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100+ Male Female Manatee Names

by NC Staff

Manatees are big sea creatures, generally called sea cow often called gentle giants because of their special charm that many people really like. Even though manatees are like elephants in some ways, they swim fast and smoothly. Manatee names are important because It helps researchers and people who want to protect them know who’s who, and it also helps us feel connected to these amazing animals.

Female Manatee Names

Manatees have always fascinated us with their calm and curious behavior. of them has a special name that usually has a story behind it or shows something about their personality. Here are lovely female manatee names that people have given to these big and gentle sea animals:

  • Marina: A name that reflects her love for the marine environment.
  • Coral: Inspired by the vibrant coral reefs she often inhabits.
  • Serenity: Her calm demeanor is almost therapeutic to observe.
  • Jade: Named for her precious and treasured status in the marine world.
  • Gemma: A true gem of the ocean, both in spirit and appearance.
  • Nina: A simple yet elegant name that suits her perfectly.
  • Terra: Grounded and steady, she represents the earthy aspect of marine life.
  • Violet: Named for her gentle and delicate nature.
  • Aqua: Embodying the essence of her aquatic home.
  • Breeze: Her movements are as soft and gentle as a light breeze.
  • Celeste: Reflecting her heavenly and serene nature.

Male Manatee Names

In the world of manatees, each one has its own special identity, usually shown in a name. Let’s discuss the male manatee names below, which often tell us about their strong nature, playful behavior, or how they were found:

  • Duke: A name that signifies leadership and strength.
  • Eddie: A friendly, approachable name for a sociable manatee.
  • Finn: Reflecting his adept swimming skills and agile movements.
  • Hank: He has a solid, dependable presence in his aquatic habitat.
  • Nero: A strong name, hinting at a mysterious aura.
  • Percy: Named for his inquisitive nature, always exploring new areas.
  • Samson: A powerful name, reflecting his impressive physical stature.
  • Toby: Friendly and approachable, Toby is well-liked among his group.
  • Vince: A name that carries a sense of victory and triumph.
  • Xander: A modern, edgy name for a manatee with a strong personality.

Baby Manatee Names

Bab manatees, also known as calves, are a cute and hopeful sight in the ocean. They represent new life and a bright future for their kind. People often give names to these young sea dwellers that show how innocent, playful, and full of potential they are. Here’s a list of baby manatee names:

  • Nemo: Inspired by the adventurous spirit of the famous fish character.
  • Pixie: A whimsical name for a playful and tiny manatee.
  • Ripple: Named for the gentle ripples he creates as he glides through the water.
  • Elfie: Reflecting the magical and enchanting nature of a baby manatee.
  • Gigi: A cute and catchy name for a young and lively manatee.
  • Splashlet: A playful combination of “splash” and “cute,” perfect for a little manatee who loves the water.
  • Coral Cuddle; A name for the sweetest calf, embodying the warmth of a coral embrace.
  • Bubbly Belle: This little beauty is as bubbly and charming as a sparkling sea.
  • Tiny Tidal: A perfect name for the smallest manatee making waves in our hearts.
  • Dewdrop Darling: Like a morning dew, this calf is a darling with a refreshing presence.

Names For a Manatee

When we name manatees, we usually pick names that show their calmness, special traits, or the places they live. These names are picked because they mean something and match the nature of manatees. Here are different names for a manatee:

  • Misty: For a manatee often spotted in the misty waters at dawn.
  • Coral: Named after the vibrant underwater ecosystems they frequent.
  • Grace: A name that mirrors their serene and elegant movements.
  • Harbor: Symbolizing safety and shelter, much like their peaceful habitats.
  • Kelpie: Named for the seaweed-rich areas they love to explore.
  • Marlin: A tribute to the spirited energy of manatees.
  • Ripple: As they move, they create gentle ripples on the water surface.
  • Ursula: A name with a majestic and powerful resonance.
  • Venus: Celebrating the beauty and allure of the sea.
  • Xena: A name that conveys strength and a spirited character.

Cute Manatee Names

Manatees are sweet and gentle, and people often give them names that show how cute and charming they are. Each of these names shows the cuteness and friendly nature of manatees. Here are different cute manatee names:

  • Doodle: Perfect for a manatee with a whimsical and carefree spirit.
  • Fluffy: Despite their smooth skin, this name captures their soft, gentle essence.
  • Jellybean: Colorful and delightful, reminiscent of the candy.
  • Kiki: A playful and catchy name for a spirited manatee.
  • Muffin: As sweet and lovable as the treat.
  • Tinker: For a curious manatee that loves to explore.
  • Wiggles: Ideal for a manatee that can’t help but wiggle with joy.
  • Buttercup: Sweet and bright, like the sunny flower.
  • Marshmallow: Soft, white, and sweet, a name that evokes gentleness.
  • Pumpkin: A term of endearment for a beloved manatee.

Disney Manatee Names

Disney characters are enchanting and full of magic, making them a great inspiration for naming manatees. These names come from the Disney world and show the charm, personality, and magic that manatees share with these beloved characters. Here are Disney manatee names inspired by Disney, perfect for manatees:

  • Ariel: After the adventurous and curious mermaid princess.
  • Cinderella: Reflecting a transformational and graceful spirit.
  • Elsa: For a manatee with an air of elegance and serenity.
  • Flounder: After Ariel’s loyal and spirited fish friend.
  • Genie: For a manatee with a playful and magical personality.
  • Kristoff: Inspired by the rugged and loyal character from Frozen.
  • Moana: For a manatee with a love for exploration and the ocean.
  • Pumbaa: A fun and carefree name, inspired by the cheerful warthog.
  • Wendy: For a manatee with a nurturing and dreamy nature.
  • Yzma: A unique and memorable name for a distinctive manatee.

Manatees Other Names

Manatees, also known as sea cows, have various names that highlight their unique traits, habitats, and the cultural influences of the regions they inhabit. Here are different manatees other names:

  • Aqua Dreamer: A name that reflects the manatee’s dreamy and peaceful underwater existence.
  • Gentle Wave Grazer: Highlighting the manatee’s gentle nature and its habit of grazing on aquatic vegetation.
  • Sea Hugger: A playful name capturing the manatee’s tendency to navigate and explore the ocean with a huggable grace.
  • Mystic Seagrass Voyager: Merging mythology and dietary habits, this name emphasizes the manatee’s mystical aura and love for seagrass.
  • Coral Serenader: Focused on the manatee’s serene presence in coral-rich habitats.
  • Salty Whisker Sage: Describing the manatee’s distinctive bristle-like whiskers and its wise, saltwater-dwelling nature.
  • Tidal Harmony Seeker: Signifying the manatee’s harmonious existence within the ebb and flow of tides.
  • Marine Meadow Muncher: Spotlighting the manatee’s affinity for munching on underwater meadows of seagrass.
  • Ripple Rider: A name that conveys the manatee’s graceful gliding through the water, creating ripples in its wake.
  • Lagoon Lotus Napper: Drawing attention to the manatee’s leisurely napping tendencies in tranquil lagoons.

Manatee Nickname

Manatees are known for being friendly and looking unique, which often leads people to give them cute and playful nicknames. These names show what they’re like, how they look, and the happiness they bring to people who see them. Here are sweet and catchy manatee nicknames:

  • Chubby: For a particularly plump and adorable manatee.
  • Floaty: Reflecting their gentle, buoyant nature in the water.
  • Snouty: A nod to their distinctive snouts.
  • Sway: For their gentle swaying movements in the water.
  • Peekaboo: A playful manatee that enjoys peeking out from the water.
  • Roly-Poly: Perfect for a round and rolly manatee.
  • Snorkel: For a manatee that loves to stick its snout out of the water.
  • Fuzzy: Even though they’re not actually fuzzy, it’s a cute and cuddly name.
  • Drifter: For a manatee that seems to drift along with the current.
  • Siesta: For a manatee often seen resting or taking it easy.

Cincinnati Zoo Manatee Names

Meet the wonderful manatees at the Cincinnati Zoo! These lovable creatures are not just big—they’re unique individuals, each with their own special personality and charm. We’ll share cincinnati zoo manatee names below:

  • Bluebell: For a calm and serene manatee.
  • Cincy: A nod to the city of Cincinnati.
  • Buckeye: After the state tree of Ohio.
  • Queenie: A tribute to Cincinnati’s nickname, “The Queen City.”
  • Bridget: Inspired by the numerous bridges in Cincinnati.
  • Fiona: A nod to the zoo’s famous hippo, symbolizing camaraderie among species.
  • Marley: For a manatee with a relaxed, easy-going nature.
  • Hamilton: After one of Cincinnati’s neighboring cities.
  • Liberty: For a manatee embodying freedom and grace.
  • Cora: Short for “coral”, representing marine life.

Manatee Scientific Name

Manatees are cool sea creatures known for being calm and taking things slow. Besides being interesting, they also have special scientific names that tell us about them in the animal world.

The manatee belongs to the order Sirenia, which is named for the sirens of Greek mythology. This order includes the Dugong and the now-extinct Steller’s sea cow, along with manatees. The manatee family is scientifically named Trichechidae. Within this family, there are three main species of manatees, each with its own distinct scientific name:

  • West Indian Manatee (Trichechus manatus) – This species is found in the North American east coast, primarily around Florida and the Caribbean. The name “Trichechus manatus” combines Greek and Latin roots, with “Trichechus” meaning “hair” or “bristle”, likely referring to the sparse hairs on the manatee’s body, and “manatus”, a Latin term possibly linked to the word ‘manatee’ itself.
  • Amazonian Manatee (Trichechus inunguis) – Inhabiting the Amazon River Basin, this species is distinguished by its name “inunguis,” which means “without nails” in Latin. This name highlights a unique characteristic of the Amazonian Manatee, which is the absence of nails on their flippers, a trait distinct from other manatee species.
  • African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) – Found along the west coast and rivers of Africa, the African Manatee’s scientific name, “Trichechus senegalensis,” indicates its geographical roots, with “senegalensis” referring to Senegal, one of the countries in its range.


In our journey of manatee names, we’ve discovered a range of names these calm sea creatures carry. And we assure that you have picked your favorite name from these names. Naming manatees means more than just giving them labels. It shows our interest, respect, and the urgent need to keep these amazing animals safe. These names turn manatees into more than just sea animals; they become messengers of the ocean, connecting people with the water world.

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