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99+ Famous Funny & Creative Badger Names

by NC Staff

Are you hunting for badger names for your cute pet? Well, you are at the right spot! Badgers belong to the Mustelidae and Mephitidae families. They’re squat omnivores with short legs. Despite their challenging behavior, people keep them as pets or in zoos, and giving them suitable names is common. We will bring hundreds of cool and interesting badger names for you below.

Female Badger Names

Badgers are interesting animals known for their strength and unique looks. When you want to name a female badger, picking a name that fits her personality and qualities can be a fun job. Here are different female badger names:

  • Valkyrie: A name for a warrior badger, fearless and ready for any adventure that comes her way.
  • Nyx: A name inspired by the night, suitable for a badger with a mysterious and enigmatic aura.
  • Celeste: Meaning heavenly, this name suits a badger with a regal and celestial presence.
  • Seraphina: Radiating warmth and grace, this name befits a badger with a gentle and nurturing nature.
  • Hecate: Named after the goddess of magic, this name is perfect for a badger with a mystical aura.
  • Siren: A captivating name for a badger with a melodious and alluring presence.
  • Aria: Suited for a badger with a melodious and harmonious nature, bringing joy to those around her.
  • Pippa: A playful and endearing name for a badger with a cheerful and lively personality.
  • Moxie: Perfect for a spirited and determined badger with a strong sense of individuality.
  • Faye: Exuding enchantment and charm, Faye is fitting for a badger with a magical and captivating presence.

Male Badger Names

Badgers are famous for being bold, strong, and having a unique look. Picking a name for a male badger can be a fun way to show off these traits. Here’s a list of interesting male badger names that are just right for a male badger:

  • Harley: Perfect for a badger with a strong and determined spirit, like a Harley engine.
  • Axel: A bold and energetic name for a badger with a lively and spirited presence.
  • Hunter: Perfect for a badger with a keen sense of adventure and a love for the hunt.
  • Clyde: Suited for a badger with a calm and composed nature.
  • Rusty: Ideal for a badger with a warm and rustic coloration, exuding a cozy vibe.
  • Typhoon: Perfect for a badger with an energetic and powerful presence.
  • Quincy: Reflecting strength and resilience, perfect for a determined badger.
  • Zeke: Ideal for a badger with a vibrant and lively personality.
  • Wilder: For a badger with a free and untamed spirit.
  • Yarrow: After the healing herb, symbolizing care and resilience.

Names For Badgers

Badgers are amazing animals. They’re known for digging well, having unique markings, and being tough. Picking a name for a badger can be a creative and enjoyable job. Here are various names for badgers:

  • Bracken: Inspired by the dense ferns where badgers often reside.
  • Digby: A playful name that nods to the badger’s burrowing habits.
  • Heather: Inspired by the heathlands where many badgers are found.
  • Briar: Reflecting the thorny underbrush of the badger’s home.
  • Grove: After the wooded areas where badgers can be found.
  • Kestrel: After the agile bird, symbolizing speed and grace.
  • Quill: A unique name, reflecting the texture of badger fur.
  • Thicket: Perfect for a badger that loves dense undergrowth.
  • Vale: After the valleys that badgers may call home.
  • Zinnia: A bright and vibrant flower, reflecting a lively spirit.
Names For Badgers

Funny Badger Names

Badgers have unique personalities and funny behaviors, so they should have names that match their lively and playful nature. If you want a name that shows the lighter side of these creatures, here are different funny badger names to consider:

  • Bumblefoot: For the badger who’s always tripping over its own paws.
  • Bandit: Perfect for a badger with a mischievous streak.
  • Burrow King: Celebrating the badger’s expert digging skills.
  • Pickle: Perfect for a badger with a zesty personality.
  • Mudpie: Reflecting the badger’s love for digging in the dirt.
  • Chonkster: A playful name for a particularly hefty badger.
  • Stumblebum: For a clumsy but endearing badger.
  • Hufflepuff: After the Harry Potter house, for a friendly, loyal badger.
  • Napoleon: A grand name for a small but mighty badger.
  • Mischief: For a badger who’s always up to something.

Famous Badger Names

Badgers have been in our stories and culture for a very long time. People have talked about them in folklore and now in movies and books. They often represent wisdom, courage, and strength. Here is a list of famous badger names:

  • Clive: From the animated TV series “The Animals of Farthing Wood.”
  • Bodger: A playful name, inspired by the affectionate term for badgers.
  • Griff: Short for Gryffindor, referencing the brave badger mascot of Hufflepuff house in Harry Potter.
  • Diggory: A whimsical name, evoking the badger’s burrowing habits.
  • Ratel: After the honey badger, known for its fearless nature.
  • Brockley: A playful twist on the traditional name, Brock.
  • Huffle: Short for Hufflepuff, the Harry Potter house represented by a badger.
  • Brockton: A distinguished name, combining Brock with a classic suffix.
  • Lutra: Latin for otter, referencing the badger’s family, Mustelidae.
  • Wisdom: Symbolizing the badger’s portrayal as wise in many stories.
Famous Badger Names

European Badger Names

European badgers are amazing animals. People know them for their unique looks and interesting actions. When you name a European badger, it will make them special. Here is a list of European badger names:

  • Bramble: A name inspired by the underbrush habitats of badgers.
  • Thorn: Symbolizing the resilience and toughness of badgers.
  • Rowan: Named after the Rowan tree, common in European forests.
  • Glen: Reflecting the secluded, natural valleys of Europe.
  • Mossy: Perfect for a badger with a love for damp, mossy areas.
  • Russet: After the reddish-brown color, similar to some badger markings.
  • Dale: Reflecting the open valleys where badgers may roam.
  • Burdock: After the burdock plant, often found in badger territories.
  • Oaken: Symbolizing strength and steadfastness, like the oak tree.
  • Bracken: Reflecting the fern-like plants in their natural environment.

Cartoon Badger Names

Cartoon badgers are lively and full of expressions in their animated adventures. They should have names that match their energetic and imaginative personalities. Here is a list of cartoon badger names that are just right for your animated badger:

  • Bizzy: Reflecting the busy and bustling nature of a cartoon badger.
  • Boomer: A vibrant name for a badger with a booming personality.
  • Toonie: A fun nod to the character’s animated origins.
  • Dash: For a quick and adventurous badger character.
  • Fuzz: A name that highlights the badger’s furry appearance.
  • Bounce: Ideal for a badger with a springy, energetic demeanor.
  • Mirth: For a badger that embodies joy and amusement.
  • Squiggle: Reflecting the dynamic and unpredictable nature of cartoons.
  • Twirl: Perfect for a badger who loves to spin and dance.
  • Mischief: A name for a badger who’s always up to playful antics.
Cartoon Badger Names

Honey Badger Names

Honey badgers are fascinating animals. People know them for being strong and not brave, making them prominent in the animal kingdom. Here is a list of different honey badger names that really capture what honey badgers are all about:

  • Braveheart: Symbolizing the honey badger’s renowned courage.
  • Vanguard: A name that denotes leadership and bravery.
  • Bolt: For a honey badger with a quick and decisive nature.
  • Fury: Reflecting the fierce and spirited side of honey badgers.
  • Havoc: For a honey badger that loves to stir things up.
  • Grit: Perfect for a honey badger with a determined and tough personality.
  • Scout: Reflecting the badger’s exploratory and adventurous side.
  • Raptor: A fierce name, evoking the image of a formidable predator.
  • Wilder: For a honey badger with a free and untamed spirit.
  • Baron: A regal name that adds a touch of nobility.

Badger Nicknames

Badgers have a unique appearance and interesting behaviors, and that inspires different charming and witty nicknames. Here are badger nicknames that show the spirit and qualities of badgers:

  • Digger: Celebrating the badger’s love for burrowing.
  • Gruffy: Reflecting a badger’s often gruff and solitary nature.
  • Bumble: A playful name inspired by their bustling, busy demeanor.
  • Brocky: A traditional and affectionate term for badgers.
  • Paws: A cute name focusing on their distinctive claws.
  • Burrower: Celebrating their exceptional digging skills.
  • Bandit: Inspired by their masked facial appearance.
  • Scurry: A fun name for their quick, scurrying movements.
  • Nosey: For their curious nature and strong sense of smell.
  • Bristle: Reflecting their coarse and thick fur.

Badger Scientific Name

Badgers are interesting animals known for digging and their special look. Each kind of badger has a special name that makes it different from other animals. The European badger, which is the most known kind, has the name Meles meles.

Badgers are part of the Mustelidae family, which also includes otters, weasels, ferrets, and wolverines. This family is known for its members having sharp claws, eating meat, and being strong.

  • American Badger (Taxidea taxus): The American badger’s scientific name, “Taxidea taxus,” points to its taxonomic classification within the Mustelidae family. This tenacious digger is a native of North America.

  • Honey Badger (Mellivora capensis): The honey badger, known for its fearlessness, has the scientific name “Mellivora capensis.” “Mellivora” combines “mel” for honey and “vorare” for eater, highlighting its penchant for raiding beehives.

  • Asian Badger (Meles leucurus): Found in parts of Asia, the Asian badger is scientifically known as “Meles leucurus.” The term “leucurus” is derived from Greek, signifying a white tail, a distinguishing feature of this species.

  • American Hog Badger (Arctonyx collaris): The scientific name “Arctonyx collaris” designates the American hog badger. This medium-sized badger species is recognized by its collar-like pattern around the neck.



We are sure that you have selected a beautiful name for your badger pet from the above names. The names we choose for badgers show how we feel about them. It is a way of celebrating what makes these interesting animals special. Whether it’s the fun names we give them in cartoons or the serious names scientists use, each one helps us see badgers in a different way.

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