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100+ Best Funny and Cartoon Eel Names

by NC Staff

Eels are long fish that can found in oceans, sand, muddy waters and among rocks. Many people eat eels, while some see them as exotic fish that make good pets. If you believe eels can be good pets, you should be careful and aware of harmful eels.When we name these long, snake-like animals, we use a mix of creativity, cultural meanings, and scientific knowledge. Let’s discuss interesting eel names below:

Electric Eel Names

Electric eels are amazing because they can make electricity. They are like wonders in the water. We should give names to these shocking creatures that match their special power. Here are different electric eel names that fit the lively and powerful personality:

  • Volt: Reflecting their electric prowess.
  • Sparky: A playful take on their shocking abilities.
  • Bolt: After the swift and powerful electric bolt.
  • Flash: For their quick electric discharge.
  • Tesla: In honor of Nikola Tesla and his work with electricity.
  • Charge: Representing their ability to store and release electric energy.
  • Watt: After the unit of power, relating to their electric generation.
  • Jolt: For the sudden burst of electricity they produce.
  • Blitz: A name signifying speed and energy.
  • Electro: Directly relating to their electrical nature.

Cartoon Eel Names

When we talk about cartoon eels, the names usually show a fun and playful side, just like the exciting and creative world of animation. These names are made to be enjoyable and easy to remember. Here are different cartoon eel names:

  • Slinky: For an eel with a flexible, slinky-like body.
  • Swish: For the swishing movement of an eel’s tail.
  • Fizzle: For a quirky and energetic eel.
  • Inky: Suitable for an eel with a dark, ink-like color.
  • Boogie: For an eel that moves as if it’s dancing.
  • Curly: Perfect for an eel with a curly or spiral shape.
  • Snappy: A name for a quick-moving, spirited eel.
  • Dazzle: For an eel with a bright, eye-catching appearance.
  • Glitter: Perfect for an eel with a shiny, glittery appearance.
  • Squirt: For a small, energetic cartoon eel.

Names For Eels

Eels are interesting creatures with long bodies and fascinating ways of living. People give them all sorts of names that show what they’re like, how they act, and the mystery they bring to the water. Here are different names for eels:

  • Ripple: Inspired by the ripples they create while swimming.
  • Slither: Reflecting their smooth, snake-like movement.
  • Stream: For eels that glide effortlessly through streams.
  • Serpent: Highlighting their snake-like appearance.
  • Zigzag: For eels that move in a zigzag pattern.
  • Mystic: Reflecting the mysterious nature of eels.
  • Bendy: For their flexible and bendable bodies.
  • Striker: For the sudden, quick movements they make.
  • Sway: Inspired by the gentle sway of their swimming.
  • Crest: After the waves and crests in their aquatic home.

Sand Eel Names

Sand eels are thin fish that burrow in the sand and are vital for the ocean world. These names often show how they hide in the sandy places, how they swim gracefully, and why they are important in the underwater food chain. Here are  good sand eel names:

  • Dune: For their affinity with sandy sea floors.
  • Sandy: A direct nod to their preferred sandy habitats.
  • Bury: Reflecting their ability to burrow into sand.
  • Grainy: A name that captures the texture of their sandy environment.
  • Shimmer: For their ability to reflect light like sand particles.
  • Swish: Inspired by their swift, swishing movements.
  • Sifter: For their skill in burrowing and sifting through sand.
  • Drifter: Representing their gentle gliding over the seabed.
  • Whisk: A playful name that reflects their quick, whisking motion.
  • Blendy: For their camouflage skills in sandy environments.

Funny Eel Names

Naming eels with a bit of humor makes these interesting creatures even more fun. Funny eel names often use clever wordplay, showcase their quirky characteristics, or simply sound amusing to bring a smile. Here are different funny eel names:

  • Eely McEelFace: A playful take on a modern internet naming trend.
  • Wiggleworth: Highlighting their wiggly nature.
  • Zippy Longstocking: A whimsical name for a swift-moving eel.
  • Squirmz: For their squirming movements.
  • Mr. Slippery: A nod to their elusive, slippery nature.
  • Buzz: A lively name that mimics the sound of electricity (for electric eels).
  • Twister: For their twisting and turning movements.
  • Jocular Jet: Jet is for the eel that moves fast and brings a jocular spirit.
  • Whoopee Whisk: Whisk adds a whimsical touch to the eel that loves to have fun.
  • Silly Serpent: Serpent suits the eel with silly and entertaining serpent-like moves.

Garden Eel Names

Garden eels have a special way of sticking out partially from the sandy ocean floor, just like plants in a garden. They are charming and interesting. Their names often show their strange habits, the calm beauty of their ‘gardens,’ and their slim, plant-like look. Here are different garden eel names:

  • Sprout: For their resemblance to tiny sprouting plants.
  • Bloom: Reflecting the way they pop up from the sea floor like flowers.
  • Waver: For their gentle swaying in the ocean currents.
  • Greenie: A nod to the garden-like environment they inhabit.
  • Peeker: As they often peek out from their sandy burrows.
  • Pencil: For their long, slender, pencil-like bodies.
  • Stem: A simple name reflecting their plant-like stance.
  • Fern: After the plant, reflecting their garden habitat.
  • Reed: For their resemblance to reeds in water.
  • Glimmer: For the way light reflects off their bodies.

Fire Eel Names

Fire eels have a cool look with bright colors and patterns that look like flames. We give them names that match their fiery and active personality. These names show off their bold colors, lively behavior, and how fascinating and special they are. Here are fire eel names that really suit them:

  • Blaze: Reflecting their flame-like patterns.
  • Ember: For their smoldering, ember-like appearance.
  • Flint: A nod to the spark of fire they symbolize.
  • Inferno: Emphasizing their fiery and intense coloring.
  • Pyro: A name derived from the Greek word for fire.
  • Scorch: For their burning, vibrant look.
  • Torch: Highlighting their role as a bright, illuminating presence.
  • Cinder: A name that evokes the glowing remnants of a fire.
  • Flare: Reflecting their sudden burst of color and energy.
  • Sizzle: For the sizzling impression their patterns give.

Snowflake Eel Names

Snowflake eels have cool patterns that look like snowflakes, and people really like them for their special and unique look. We give them names that show how pretty and different their patterns are and also reflect their interesting behavior. Here are different snowflake eel names that match their elegance:

  • Flurry: For their snow-like spotted skin.
  • Frosty: Highlighting their cool and crisp appearance.
  • Icicle: Reflecting their sleek, elongated shape.
  • Crystal: A name that mirrors their clear, intricate patterns.
  • Blizzard: For their dynamic and striking presence.
  • Glacier: A majestic name for a serene and beautiful eel.
  • Powder: Capturing the soft, delicate essence of their appearance.
  • Chilly: A playful name that hints at their ‘cold’ snowflake markings.
  • Snowball: For a plump and adorable snowflake eel.
  • Borealis: After the Aurora Borealis, with its mesmerizing patterns.

Eel Scientific Name

The eel world is diverse and interesting. It includes many kinds, and each has its own special scientific name. These names tell us about their category, what they’re like, and the history of how scientists found them. Knowing these scientific names helps us understand more about eels, like their place in the water world and what makes each of them special.

Every scientific name tells us something special about the different kinds of eels. It shows things like how they look, behave, and where they live. These names are not just labels for scientists; they also help us learn more about these mysterious water creatures. Scientific names of different species are:

  • Anguilla anguilla: The European Eel, known for its long migrations.
  • Anguilla rostrata: The American Eel, found in freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments across North America.
  • Electrophorus electricus: The well-known Electric Eel, famous for its ability to generate electricity.
  • Gymnothorax funebris: The Green Moray Eel, recognized by its distinctive green color.
  • Moringua edwardsi: The Spaghetti Eel, known for its thin, elongated body.
  • Conger conger: The European Conger, a large species of marine eel.
  • Heteroconger hassi: The Garden Eel, often seen poking out of sand in colonies.
  • Echidna nebulosa: The Snowflake Moray, named for its unique, snowflake-like pattern.
  • Ophichthus ophis: The Snake Eel, resembling a snake due to its elongated body.
  • Rhinomuraena quaesita: The Ribbon Eel, notable for its long, ribbon-like appearance.
  • Myrichthys colubrinus: The Harlequin Serpent Eel, known for its distinct pattern.
  • Anarchias seychellensis: A species of Moray Eel found in the Indian Ocean.
  • Nemichthys scolopaceus: The Slender Snipe Eel, known for its very thin body and elongated jaws.
  • Saccopharynx ampullaceus: The Gulper Eel, known for its large mouth and peculiar shape.
  • Simenchelys parasitica: The Snubnosed Eel, an unusual species that can be parasitic.
  • Uropterygius marmoratus: The Marbled Moray, with a distinctive marbled color pattern.
  • Bascanichthys scuticaris: A species of Snake Eel found in shallow tropical waters.
  • Ariosoma balearicum: The Balearic Conger, a small species of Conger Eel.
  • Astroconger myriaster: The Many-Spotted Conger, known for its spotted appearance.
  • Chlopsis bicolor: The Two-Colored False Moray, small and distinctively colored.
  • Derichthys serpentinus: The Longneck Eel, with an extremely elongated body.
  • Gorgasia preclara: The Splendid Garden Eel, known for its attractive appearance.
  • Herpetoichthys fossatus: The Chain Moray, notable for its chain-like pattern.


As we explored eel names, we dived into a fascinating world under the water, discovering various names for these special creatures. Hopefully you like and selected the best name. Each name gives us a peek into the life of eels. These names are like windows, showing us how eels behave, where they live, and their important roles in their environments.


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