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Best Cute and Catchy Tasmanian Devil Names

by NC Staff

Are you looking for Tasmanian devil names? You choose the right place. We will provide you hundreds of cool and unique names with the description about each name.

These special animals are tough and full of energy, making them unique in the wildlife world. They come from Tasmania and are not only interesting for their role in nature but also because they each have their own special personalities.

Whether you love wildlife, care about conservation, or just really like these amazing animals, finding the right name means being creative and understanding how they behave. Let’s start our naming journey.

Tasmanian Devil Names

  • Tazzy
  • Rumble
  • Snickers
  • Cyclone
  • Brawny
  • Mischief
  • Snarl
  • Spindle
  • Frenzy
  • Twister
  • Wicket
  • Sizzle
  • Vortex
Scaling green peaks, Tasmanian adventure in nature

Female Tasmanian Devil Name

Female Tasmanian devils, especially, show resilience, strength, and caring qualities as they raise their young in Tasmania. Here’s a list of female Tasmanian devil names, each with a description that tells you about it:

  • Ruby: Reflecting the rare and precious nature of these creatures, Ruby is a name that suggests both beauty and strength.
  • Mara: Meaning “bitter” or “strength” in different cultures, Mara is a fitting name for a creature known for its ferocious survival instinct.
  • Tara: A simple yet strong name that can signify both the Tasmanian origin of these devils and their fierce nature.
  • Freya: Named after the Norse goddess of love, war, and death, Freya reflects the complex nature of these marsupials.
  • Kiara: Meaning “bright” or “light,” Kiara is a name that brings a sense of hope and positivity, contrasting the devil’s fierce reputation.
  • Nyx: After the Greek goddess of the night, Nyx is a powerful name for a
  • Piper: A playful and spirited name, Piper suits a Tasmanian devil with a lively and energetic personality.
  • Quinn: Meaning “wise,” Quinn is a sophisticated name that suggests intelligence and adaptability.
  • Raven: Inspired by the devil’s black fur and mysterious nature, Raven is a name that embodies strength and elegance.
  • Sasha: A name that signifies “defender” or “helper,” highlighting the protective nature of female Tasmanian devils, especially towards their young.
  • Tilly: A name that exudes charm and warmth, Tilly reflects the endearing aspects of the Tasmanian devil’s character.
  • Wren: A small but spirited bird, Wren is a name that suits a Tasmanian devil with a lively and agile nature.
  • Zelda: A name that signifies “battle maid,” Zelda is perfect for a creature known for its tenacity and fighting spirit.

Male Tasmanian Devil Names

Male Tasmanian devil names often find inspiration in their powerful traits, spirited character resembling mythological stories, or the natural elements of their Tasmanian habitat. Below are male Tasmanian devil names:

  • Thor: Inspired by the Norse god of thunder, Thor is a name befitting a Tasmanian devil known for its formidable strength and presence.
  • Rocky: Symbolizing resilience and toughness, Rocky is an apt name for a devil that showcases remarkable endurance in the wild.
  • Max: A simple yet strong name, Max denotes greatness and strength, suitable for a leading figure among Tasmanian devils.
  • Shadow: Given their nocturnal habits and dark fur, Shadow is a name that highlights the mysterious side of Tasmanian devils.
  • Hunter: Emphasizing the predatory skills and keen survival instincts of Tasmanian devils, Hunter is a name that resonates with their role in the ecosystem.
  • Spartan: Drawing from the fierce and disciplined warriors of ancient Sparta, Spartan is a name that reflects bravery and resilience.
  • Titan: Signifying strength and greatness, Titan is a name that suits a Tasmanian devil with a commanding presence.
  • Jasper: Meaning “treasurer” in Persian, Jasper is a fitting name for a Tasmanian devil, symbolizing the value and importance of their species.
  • Hawk: Evoking the sharp-eyed predator of the skies, Hawk is a name that reflects the keen senses and hunting prowess of Tasmanian devils.
  • Leo: Latin for “lion,” Leo is a royal and brave name, suitable for a Tasmanian devil with a bold and commanding personality.
  • Maverick: For a Tasmanian devil that doesn’t follow the pack and exhibits unique behaviors, Maverick is an ideal name, symbolizing independence and originality.
  • Nero: Inspired by the Roman emperor, Nero is a name that conveys strength, power, and a commanding nature.
  • Odin: Named after the king of the Norse gods, Odin is a fitting name for a Tasmanian devil known for its wisdom and leadership.
40+ Male Tasmanian Devil Names

Cute Tasmanian Devil Names

Cute names for Tasmanian devils can highlight their playful behavior, adorable appearance, or simply provide a fun and affectionate way to address them. Below, we explore cute Tasmanian devil names tailored with a description:

  • Daisy: Inspired by the flower, Daisy is a sweet and cheerful name for a Tasmanian devil with a bright and sunny disposition.
  • Freckles: Perfect for a devil with distinctive spots or markings, Freckles is an endearing name that highlights unique features.
  • Hobbit: Drawing from the small and adventurous characters of literature, Hobbit is a whimsical name for a devil with a brave heart.
  • Kip: Short and sweet, Kip is a fitting name for a devil that enjoys resting or cuddling into cozy spaces.
  • Lolly: A name as sweet as candy, Lolly is perfect for a Tasmanian devil with a particularly sweet demeanor.
  • Mittens: Suggesting warmth and comfort, Mittens is a cute name for a devil with soft fur or a comforting presence.
  • Nibbles: Ideal for a devil with a penchant for playful biting or eating, Nibbles is a name that captures their cheeky side.
  • Oreo: For a devil with distinct black and white markings, or simply because it’s irresistibly sweet, Oreo is a delightful choice.
  • Pippin: A name full of pep and vitality, Pippin suits a lively Tasmanian devil with boundless energy.
  • Quibble: For a Tasmanian devil with a mischievous streak, Quibble is a playful name that suggests a light-hearted nature.
  • Wicket: With its playful sound, Wicket is a charming name for a devil that might remind one of a mischievous character.
  • Bambi: Borrowed from the deer famed for its innocence, Bambi is a sweet name for a devil with gentle eyes or a timid nature.
  • Bitty Bouncer: Celebrating the devil’s petite size and its joyful bouncing demeanor.

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Tasmanian Devil Nicknames

Tasmanian devils are tough yet charming creatures, and they’ve inspired a variety of nicknames that showcase their many qualities. Below, you’ll find creative and affectionate Tasmanian devil nicknames that capture their essence:

  • Taz: Inspired by the animated character, Taz is a fitting nickname for Tasmanian devils known for their whirlwind energy and indomitable spirit.
  • Rascal: Capturing their mischievous side, Rascal is a playful nickname for devils who are always getting into trouble.
  • Grumbles: For a devil that’s often heard before seen, Grumbles reflects their vocal nature and the growls that punctuate their interactions.
  • Bandit: With their dark facial markings that resemble a mask, Bandit is an apt nickname for these nocturnal creatures.
  • Sooty: Reflecting their predominantly black fur, Sooty is a sweet nickname that highlights the devil’s distinctive coloring.
  • Fury: For the fiercest of the bunch, Fury captures the intensity and passion of the Tasmanian devil’s character.
  • Digger: Named for their habit of burrowing and digging dens, Digger is a practical nickname that reflects an essential aspect of their behavior.
  • Squeaker: Despite their fearsome reputation, Tasmanian devils can make surprisingly high-pitched noises, earning some the nickname Squeaker.
  • Patches: For a devil with unique markings or variations in fur, Patches is an affectionate nickname that celebrates their individuality.
  • Brawler: Reflecting the competitive and combative behavior often seen during feeding, Brawler is a nickname that captures their spirited nature.
  • Goblin: With their nocturnal habits and eerie vocalizations, Goblin is a playful nickname that nods to the mystical side of Tasmanian devils.
  • Rover: For the wanderers and explorers among them, Rover is a nickname that suits Tasmanian devils who roam far and wide.
  • Scout: Emphasizing the alert and vigilant aspects of their personality, Scout is a nickname for devils who are always aware of their surroundings.
Dry forest echoes Tasmanian Devil's fierce roar.

Tasmanian Devil Other Names

Alternative names for Tasmanian devils can come from their looks, actions, stories, or even their cute side. By looking at different names, we can enjoy the many ways people see these amazing animals and feel more connected to them.

  • Sarcophilus Scout: Drawing from their scientific name, Sarcophilus harrisii, to emphasize their keen observation and survival skills.
  • Dusky Predator: Reflecting their hunting activities at dusk, showcasing their role as predators within their ecosystem.
  • Marsupial Ghoul: A nod to their vocalizations and nocturnal lifestyle, reminiscent of eerie tales and folklore.
  • Island Marauder: Capturing their status as one of the top predators in Tasmania, navigating the terrain in search of food.
  • Devil of Tasmania: A straightforward variation that still pays homage to their traditional name but focuses on their geographical identity.
  • Black Brush: For their dark fur and the brush-like appearance of their tail, which can be bushy and noticeable.
  • Tassie’s Shadow: A poetic name that reflects their elusive nature and the mystery surrounding these creatures.
  • Forest Phantom: Emphasizing their stealth and how they can often be more heard than seen in their natural habitat.
  • Nighttime Grumbler: A playful name that focuses on the sounds they make, from growls to grunts, during their nocturnal escapades.
  • Hobart’s Beast: Naming them after the capital of Tasmania, associating the creatures closely with their homeland.
  • Snarlfoot: Inspired by their aggressive stance and the baring of teeth as a display of dominance or threat.
  • Whiskered Warrior: For their facial features and fierce survival instincts, battling through challenges in the wild.
  • Pouch Predator: A name that combines their marsupial nature with their carnivorous lifestyle.

Looney Tunes Tasmanian Devil Name

In the world of Looney Tunes, where things can get pretty wild and everyone loves a good laugh! In this world of famous characters, the Tasmanian Devil is a real ball of energy and mischief. Here are unique looney tunes tasmanian devil names:

  • Twirlin’ Tornado: A playful nod to the spinning antics of our favorite devil, this name perfectly encapsulates the character’s whirlwind demeanor.
  • Tazzy Tornado: A friendly and affectionate moniker, Tazzy Tornado combines familiarity with the character’s signature whirlwind style.
  • Cyclone Chaos: Highlighting the chaos the Tasmanian Devil leaves in its wake, this name paints a vivid picture of the character’s energetic escapades.
  • Dizzy Dynamo: A playful take on the character’s propensity for dizziness, this name captures the dynamic and lively essence of the Tasmanian Devil.
  • Tempest Taz: Drawing inspiration from the stormy tempests, this name adds a touch of fierceness to the lovable Tasmanian Devil.
  • Gale Grinner: Reflecting the devil’s animated and wide-grinning expressions, this name combines humor with a sense of unpredictability.
  • Tornado Tyke: Infusing a sense of youthful energy, this name is a delightful representation of the Tasmanian Devil’s perpetually young spirit.
  • Snicker Storm: Combining the devil’s mischievous snickers with the chaos of a storm, this name captures the character’s playful yet wild demeanor.
  • Gust Giggler: A name that blends the devil’s gusty antics with infectious laughter, creating a charming and whimsical combination.
  • Whizbang Whirl: Celebrating the character’s swift movements and explosive personality, this name is a true reflection of the Tasmanian Devil’s nature.
  • Zany Zephyr: A name that combines zaniness with the gentle breeze, encapsulating the Tasmanian Devil’s unpredictable and lovable nature.
  • Dervish Dynamo: An energetic and dynamic name that perfectly captures the Tasmanian Devil’s whirling and twirling movements.
  • Rascal Rotor: A mischievous name that playfully emphasizes the Tasmanian Devil’s penchant for causing a whirlwind of trouble.
50+ Tasmanian Devil Names.

Tasmanian Devil Cartoon Name

This little guy is famous for being full of energy and mischievous charm, making people of all ages fall in love with it. Have you ever thought about what names would suit this playful character? Check the special list of Tasmanian devil cartoon names:

  • Zippy: Embodying the Tasmanian Devil’s swift and zippy movements, this name captures its lively nature.
  • Chuckle: Reflecting the devil’s infectious laughter and playful demeanor, this name adds a touch of humor.
  • Tornado: Symbolizing the whirlwind-like movements, this name perfectly mirrors the Tasmanian Devil’s animated spins.
  • Bounce: Celebrating the Tasmanian Devil’s bouncy and energetic nature, this name radiates liveliness.
  • Snicker: Infused with delightful snickers, this name captures the mischievous charm of the animated character.
  • Zoom: Emphasizing the speedy and dynamic movements, this name adds a sense of excitement.
  • Whiz: Symbolizing the devil’s swift and nimble actions, this name is a perfect fit for its lively character.
  • Spunky: Infused with spunk and energy, this name represents the Tasmanian Devil’s spirited nature.
  • Frolic: Celebrating the devil’s frolicsome and playful demeanor, this name adds a touch of whimsy.
  • Dynamo: Highlighting the devil’s dynamic and animated personality, this name captures its lively essence.
  • Zest: Infusing a sense of zest and enthusiasm, this name captures the lively and spirited nature of the devil.
  • Glee: Highlighting the devil’s joyful and gleeful expressions, this name radiates happiness.
  • Chuck: Emphasizing the devil’s characteristic chuckles, this name is a playful representation of its animated personality.

Baby Tasmanian Devil Name

tiny bundles of happiness may be small, but they are filled with charm and playfulness. Below is a delightful list of baby Tasmanian Devils, each capturing their adorable and lively nature:

  • Snicker: A name that reflects the delightful giggles and mischievous charm of these tiny devils.
  • Pounce: Highlighting their playful and pouncing antics, adding a touch of cuteness.
  • Bumble: Capturing the adorable clumsiness and buzzing energy of baby Tasmanian Devils.
  • Scurry: Celebrating their swift and scurrying movements, showcasing their agility.
  • Pint: Embracing their small size and precious nature, portraying them as pint-sized wonders.
  • Binky: A playful name that adds a cheerful and bouncy touch to their lively personality.
  • Dazzle: Highlighting the enchanting and captivating presence of these adorable baby devils.
  • Flicker: Capturing the quick and flickering movements, radiating a sense of playfulness.
  • Tumble: Reflecting their tumbling and frolicking behavior, showcasing their joyful spirit.
  • Breeze: Infusing a gentle and breezy vibe, symbolizing the light and carefree nature of these little ones.
  • Jolt: Celebrating their sudden bursts of energy and lively jolts, adding an electric touch.
  • Snug: Embracing their snug and cozy demeanor, portraying them as comforting companions.
  • Zing: Adding a zesty and vibrant touch to their name, reflecting their lively and dynamic personality.
Baby Tasmanian sits on rock, posing charmingly.


Tasmanian devils, those fascinating marsupials, call the island state of Tasmania home. This unique island, located off Australia’s southern coast, provides the perfect setting for these creatures to thrive. You can find them in a variety of environments, from dense forests and grasslands to coastal scrublands. Tasmanian devils show their adaptability, making Tasmania a diverse and rich habitat for their kind.

The lifespan of Tasmanian devils typically ranges from 5 to 8 years in the wild. However, various factors, such as threats from predators, diseases, and human-related activities, can influence their life expectancy. In captivity, where they are protected from many natural dangers, some devils have been known to live beyond 10 years.

While Tasmanian devils may appear fierce, they are not considered dangerous to humans. These marsupials are more likely to be shy and reserved around people. However, they can exhibit aggression, especially during feeding times or when protecting their territory. It’s important to give them their space in the wild and to respect their natural behaviors.

Tasmanian devils are opportunistic eaters, and their diet reflects their adaptability. They consume a variety of foods, including birds, small mammals, insects, and carrion (dead animals). Scavenging for food is a crucial part of their survival strategy. Their ability to consume a diverse range of prey highlights their role in maintaining the ecological balance within their habitats.


We have discussed variety of Tasmanian devil names above, and surely you have finalized the best name from our collection.

Tasmanian devils are from the island of Tasmania and can adapt well to living in dense forests, grassy areas, and coastal lands. When we pick a name, we not only celebrate their special traits and lively nature but also spread the word about how important it is to protect them.

The right name can show off these amazing creatures’ toughness, energetic spirit, and the mysterious beauty of their home in Tasmania.

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