfect name is an exciting journey of discovery. Join us as we explore the top hedgehog names that have won the hearts of hedgehog lovers everywhere. From famous hedgehog characters in pop culture to amusing names that will tickle your funny bone, we have various options to suit every Hedgehog’s individuality. So, get ready to find the ideal name that perfectly matches your little spiky companion’s charm and makes them the star of

Male Hedgehog Names

For your spiky little buddy, male hedgehog names should capture their playful and adventurous nature. Choose names like Spike, Harley, or Gizmo, showcasing their distinct personalities. Rocky and Max emphasize their strong and resilient demeanor, while Teddy and Oliver highlight their cuddly and lovable side. 

  • Spike 
  • Quill 
  • Sonic 
  • Rusty 
  • Bramble 
  • Gizmo 
  • Rocky 
  • Pippin 
  • Thistle 
  • Flash 
  • Snickers 
  • Bolt 
  • Ziggy 
  • Comet 
  • Jinx 
  • Whiskers 
  • Chestnut 
  • Fuzzy 
  • Bramble 
  • Tumble 
  • Rustle 
  • Bristle 
  • Thorn 
  • Pounce 
  • Gizmo 
  • Hiccup 
  • Bramble 
  • Bramble 
  • Dash 
  • Pipsqueak 

Girl Hedgehog Names

 Female hedgehogs deserve names that exude charm and sweetness. Bella, Daisy, and Rosie celebrate their adorable and endearing presence. Luna and Willow evoke a sense of mystique and grace, while Hazel and Penny add a natural allure to their character. 

  • Hazel 
  • Clover 
  • Poppy 
  • Luna 
  • Willow 
  • Rosie 
  • Pebbles 
  • Blossom 
  • Nibbles 
  • Peanut 
  • Honey 
  • Pansy 
  • Buttercup 
  • Bubbles 
  • Whiskers 
  • Dizzy 
  • Giggles 
  • Pebbles 
  • Snickers 
  • Wiggles 
  • Ginger 
  • Breezy 
  • Sparkle 
  • Fudge 
  • Caramel 
  • Clover 
  • Muffin 
  • Munchkin 
  • Tootsie 
  • Zippy 

Top Hedgehog Names

For the most popular hedgehog names, consider the timeless and beloved options. Inspired by the iconic video game character, Sonic is a top choice for hedgehog enthusiasts. Other favorites include Spiky, Quill, and Prickles, which perfectly capture the essence of these spiny creatures. 

  • Oliver – For a clever and friendly hedgehog who steals hearts with his charm. 
  • Luna – Ideal for a hedgehog with a mysterious and nocturnal nature, glowing like the moon. 
  • Harley is a fitting name for a spunky and adventurous hedgehog who loves exploring. 
  • Poppy – Perfect for a hedgehog with a colorful and vibrant personality, just like a flower. 
  • Gizmo – Suited for a tech-savvy and curious hedgehog who enjoys investigating everything. 
  • Hazel – Ideal for a gentle and sweet hedgehog with warm, inviting eyes. 
  • Flash – Best for a speedy and energetic hedgehog who zooms around like lightning. 
  • Pebbles – A name for a tiny and adorable hedgehog with a love for playtime. 
  • Pippin – Suitable for a lively and mischievous hedgehog that keeps everyone entertained. 
  • Whiskers – Perfect for a hedgehog with long and expressive whiskers, always sniffing around. 
  • Fudge – For a hedgehog with a delightful and rich personality, as sweet as a treat. 
  • Bramble – Ideal for a strong and adventurous hedgehog who loves exploring the wilderness. 
  • Twinkle – Suited for a hedgehog with sparkling eyes and a magical presence. 
  • Saffron – Best for a unique and exotic hedgehog with a vibrant and warm coat. 
  • Ziggy – A name for a hedgehog with zig-zag patterns on its spines, standing out from the crowd. 

Cute Names for Hedgehog

When it comes to cuteness, hedgehogs take the cake! Cute names like Nibbles, Puff, and Tumble capture their adorable and playful nature. Peanut and Gingersnap highlight their tiny size and charming appearance, making these names the perfect match for your cute Hedgehog. 

  • Biscuit 
  • Tinkerbell 
  • Pudding 
  • Snuggles 
  • Gingersnap 
  • Cuddlebug 
  • Cupcake 
  • Whiskerkins 
  • Peaches 
  • Fuzzball 
  • Doodle 
  • Noodle 
  • Cheeks 
  • Sprinkles 
  • Caramel 
  • Furrykins 
  • Wiggly 
  • Snugglepuff 
  • Dizzy Doodle 
  • Hugglebun 

Famous Hedgehog Names

In the world of pop culture, hedgehogs have made their mark. Sonic the Hedgehog, the speedy blue hero from video games and movies, is the most famous Hedgehog of all. Others include Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle, Beatrix Potter’s beloved character, and Quillson, a popular Animal Crossing video game series character. 

  • Sonic (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Amy Rose (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Knuckles (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Silver (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Tails (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Cream (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Big the Cat (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Vector (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Espio (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Charmy (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Sonic Boom (Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Jules Hedgehog (Archie Comics – Sonic) 
  • Nicole the Holo-Lynx (Archie Comics – Sonic) 
  • Scourge the Hedgehog (Archie Comics – Sonic) 
  • Manic (Sonic Underground) 
  • Sonia (Sonic Underground) 
  • Sonic the Hedgehog (The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog) 
  • Sir Hiss (Robin Hood) 
  • Miss Tiggy-Winkle (The Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle by Beatrix Potter) 
  • Hodge Podge (Hodge Podge: The Hedgehog) 
  • Quilly (Clifford the Big Red Dog) 
  • Hedgy (Max and Ruby) 
  • Horatio Hedgehog (Horatio Hedgehog) 
  • Becca Hedgehog (Becca’s Bunch) 

Baby Hedgehog Names

Baby hedgehogs, known as hoglets, deserve names that embrace their youth and innocence. Whiskers, Bubbles, and Pipsqueak are perfect for these tiny bundles of joy. Snickers and Cinnamon add a touch of sweetness to their character, making them even more endearing. 

  • Peanut 
  • Tiny 
  • Button 
  • Sprout 
  • Mini 
  • Pipsqueak 
  • Niblet 
  • Tumbleweed 
  • Dinky 
  • Fuzzywuzzy 

Hedgehog Funny Names

Inject humor into your Hedgehog’s life with amusing names like Pokiehontas, Quilliam Shakespeare, or Hufflepuff. These names add a playful twist to your Hedgehog’s identity and will bring smiles and laughter. 

  • Quilly McQuillface 
  • Spikezilla 
  • Puffy McStuffin 
  • Pricklepants 
  • Fluffykins 
  • Hufflepuff 
  • Mr. Grumpy Spines 
  • Wigglybutt 
  • Snickerdoodle 
  • Spiky McMuffin 
  • Quilliam Shakespeare 
  • Pokey Poppins 
  • Hedgezilla 
  • Sir Pricklesworth 
  • Quilliam Tell 
  • Snickersnap 
  • Prickly Purrington 
  • Wobblehedge 
  • Spikester McSnugglebutt 
  • Fuzzy McSneeze 

Albino Hedgehog Names

Albino hedgehogs, with their unique white appearance and red eyes, deserve names that celebrate their distinctiveness. Choose names like Snowflake, Ivory, or Casper, symbolizing their enchanting beauty. Frosty and Blizzard evoke the icy coolness of their appearance, making them stand out in the hedgehog community. 

  • Snowflake 
  • Ivory 
  • Frosty 
  • Milkyway 
  • Blizzard 
  • Crystal 
  • Casper 
  • Marshmallow 
  • Pearl 
  • Winter 
  • Ivory 
  • Opal 
  • Arctic 
  • Moonbeam 
  • Alabaster 
  • Glacier 
  • Chilly 
  • Diamond 
  • Ivory Belle 
  • Frostbite 

Cool Hedgehog Names

Consider names like Maverick, Dash, or Shadow for hedgehogs with a cool and adventurous vibe. These names emphasize their energetic and spirited nature, making them a great fit for your lively hedgehog friend. 

  • Maverick 
  • Blade 
  • Jet 
  • Viper 
  • Blaze 
  • Nova 
  • Onyx 
  • Titan 
  • Razor 
  • Zephyr 
  • Thunder 
  • Phoenix 
  • Ace 
  • Steel 
  • Rogue 
  • Neo 
  • Venom 
  • Fang 
  • Apollo 
  • Spikester 
  • Cypher 
  • Xena 
  • Nitro 
  • Zeke 
  • Eclipse 



Choosing the right name for your Hedgehog can be a delightful and creative process. There are various categories of names to consider, such as cute, famous, funny, and cool names, each bringing a unique personality to your adorable little companion. 

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