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Cute and Funny Ostrich Names for Your Fast Friend

by NC Staff

The ostrich is famous for its towering height and remarkable speed. It holds special importance in the animal world because it is the largest bird on the planet. In this article, we will talk about ostrich names, showing how to choose names for these amazing birds.

Before diving into names, it’s essential to understand what makes ostriches unique. Ostriches are from Africa and can run really fast, up to 70 kilometers per hour! They have long necks, strong legs, and special feathers that make them stand out. Their behaviors and how they look often influence the people to name them.

Naming an ostrich is a chance to show its personality, how it looks, or what it means in different cultures. Whether you pick a name that describes them, makes you laugh, or has a cultural story, it’s a fun and imaginative way to bond with these amazing birds.

Female ostrich names

Female ostriches are famous for being graceful and strong. They’re amazing birds in the animal kingdom. When people name these big birds, they often pick names that match how special they are. These names try to capture her spirit and charm, whether she’s graceful, lively, gentle, or majestic. Here are the options:

  • Aurora: Symbolizing the beauty of dawn, this name reflects elegance and new beginnings.
  • Savannah: Inspired by the ostrich’s natural habitat, it signifies vast beauty and wilderness.


  • Sienna: Representing the earthy tones of the ostrich’s feathers, this name exudes a natural charm.

  • Willow: This name signifies grace and flexibility, much like the gentle sway of a willow tree.

  • Gaia: In homage to the Earth goddess, representing the nurturing and strong nature of female ostriches.

  • Zephyra: Suggestive of a gentle breeze, it captures the swift and smooth movement of the ostrich.


  • Luna: Reflecting the mysterious beauty of the moon, suitable for an ostrich with a serene presence.

  • Opal: Inspired by the precious gem, this name suits a bird with a distinctive and captivating charm.

  • Nala: A name that signifies success and is beloved, fitting for a cherished and admired ostrich.

  • Hazel: Representing the warm and earthy tones of the ostrich’s eyes or feathers.

  • Phoenix: Symbolizing rebirth and strength, apt for an ostrich with a resilient spirit.

  • Bianca: Meaning ‘white’, this name could suit an unusually pale or standout female ostrich.

  • Freya: Named after the Norse goddess of love and beauty, resonating with the majestic nature of the ostrich.

  • Terra: Latin for ‘earth’, reflecting the grounded and robust nature of the ostrich.

  • Kira: Meaning ‘light’, for an ostrich with a bright and captivating personality.


Famous ostrich names

Ostriches, which are the largest and one of the most distinctive birds globally, have fascinated people in different ways. Throughout history and in popular culture, numerous ostriches have become well-known. These famous ostriches have left a legacy, each with a unique story and qualities that earned them admiration and recognition. You can choose the names below:

  • Speedy: Named for its incredible running abilities, often featured in documentaries showcasing the ostrich’s speed.
  • Plume: A star in several nature documentaries, known for its magnificent feather display.
  • Ozzy: A famous ostrich in a well-known animated film, characterized by its adventurous spirit.
  • Goliath: Known for its imposing size, often seen in wildlife parks and used in educational programs.
  • Zelda: A beloved ostrich in a children’s book series, known for her wisdom and kindness.
  • Flash: Gained fame in racing events, known for its extraordinary speed and agility.
  • Sandy: Known for its unique sandy-colored plumage, featured in several wildlife photography exhibits.
  • Maverick: A name given to an ostrich known for its unconventional behavior, often featured in animal behavior studies.
  • Skye: Celebrated for its role in a conservation program, symbolizing hope and freedom.
  • Jet: Named for its swift movements, often showcased in nature documentaries.
    Cleo: A star in an educational series about wildlife, known for her interactive nature with the camera.
  • Atlas: Featured in world-record events, known for its impressive physical capabilities.
  • Nimbus: Known for its fluffy plumage, a favorite in wildlife sanctuaries.
  • Echo: Famous for its unique calls, often studied by ornithologists for vocal behavior.
  • Journey: Known for a remarkable migration story, symbolizing endurance and resilience.

Names for ostrich

Ostriches are fascinating creatures known for their impressive size and unique personalities. Whether you take care of animals, love wildlife, or raise ostriches, picking the perfect name for these big birds can be a fun challenge. Here are distinctive names to consider:

  • Sprinter: Ideal for an ostrich known for its incredible speed, capturing its most famous attribute.
  • Gazer: For an ostrich with a curious and observant nature, always looking around its surroundings.
  • Feather: A simple yet elegant name, reflecting the bird’s beautiful plumage.
  • Strider: Emphasizing the ostrich’s long-legged, graceful walk.
  • Boomer: Suitable for an ostrich with a strong presence, perhaps one known for its booming calls.
  • Bella: A classic name that suits a graceful and beautiful female ostrich.
  • Zephyr: Inspired by the Greek god of the west wind, perfect for a swift and agile ostrich.
  • Sol: Short for ‘solar’, reflecting the bird’s African desert origins and sunny disposition.
  • Meadow: A name that conjures images of open fields, much like the ostrich’s natural habitat.
  • Blaze: For an ostrich with a fiery spirit or a striking appearance.
    Sky: Capturing the lofty height of these tall birds.
  • Nova: Suggesting something extraordinary and vibrant, just like the personality of many ostriches.
  • Dusty: Reflecting the dusty environment these birds often inhabit.
    Wanderer: Perfect for an ostrich that loves to roam around its habitat.

Male ostrich names

When you’re thinking of names for your male ostrich, you aim for a name that shows how majestic and charming they are. Choosing a name for your male ostrich is a fun way to show how special he is. These amazing birds should have names that show how charming and unique they are. Here, we’ve listed different names that are unique and perfect for your male ostrich.

  • Maximus: Symbolizing strength and grandeur, Maximus suits the largest bird in the world.
  • Apollo: Named after the Greek god of beauty and grace, Apollo is perfect for an elegant and poised ostrich.
  • Thunder: A name that captures the awe-inspiring power and the thunderous footsteps of male ostriches.
  • Titan: Reflecting the colossal size and strength of these magnificent birds.
  • Raptor: Ideal for ostriches with a sharp and observant demeanor, showcasing their keen senses.
  • Orion: Named after the mighty hunter in Greek mythology, Orion represents bravery and valor.
  • Zenith: For ostriches that seem to reach the highest points of majesty, Zenith embodies their peak elegance.
  • Solstice: Signifying a turning point or change, Solstice is ideal for ostriches that have a transformative presence.
  • Samson: A strong and timeless name that suits the robust nature of male ostriches.
  • Jasper: For ostriches with striking and eye-catching plumage, Jasper signifies their unique appearance.
  • Thunderbolt: An electrifying name that captures the energy and power of male ostriches.
  • Galahad: Named after the noble and chivalrous knight of Arthurian legend, Galahad represents honor and nobility.

Awesome ostrich names

Picking a name for your ostrich can be fun and special. These amazing birds should have names that show how unique and impressive they are. The below awesome ostrich names cover lots of different qualities, so you can find a name that really suits your feathered friend’s personality.

  • Samson: A strong and timeless name that suits the robust nature of male ostriches.
  • Seraphim: Conveying angelic grace and beauty, Seraphim is a perfect choice for exceptionally elegant ostriches.
  • Blaze: Embracing energy and vitality, suitable for a lively and spirited ostrich.
  • Cosmo: For an ostrich that seems to have an otherworldly charm.
  • Romeo: Ideal for an ostrich with a charming and affectionate demeanor.
  • Blitz: Embracing swiftness and agility, perfect for a bird known for its speed.
  • Athena: Signifying wisdom and grace, fitting for an intelligent and elegant ostrich.
  • Zara: Reflecting sophistication and elegance, suitable for a refined ostrich.
  • Hercules: Symbolizing strength and power, ideal for a robust and mighty ostrich.
  • Alistair: For an ostrich that exudes regal and dignified qualities.
  • Aria: Inspired by music and grace, fitting for an elegant female ostrich.

Common ostrich names

When it comes to naming an ostrich, creativity and uniqueness are key. Ostriches are known for their distinctive appearance and behavior, inspiring a range of interesting names. These names try to show the special things about your ostrich. If your ostrich is majestic, charming, elegant, or lively, there’s a name on this list that might really fit their special personality. Here are common ostrich names:

  • Speedster: Reflecting the ostrich’s reputation as the world’s fastest two-legged animal.
  • Sandy: A nod to their natural habitat in African savannas and deserts.
  • Twinkle Toes: Despite their size, ostriches have a surprisingly graceful gait.
  • Feather: Highlighting their unique and prominent plumage.
  • Zippy: A playful name that captures their swift movements.
  • Blinky: Inspired by their large, expressive eyes.
  • Safari: A tribute to their African roots.
  • Dusty: Reflecting the dusty environments they often inhabit.
  • Stretch: For their long necks and legs.
  • Pepper: A fun name that could reference their speckled feathers.
  • Sunny: Connoting their preference for warm, sunlit environments.
  • Dancer: Inspired by their mating dance and movements.
  • Plume: Focusing on their impressive feather display.
  • Whistler: Named after the unique sounds they make.
  • Meadow: Reflecting their love for open grasslands.
  • Buster: For an ostrich that’s playful and energetic.
  • Mia: Short, sweet, and perfect for a gentle and affectionate ostrich.

Baby ostrich name

Picking a name for a baby ostrich can be a fun task. These cute and curious little birds, with their fluffy feathers and curious minds, should have names that match how adorable and lovable they are. These names are picked to match a baby ostrich’s personality and how they look, giving lots of good choices. Here are special and cute names that fit a baby ostrich:

  • Pebble: A small and charming name, perfect for a young ostrich.
  • Bounce: Reflecting their energetic and playful nature.
  • Tumble: Inspired by their clumsy yet endearing antics.
  • Fluff: For their soft, downy feathers.
  • Wobbles: A cute name that mirrors their unsteady, learning-to-walk phase.
  • Sprout: Symbolizing their growth and potential.
  • Button: A sweet name, fitting for a small and cute baby ostrich.
  • Hopper: Reflecting their bouncy and lively movements.
  • Doodle: A fun and whimsical name, perfect for a playful young bird.
  • Pip: Short and sweet, ideal for a small ostrich chick.
  • Daisy: A gentle name, inspired by nature and innocence.
  • Ziggy: For their zigzag running and playful energy.
  • Nestor: A name that hints at their nestling stage.
  • Munchkin: Adorable and fitting for a small, growing ostrich.
  • Freckle: Inspired by the speckled pattern of their feathers.
  • Giggles: Perfect for a jovial and happy-go-lucky baby ostrich.
  • Puddles: A cute name, especially if the chick enjoys playing in water.
  • Whisper: A soft and tender name, reflecting their gentle nature.
  • Bean: Small and endearing, just like a baby ostrich.
  • Marshmallow: Signifying sweetness and softness for an adorable little chick.

Stardew valley ostrich names

In Stardew Valley, a game that combines farming with fantasy, picking a name for your ostrich makes playing even more fun. The game’s special mix of countryside vibes and magical touches allows for a wide range of creative ostrich names. Here are fascinating great Stardew Valley ostrich names for you:

  • Starry: A nod to the celestial theme of Stardew Valley.
  • Harvest: Reflecting the farming aspect of the game.
  • Mystic: Inspired by the game’s magical elements.
  • Copperwing: A blend of nature and the mining aspect of Stardew Valley.
  • Moonfeather: Combining the nocturnal beauty of the game’s landscapes.
  • Gale: Suggesting the open fields and changing weather of the game.
  • Berry: A sweet name, reminiscent of foraging in the wild.
  • Fern: Reflecting the lush greenery found in Stardew Valley.
  • Gem: Inspired by the precious stones found in the game’s mines.
  • Marigold: A cheerful and bright name, like the flowers in the game.
  • Rune: For a touch of mysticism and ancient lore.
  • Tiller: A direct reference to farming and tending the land.
  • Crest: Symbolizing the majestic appearance of an ostrich.
  • Bramble: A wild, natural name, perfect for a free-spirited bird.
  • Dewdrop: Reflecting the freshness of morning in Stardew Valley.
  • Thistle: A nod to the rural, rustic setting of the game.
  • Bounty: Symbolizing the rewards and riches of farm life.
  • Clover: A name full of luck and charm, just like the game itself.

Ostrich scientific name

When it comes to their scientific classification, these birds have a distinct name that sets them apart in the animal kingdom. Knowing the scientific name of the ostrich helps us learn about its biology and how people have studied and seen these amazing birds over time. The scientific name for the ostrich is

“Struthio camelus.”

This name has its roots in Latin and Greek. “Struthio” comes from the Greek word “strouthos,” which means ostrich. The second part, “camelus,” is Latin for camel. This combination might seem odd, but it reflects how people historically perceived ostriches. They noted similarities in the long neck and the desert habitat shared between ostriches and camels.

Baby ostrich is called

When a new little ostrich comes into the world, it’s called a chick. These adorable baby ostriches are just like baby chickens, often covered in soft and fluffy feathers. They’re super cute and need lots of care and attention, just like any other baby animal. The term “chick” is what we use to describe these young ostriches until they grow up into full-sized adults. It’s a sweet and simple name that perfectly fits these tiny and lovable creatures.

Closing Words

We truly hope you have found good ostrich names from the above plenty of names. Naming an ostrich is a special chance to show your imagination and bond deeply with these amazing birds. Whether you’re thinking about their fast speed and big size or names that match where they live, there are endless options. The names you pick can come from lots of things – from the beauty of their African homes to the fun sides of their personalities. The name you choose becomes part of who they are and shows how you feel about this incredible animal.

So, whether you love birds, or other pets, or play games like Stardew Valley, there’s a perfect name waiting for you. You can try one of the best resource like NamesCluster for naming your beloved animals. Their names collection will feel right, make you happy, and maybe even bring a smile every time you look for them.


As we have explored different ostrich names, it’s clear that naming these amazing birds is more than just a job; it’s a chance to honor their special traits. Whether you’re impressed by their super-fast speed, their awesome looks, or how they act, each name can show off what’s awesome about these birds.

Also, the names we pick for ostriches help us understand and like them more. They help us feel closer to these birds, changing them from being faraway and strange to being familiar friends with their own personalities. Whether on a wildlife reserve, a farm, or even in games like Stardew Valley, the names we give to our ostriches make our time with them better.

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