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Best Unique Cute and Cool Betta Fish Names

by NC Staff

Betta fishes, are known for their aggressiveness and also called as Siamese fighting fishes. They have stunning colors and are easily recognizable. They come from Thailand and are found in nearby Southeast Asian countries.

To help you name your elegant betta friend, we’ve compiled a list of the best betta fish names, whether you prefer names reflecting their colors, cool and unique options, or something lighter and humorous.

Good Betta Fish Names

These names are carefully chosen to match the distinct personalities, vibrant colors, and graceful presence of these beautiful aquatic pets. Below are good betta fish names for you:

  • Nemo – Inspired by the beloved animated character.
  • Jewel – For a fish that shines like a precious stone.
  • Azure – Reflecting a beautiful sky-blue color.
  • Pearl – For a betta with a pearly luminescence.
  • Neptune – Named after the god of the sea.
  • Flare – Perfect for a betta with a fiery personality.
  • Kai – Meaning ‘sea’ in Hawaiian.
  • Celeste – Capturing a heavenly and serene quality.
  • Glimmer – For a betta with a shimmering appearance.
  • Ripple – Reflecting the gentle movement of water.

Female Betta Fish Names

Every name is selected with care to reflect the unique qualities of female betta fish. The goal is to provide your pet with a name that is both distinctive and special, just like she is. Below is a list of lovely and appropriate female betta fish names:

  • Iris – Named after the colorful and diverse flower.
  • Marigold – For a betta with warm, golden tones.
  • Serena – Embodying a calm and peaceful nature.
  • Cleo – Short for Cleopatra, reflecting regal elegance.
  • Violet – A name that speaks to vibrant purple shades.
  • Misty – Reflecting a subtle and graceful charm.
  • Jade – After the precious and elegant green stone.
  • Sienna – A warm, earthy, and natural name.
  • Harmony – Reflecting balance and tranquility.
  • Petal: For a betta as delicate and beautiful as a flower petal.

Male Betta Fish Names

These male betta fish names draw inspiration from their unique looks, confident personalities, and the majestic presence that these usually show. We’ve compiled a list of interesting names tailored for male betta fish:

  • King – Emphasizing the majestic nature of the betta.
  • Ocean – Reflecting the vast and mysterious aquatic world.
  • Shadow – For a betta with darker, more enigmatic hues.
  • Spike – A playful name for a betta with spiky fins.
  • Marlin – Inspired by the spirited and fast-moving fish.
  • Leo – Signifying bravery and courage, like the lion.
  • Titan – Suggesting grandeur and strength.
  • Cobalt – A name for a betta with striking blue tones.
  • Arrow – For a swift and agile betta.
  • Ripple – Symbolizing the gentle movements in water.

Cute Betta Fish Names

Our selection of cute betta fish names is made to capture the lovable essence of betta fish, ensuring that your aquatic friend has a name as delightful as its personality. Below are cute names perfectly suited for betta fish:

  • Splash – Perfect for an energetic and lively betta.
  • Bluebell – For a betta with beautiful blue shades.
  • Glimmer – Reflecting a betta’s shimmering scales.
  • Sunny – A cheerful name for a bright-colored betta.
  • Jellybean – A fun and colorful name.
  • Skippy – Perfect for an active and agile betta.
  • Sprout – For a small and growing betta.
  • Fizzy – Reflecting a bubbly and vibrant personality.
  • Noodle – A quirky and fun name.
  • Ziggy – For a betta with a zesty personality.

Funny Betta Fish Names

We selected these names to infuse humor and playfulness into your betta fish’s distinct personality. The goal is to make you smile whenever you interact with your betta. Here are funny betta fish names for you:

  • Swim Shady – For fans of a certain rapper, with a fishy twist.
  • Gillbert – A pun on the word ‘gill’.
  • Bubba Guppie – A fun, catchy name.
  • Captain Splash – For a betta with an adventurous spirit.
  • Sushi – An ironic, yet amusing name.
  • Fin Diesel – Perfect for a strong and fast-swimming betta.
  • Swimmy Fallon – After the famous TV host.
  • Water Wally – A catchy, alliterative name.
  • Koi George – A play on words with a musical twist.
  • Gilligan – Inspired by the classic TV show character.

Unique Betta Fish Names

These unique betta fish names are collected to capture the uniqueness and grace of these beautiful creatures. These names highlight the individuality and enchanting beauty of betta fish. Here are the options:

  • Calypso – Inspired by the sea nymph from Greek mythology.
  • Vesper – Signifying ‘evening star’, for a betta with a calming presence.
  • Eldoris – A fanciful name reminiscent of mythical sea realms.
  • Kairos – Meaning ‘the right moment’, for a once-in-a-lifetime betta.
  • Nerida – After the sea nymphs in Greek mythology.
  • Solstice – For a betta that brings light to your life.
  • Thalassa – Greek for ‘sea’, a nod to the betta’s aquatic nature.
  • Azureo – A unique take on the word ‘azure’, reflecting blue hues.
  • Halcyon – Signifying peace and tranquility, like the calm waters.
  • Ilios – Meaning ‘sun’, for a betta with a bright personality.

Cool Betta Fish Names

These names are chosen to match the sleek, stylish, and sometimes edgy characteristics of these beautiful aquatic creatures. Below are the cool betta fish names” that are suitable for your betta fish:

  • Riptide – For a betta with a strong and powerful character.
  • Electra – For a betta that energizes with its vibrant colors.
  • Inferno – Reflecting a betta’s fiery personality.
  • Maverick – For a betta with a unique and independent spirit.
  • Stealth – Perfect for a betta with a sleek and elusive nature.
  • Crimson – A bold name for a betta with rich red colors.
  • Saber – After the sleek and sharp sword, symbolizing elegance.
  • Glacier – For a betta with a calm and majestic presence.
  • Rebel – For a betta with a bold and unconventional personality.
  • Quasar – For a betta with a striking and celestial quality.

Popular Betta Fish Names

These names are popular because they resonate with the distinctive personalities and stunning appearances of these cherished pets. Below are popular betta fish names:

  • Blue – A classic choice for bettas with blue coloring.
  • Ruby – Ideal for a betta with vibrant red tones.
  • Flare – A name that captures a betta’s fiery spirit.
  • Sky – For a betta with a calm, serene color palette.
  • Sapphire – After the precious gemstone, for a richly colored betta.
  • Coral – Inspired by the vibrant underwater ecosystems.
  • Nemo – A popular name inspired by the beloved animated character.
  • Spark – Reflecting the lively and energetic nature of a betta.
  • Indigo – Perfect for a betta with deep blue shades.
  • Oscar – A popular and timeless name.

Best Betta Fish Names

These betta fish names are chosen with care to show the elegance, vibrancy, and distinctive character of these aquatic pets. Each name is thoughtfully selected to highlight the natural beauty and unique personality of your betta fish. Below are the options:

  • Caspian – After the majestic sea, perfect for a betta with depth and character.
  • Cerulean – Ideal for a betta with striking blue hues.
  • Eclipse – For a betta with a mysterious or dark allure.
  • Galaxy – For a betta with a celestial and mesmerizing pattern.
  • Ivory – Perfect for a betta with light, creamy shades.
  • Lancelot – For a betta with a noble and brave demeanor.
  • Marlin – Inspired by the vibrant and swift fish.
  • Nirvana – For a betta that brings peace and serenity.
  • Rhapsody – For a betta with a joyful and energetic spirit.
  • Triton – Named after the messenger of the sea in Greek mythology.

Japanese Betta Fish Names

These names are carefully selected to reflect the elegance and grace of betta fish, drawing inspiration from the rich cultural tapestry of Japan. Each name carries a unique connection to Japanese heritage. Below are japanese betta fish names:

  • Kaito – Signifying ‘sea’ or ‘ocean’, apt for an aquatic pet.
  • Hikari – Meaning ‘light’, perfect for a betta with a luminous appearance.
  • Sora – Translating to ‘sky’, for a betta with serene blue colors.
  • Yuki – Meaning ‘snow’, suitable for a betta with pale or white hues.
  • Ryu – Signifying ‘dragon’, fitting for a majestic and bold betta.
  • Haru – Meaning ‘spring’, for a lively and vibrant betta.
  • Kaze – Translating to ‘wind’, suitable for a swift and graceful betta.
  • Tomo – Signifying ‘friend’, perfect for a companionable betta.
  • Mizu – Translating to ‘water’, emphasizing the betta’s habitat.
  • Asahi – Signifying ‘morning sun’, for a betta that brightens your day.

Scientific Name of Betta Fish

Betta fish are colorful and graceful aquatic pets loved by aquarium lovers globally. Naming these beautiful creatures involves understanding their scientific roots, starting with their scientific name: Betta splendens.

The name Betta splendens has roots in both Latin and ancient Greek. ‘Betta’ comes from ‘Bettah,’ an Asian term for warrior-like fish. ‘Splendens,’ in Latin, means ‘shining’ or ‘bright,’ perfectly capturing the fish’s dazzling appearance. This scientific name not only categorizes the fish but also highlights its unique qualities.

Betta Fish Names by Colour

Red Betta Fish Names

Every red betta fish is special, having its own personality and shade of red. Their colors range from deep burgundies to bright cherries, inspiring a variety of names. Below are red betta fish names that are perfect for your red betta:

    1. Crimson: Capturing the deep, rich red of some bettas.
    2. Scarlet: Evoking images of a vibrant, intense red.
    3. Maraschino: After the bright cherry, ideal for a playful fish.
    4. Salsa: For a betta with a spicy, lively nature.
    5. Garnet: A regal name for a betta with a deeper red hue.
    6. Valentine: Perfect for a betta with a loving personality.
    7. Cherry Bomb: For a betta with an explosive personality.
    8. Merlot: After the deep red wine, suited for a more serene betta.
    9. Sunset: Capturing the beautiful blend of reds in your betta.
    Cardinal: After the vividly colored bird.

Orange Betta Fish Names

Every orange betta fish is special, with its own shade of orange and a unique personality. You can pick a name for your betta based on their lively colors and characters. Below you can find different orange betta fish names:

  • Tangerine: A fun, zesty name for a vibrant orange betta.
  • Clementine: A sweet name for a friendly and playful betta.
  • Apricot: For a betta with a softer, more delicate orange tone.
  • Goldfish: A playful nod to another well-known orange aquatic pet.
  • Mango: Tropical and vibrant, just like your betta’s color.
  • Sherbet: A fun name for a lively and light-hearted fish.
  • Carrot: A quirky and cute name for a bright orange betta.
  • Fuego: Spanish for fire, suitable for a spirited betta.
  • Saffron: After the precious and colorful spice.
  • Canary: Reflecting the bright and chirpy bird.

Blue Betta Fish Names

Blue betta fish are truly captivating with their calm and majestic shades of blue, making any aquarium a sight to behold. Here, you’ll find interesting blue betta fish names inspired by the different shades and characteristics of blue bettas:

  • Navy: A suitable name for a betta with a dark blue shade.
  • Cerulean: For a betta with a bright, sky-like blue.
  • Lagoon: A name that reflects calmness and depth.
  • Teal: For a betta that carries a hint of green in its blue.
  • Blueberry: A fun, sweet name for a dark blue betta.
  • Orion: Inspired by the constellation, for a betta with a celestial blue tone.
  • Mystic: For a betta with an enigmatic and deep blue color.
  • Frost: For a betta with a cool, pale blue appearance.
  • Breeze: A light and airy name, suitable for a soft blue betta.
  • Periwinkle: For a betta with a soft, lavender-blue shade.

White Betta Fish Names

Naming your white betta is a way to honor their elegance and calmness. The perfect name will reflect your betta’s character and strengthen your bond with this beautiful aquatic pet. Below are different white betta fish names:

  • Chalky: A quirky name for a betta with a solid white hue.
  • Cotton: Evoking the softness and purity of cotton.
  • Opal: After the gemstone known for its reflective colors.
  • Silk: Reflecting the smoothness and elegance of silk.
  • Swan: A graceful and elegant name, fitting for a white betta.
  • Vanilla: For a betta with a sweet, gentle demeanor.
  • Whisper: A subtle and delicate name, suitable for a serene betta.
  • Angel: Reflecting the purity and grace of an angel.
  • Dove: After the peaceful and gentle bird.
  • Cloud: For a betta with a light, airy presence.

Black Betta Fish Names

Black betta fish, with their deep and mysterious colors, add elegance to aquariums. The perfect name can show the unique traits and personality of your fish, making your bond with them even stronger. Here are black betta fish names:

  • Midnight: Perfect for a betta that embodies the depth of the night.
  • Onyx: After the precious black gemstone, symbolizing strength.
  • Raven: Inspired by the elegant and mysterious bird.
  • Sable: Reflecting a rich and luxurious black hue.
  • Phantom: A whimsical name for a betta with a secretive nature.
  • Coal: For a betta with a deep, intense black color.
  • Nero: Italian for black, adding an exotic flair.
  • Knight: Symbolizing nobility and strength.
  • Vortex: For a betta with a mesmerizing and powerful presence.
  • Obsidian: After the volcanic glass, for a betta with a sleek appearance.

Pink Betta Fish Names

Pink betta fish is a lovely fish with their soft and enchanting colors. Picking a name for your pink betta fish can be a fun and creative process, showing the playful charm of their color. Here are different pink betta fish names:

  • Rose: A classic name for a betta with a soft pink hue.
  • Blush: Perfect for a betta with a light, delicate pink color.
  • Fuchsia: For a betta with a more vibrant pink shade.
  • Coral: Reflecting the warm, inviting tone of coral pink.
  • Flamingo: A fun and playful name for a bright pink betta.
  • Blossom: Perfect for a betta that brings to mind blooming flowers.
  • Candy: A playful name for a sweet and vibrant pink betta.
  • Berry: For a betta with a rich, deep pink hue.
  • Ballet: A graceful and elegant name, fitting for a delicate betta.
  • Magenta: A bold name for a betta with a striking pink color.

Green Betta Fish Names

Green betta fish add nature’s beauty to aquariums with their lush and vibrant colors. Below are green betta fish names inspired by the rich and diverse shades of green bettas:

  • Emerald: For a betta with a rich, deep green color.
  • Forest: A name that evokes the depth and mystery of deep green.
  • Olive: Suited for a betta with a softer, muted green shade.
  • Mint: A fresh and lively name for a bright green betta.
  • Kiwi: For a betta with a fun and vibrant personality.
  • Fern: A natural and earthy name, ideal for a betta with a leafy green color.
  • Clover: Perfect for a lucky and cheerful green betta.
  • Moss: For a betta with a darker, more subdued green.
  • Lime: A zesty and playful name for a bright, eye-catching betta.
  • Basil: After the aromatic herb, great for a betta with a rich green color.

Purple Betta Fish Names

Purple betta fish are a stunning sight in aquariums, with their majestic and mysterious hues. Naming your purple betta is a chance to celebrate its regal and enchanting presence. Here are purple betta fish names:

  • Lavender: Perfect for a betta with a soft, light purple hue.
  • Orchid: Inspired by the exotic and vibrant purple flower.
  • Amethyst: After the precious purple gemstone, symbolizing calm and balance.
  • Grape: A fun and playful name for a dark purple betta.
  • Mauve: Suited for a betta with a subtle and sophisticated purple shade.
  • Eggplant: A unique and quirky name for a deep purple betta.
  • Lilac: Reflecting the gentle and soothing tones of the lilac flower.
  • Aubergine: A sophisticated name for a betta with a deep, rich purple.
  • Wisteria: After the enchanting and cascading purple flower.
  • Pansy: A charming name for a betta with a vibrant personality.

Yellow Betta Fish Names

Yellow betta fish are like rays of sunshine in aquariums, with their bright and cheerful colors. Naming your yellow betta is a delightful chance to showcase their vibrant and lively nature. Here are 25 names inspired by the joyous and radiant qualities of yellow bettas.

  • Sunshine: A perfect name for a betta that brightens your day.
  • Goldie: Ideal for a betta with a rich, golden yellow color.
  • Lemon: A zesty and lively name for a vibrant yellow betta.
  • Daffodil: Inspired by the sunny and welcoming spring flower.
  • Honey: Perfect for a betta with a warm, golden hue.
  • Mustard: A unique and quirky name for a betta with a bold yellow color.
  • Amber: For a betta with a warm, glowing yellow hue.
  • Bumblebee: A playful name for an energetic and bustling betta.
  • Maize: After the golden-yellow grain, suitable for a soft yellow betta.
  • Topaz: Inspired by the yellow gemstone, symbolizing strength and intelligence.


Naming your betta fish shows your creativity and the unique personality of your aquatic pet. We have discussed plenty of betta fish names above based on their bright colors, lively behavior, or the peaceful place they live in. The name you picked becomes a special part of your connection with your fish. Also the betta fish bring an extra layer of joy and personal touch to your experience.


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