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100+ Zebra Names: Choose the Perfect One for Your Zebra

by NC Staff


he zebra, with its iconic black and white stripes, is a captivating creature that roams the savannas of Africa. These magnificent equines have sparked curiosity and imagination, inspiring countless stories and artistic representations.  

A delightful way to engage with these majestic beings is by naming them. We will take you through various zebra names across diverse categories. So get ready to choose the perfect name for your zebra.

The Fictional Zebra Names

The Fictional Zebra Names 

In fiction, zebras can inhabit magical worlds and alternate realities. Consider fictional names that capture the spirit of the zebra, such as “Zarion,” “Stripetalon,” or “Zephyra.”Here are some names for you:  

  • Zuri 
  • Ziggy 
  • Zeke 
  • Zara 
  • Zephyr 
  • Zola 
  • Zorro 
  • Zena 
  • Zephyra 
  • Zazu 
  • Zinnia 
  • Zeb 
  • Zafira 
  • Zayn 
  • Zella 
  • Zephyrine 
  • Zaire 
  • Zabrina 
  • Zoltan 
  • Ziana 

The Funny Zebra Names

Zebras and Monkeys are known for their playful nature, and funny names can reflect their joyful essence, like “Zippy Stripes,” “Chuckletrot,” or “Zany Zara.”Here are some names for your Zebra:  

  • Zippy Stripes 
  • Zebracorn 
  • Zigzag Zebra 
  • Zebra Doodle 
  • Zebranator 
  • Zany Stripes 
  • Zoomie Zeke 
  • Zebratastic 
  • Zebrini Minnie 
  • Zipper Zara 
  • Zebramazing 
  • Zebra Apocalypse 
  • Zestful Zola 
  • Zonked Zorro 
  • Zippity Zena 
  • Zebravenger 
  • Zesty Zephyr 
  • Zebrafied Zazu 
  • Zippy Zinnia 
  • Zany ZebZebrathon 

The Cute Zebra Names

Embrace the adorable charm of zebras with cute names like “Zigzaggle,” “Cupcake Canter,” or “Twinkle Hooves.”Here are some names for you:  

  • Ziggy 
  • Zippy 
  • Zeke 
  • Zara 
  • Zuzu 
  • Zephyr 
  • Zoey 
  • Zimba 
  • Zuri 
  • Zinnia 
  • Zephyra 
  • Zia 
  • Zora 
  • Zayda 
  • Zinny 
  • Zyla 
  • Zandy 
  • Zola 
  • Zami 
  • Zula 

The Girl Zebra Names

Celebrate the grace and beauty of female zebras with names like “Zara Belle,” “Luna Grace,” or “Sahara Mist.”Here are some names for you:  

  • Zahara 
  • Zara 
  • Zuri 
  • Zella 
  • Zaria 
  • Zoey 
  • Zena 
  • Zelda 
  • Zinnia 
  • Zia 
  • Zara 
  • Zara 
  • Zephyra 
  • Zayda 
  • Zayla 
  • Zola 
  • Ziva 
  • Zoya 
  • Zari 
  • Zeta 

The Boy Zebra Names

For male zebras exuding strength and charisma, consider names like “Alder Storm,” “Thunderhoof,” or “Zeke Warrior.”Here are some names for you:  

  • Zander 
  • Zane 
  • Zenon 
  • Zephyr 
  • Zayden 
  • Zeke 
  • Zayn 
  • Zahir 
  • Zayvion 
  • Zaiden 
  • Zavior 
  • Zaylen 
  • Zarek 
  • Zaviar 
  • Zohar 
  • Zoltan 
  • Zephyrus 
  • Zafir 
  • Zalen 
  • Zylon 

The Black and White Zebra Names

Zebras’ distinctive black and white stripes deserve names that accentuate their striking appearance, like “Ebony Eclipse,” “Alabaster Atlas,” or “Inkwell Ivory.”Here are some names for you:  

  • Domino 
  • Oreo 
  • Zorro 
  • Inkspot 
  • Pepper 
  • Patches 
  • Checkers 
  • Eclipse 
  • Sooty 
  • Marble 
  • Whiskers 
  • Pixel 
  • Zigzag 
  • Storm 
  • Blotch 
  • Chess 
  • Dotty 
  • Tuxedo 
  • Panda 
  • Dalmatian 
  • Mirage 
  • Spade 
  • Zebbie 
  • Skunk 
  • Monochrome 
  • Bandit 
  • Twilight 
  • Starlight 
  • Zing 
  • Lunar 

The Famous Zebra Names

Famous zebras from literature and media have left an indelible mark. Embrace their charm with names like “Marty” (from Madagascar), “Zecora” (from My Little Pony), or “Stripes” (from Racing Stripes). Here are some names for you:  

  • Marty – The fun-loving zebra from the movie “Madagascar,” known for his adventurous spirit and humorous antics. 
  • Khumba – The brave and determined young zebra from the animated film “Khumba” who embarks on a journey to find his missing stripes. 
  • Tornado – A zebra known for its lightning-fast speed, reminiscent of a racing whirlwind. 
  • Mirage – A mysterious zebra with a captivating and elusive presence, seemingly blending into its surroundings. 
  • Salsa – A zebra known for its graceful and rhythmic movements, almost dancing as it moves through the savannah. 
  • Zeus – A powerful and dominant zebra exhibiting strength and leadership among the herd. 
  • Harmony – A zebra with a peaceful and calm nature, known for bringing unity to the group. 
  • Eclipse – A zebra with unique markings that resemble the celestial phenomenon. 
  • Whirlwind – A zebra known for its fast and unpredictable movements, leaving onlookers in awe. 
  • Galaxy – A zebra with a coat pattern that looks like a swirling galaxy, making it truly out of this world. 
  • Orion – A zebra named after the prominent constellation in the night sky, reflecting its majestic appearance. 
  • Safari – A well-known zebra frequently spotted during various wildlife safaris. 
  • Borealis – A zebra named after the captivating aurora borealis due to its dazzling white and black stripes. 
  • Nimbus – A zebra with a cloud-like pattern on its coat, reminiscent of fluffy white clouds. 
  • Picasso – A zebra known for its uniquely asymmetrical stripe pattern, just like the famous artist’s paintings. 
  • Jazz – A zebra with a vibrant and lively personality, making it a standout among the herd. 
  • Moonshadow – A zebra with a dark, shadow-like stripe pattern that stands out in the moonlight. 
  • Everest – A zebra named after the tallest mountain in the world, symbolizing its grandeur and strength. 
  • Polka – A zebra with round and distinct spots resembling polka dots on its coat. 
  • Solaris – A zebra with bright and radiant markings akin to the sun’s rays. 

The Disney Zebra Names

Disney has introduced us to lovable animated zebras. Consider names of Disney zebras like “Kwasi” (from The Lion Guard), “Zazu” (from The Lion King), or “Stripes” (from Brother Bear 2). Here are some names for you:  

  • Simba – Inspired by the iconic lion cub from “The Lion King,” this zebra is known for its noble and regal demeanor and strong leadership qualities within the herd. 
  • Zira – Named after the cunning and vengeful lioness from “The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride,” this zebra possesses a clever and determined personality, always strategizing to protect its herd. 
  • Dumbo – Inspired by the adorable flying elephant from “Dumbo,” this zebra is known for its large ears and exceptional hearing, which helps it detect danger and communicate with the herd effectively. 
  • Baloo – Named after the easy-going bear from “The Jungle Book,” this zebra has a laid-back and carefree nature, often engaging in playful activities with other savannah members. 
  • Nala – Inspired by Simba’s childhood friend and eventual queen in “The Lion King,” this zebra is recognized for its strong and nurturing instincts, always looking out for the well-being of the young ones in the herd. 
  • Bagheera – Named after the wise and protective black panther from “The Jungle Book,” this zebra exhibits a watchful and cautious nature, always looking for potential threats to the herd. 
  • Perdita – Inspired by the courageous and caring Dalmatian mother from “101 Dalmatians,” this zebra is known for its maternal instincts, providing love and guidance to the young zebras in the herd. 
  • Pegasus – Named after the loyal winged horse from “Hercules,” this zebra has a vibrant and energetic personality, often seen galloping and leaping across the savannah with grace and agility. 
  • Bagheera – Inspired by the cunning and mischievous cat from “The Aristocats,” this zebra exhibits a playful and adventurous spirit, always seeking new experiences and adventures within the savannah. 
  • Figment – Named after the imaginative and whimsical dragon from “Epcot’s Journey into Imagination.” 


The world of zebra names is as vast and diverse as the African savannas they call home. Each category offers a unique perspective, connecting us with these majestic creatures through storytelling and imagination.  

These zebra names ignite the curiosity and admiration for these regal animals, reminding us of the incredible diversity and wonder nature has to offer. 

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