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Best Funny Male and Female Minotaur Names

by NC Staff

If you’re here for unique and clever Minotaur names, you won’t be disappointed. We have a vast variety of the best and most unique names you’re looking for.

The Minotaur, also known as Minotauros, lived in the Cretan Labyrinth and was a famous demonic creature. It had the body of a man and the head of a bull, born when Pasiphae mated with the Cretan bull. This unique creature, the Minotaur, was a combination of the Cretan Bull and Pasiphae. Check out our names collection below:

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Funny Minotaur Names

We’ve gathered different funny minotaur names below that will surely make you smile. These names capture the charm of these mythical beings, adding a delightful touch to your stories, games, or creative projects.

  • Bovilore: A cheerful minotaur, Bovilore is known for turning any situation into a light-hearted moment with his witty charm.
  • Gigglehorn: True to his name, Gigglehorn is famous for his infectious laughter that echoes through the labyrinth.
  • Mirthbull: Mirthbull finds humor in everything, spreading joy with his ever-present smile and jovial attitude.
  • Chucklehoof: A minotaur with a playful spirit, Chucklehoof loves to entertain his friends with funny anecdotes.
  • Snickerbeast: Known for his subtle humor, Snickerbeast often surprises his companions with his clever quips.
  • Jestaur: Jestaur is the prankster of the group, always ready with a practical joke or a witty comeback.
  • Laughinghorn: With a booming laugh that’s contagious, Laughinghorn is the heart and soul of every gathering.
  • Smirkhoof: Smirkhoof has a knack for dry humor and often sports a mischievous smirk that hints at his playful nature.
  • Guffawtaur: Guffawtaur’s hearty guffaws are a common sound, bringing light-heartedness to his surroundings.
  • Jollybeast: Jollybeast’s optimism and good humor are as legendary as his strength and bravery.
  • Merrymuzzle: Always seen with a grin, Merrymuzzle brings a sense of merriment wherever he goes.
Funny Minotaur Names

Dnd Minotaur Names

Minotaurs are a mix of strength, mystery, and wild power in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. Below we offer different DnD minotaur names, each immersed in the magic of fantasy and perfect for your next adventure:

  • Gorehorn: A minotaur known for his formidable horn attacks in battle.
  • Ironhoof: Famous for his unyielding strength and steadfastness in combat.
  • Battlebrow: Known for his intimidating presence and strategic prowess in war.
  • Thunderfist: His powerful fists are likened to the rumble of thunder during fights.
  • Ragehorn: A minotaur whose battle fury is both feared and revered by his allies.
  • Steelhide: Renowned for his near-impenetrable hide, making him a formidable opponent.
  • Warbeast: A title earned through his relentless ferocity in countless battles.
  • Maulclaw: Known for his vicious claw strikes that maim and incapacitate foes.
  • Stormhoof: His charges into battle are as swift and powerful as a raging storm.
  • Brutalfang: Famous for his savage bite in close-quarter combat.
  • Crushskull: Known for his signature move of crushing enemies’ skulls with his bare hands.

Female Minotaur Names

These names portray the core of female minotaur barbarians – strong, resolute, and formidable warriors who possess distinct qualities that make them unique on the battlefield. Below, you’ll find female minotaur names that highlight their strength:

  • Ironhorn: Known for her unbreakable will and indomitable spirit in battle.
  • Warbraid: Her braided mane symbolizes her many victories and prowess in war.
  • Blazefury: Her temper is as fiery as her fighting spirit, igniting fear in her foes.
  • Frostmane: Her presence chills the air, symbolizing her cold and calculated combat strategy.
  • Rageheart: A warrior whose heart beats with the fury of battle.
  • Thundershield: Her defensive tactics are as unyielding as thunder.
  • Earthstride: Known for her solid and steady approach in combat, as unwavering as the earth.
  • Flamehorn: Her ferocity in battle burns as intensely as a raging flame.
  • Shadowhoof: Master of stealth tactics, her movements are as silent as a shadow.
  • Savageeye: Her piercing gaze can intimidate an opponent before a strike is even made.
  • Mareth: A name signifying wisdom and respect, often given to minotaur elders.
Female Minotaur Names

Famous Minotaur Names

These iconic characters, known for their strong and aggressive traits, have become legends in the realm of fantasy. Below, you’ll find famous minotaur names, each capturing the core qualities of being a formidable barbarian:

  • Bullgar: A name that resonates with raw strength and unyielding power.
  • Hornslayer: Known for his prowess in battle, particularly in vanquishing his enemies with his horns.
  • Gorebrute: His ferocity in battle is unmatched, feared by many.
  • Ironbrow: Symbolizes his resilience and unbreakable focus in combat.
  • Maulhorn: Renowned for his devastating horn attacks that crush his foes.
  • Ragebeast: His name is synonymous with the fierce rage he unleashes in battle.
  • Thundertaur: Known for his booming presence that echoes like thunder.
  • Warstomp: His stomps in battle are as impactful as they are terrifying.
  • Beastbane: A warrior known for defeating creatures much larger and fiercer than himself.
  • Gravehoof: A name earned for sending many foes to their graves.
  • Darktide: A minotaur known for his strategic skills in darker, more treacherous waters.

Dragonlance Minotaur Names

Dragonlance world is a place filled with fantasy and adventure. Minotaurs names usually show their cultural background, filled with honor, battle, and the sea. Here are Dragonlance minotaur names, each representing the distinctive qualities:

  • Kaziganthi: A name symbolizing leadership and strength, often borne by minotaur chieftains.
  • Rathgar: Known for his unwavering bravery and impressive battle skills.
  • Hornhelm: A minotaur renowned for wearing a distinctive, horned helmet into battle.
  • Bullheart: Symbolizes courage and unyielding determination.
  • Stormbull: Revered for his fierce temperament, much like a tempest at sea.
  • Galdar: A minotaur celebrated for his honor and valor in combat.
  • Thornback: Known for his defensive tactics and impenetrable armor.
  • Seabrute: A name that reflects his prowess in naval battles and love for the sea.
  • Warbeast: Symbolizing his ferocity and strength in battle.
  • Mightyhorns: Known for his powerful and intimidating horn attacks.
  • Sailfist: Renowned for his expertise in both sailing and hand-to-hand combat.
Dragonlance Minotaur Names

Cool Minotaur Names

Minotaurs are interesting characters in fantasy worlds, known for their towering stature and intricate stories. Their names should show their strength, courage, and distinctive qualities. Below we discuss different cool minotaur names:

  • Blazefury: A name that reflects his fiery spirit and unbridled passion in combat.
  • Thunderbeast: His presence in battle roars like thunder, striking fear into the hearts of enemies.
  • Boulderback: As sturdy and unmovable as a boulder, he stands firm in the face of adversity.
  • Nightbull: A master of stealth, he strikes from the shadows, as elusive as the night.
  • Wildmane: His untamed mane symbolizes his free and wild spirit.
  • Maulhoof: Famous for his powerful hoof strikes that crush enemies beneath him.
  • Warbraid: His braided hair is a symbol of his numerous victories in battle.
  • Shatterhorn: Known for his ability to shatter enemy defenses with a single charge.
  • Ghosthoof: Moves silently in battle, his footsteps as quiet as a ghost.
  • Flameback: His fiery temperament is as well-known as his prowess in battle.
  • Stormcaller: He can rally his allies with a call as powerful as a storm.

Clever Minotaur Names

Minotaurs are often seen as big and strong creatures, but they can also be smart and tricky. The below names show this clever side along with their strength. Here are clever minotaur names, each showing intelligence and power:

  • Wisehoof: A minotaur revered for his profound wisdom and thoughtful approach.
  • Puzzlehorn: Famous for his love of riddles and his ability to outsmart opponents.
  • Slytusk: Known for his cunning maneuvers in combat and sharp wit.
  • Cleverbeast: A name that reflects his ability to think quickly and act wisely in challenging situations.
  • Thinkbull: Esteemed for his thoughtful strategies and intellectual approach to problems.
  • Witlash: His sharp tongue is as renowned as his skill in battle.
  • Foxhorn: A reference to his cunning nature, reminiscent of a sly fox.
  • Trickhoof: Famous for his deceptive tactics that outwit his foes.
  • Logicbeast: Esteemed for his logical approach to complex challenges.
  • Brainbrawn: A unique combination of intellectual prowess and physical strength.
  • Eagleeye: Known for his exceptional vision and accuracy in battle.
Clever Minotaur Names

Badass Minotaur Names

Minotaurs are often thought of as symbols of brute force and sheer strength, and their names match their scary reputation. Here are strong and badass minotaur names, each capturing the spirit of these powerful warriors:

  • Skullcrusher: A minotaur known for his devastating power in battle, capable of crushing enemies’ skulls.
  • Ironfury: His rage in combat is as unyielding and relentless as iron.
  • Bladehorn: Known for his sharp horns that are as lethal as any blade.
  • Warstorm: A warrior whose approach in battle is as fierce and chaotic as a storm.
  • Grimtusk: His grim demeanor and fierce tusks make him a fearsome opponent.
  • Bloodsnout: Often seen with the blood of his enemies on his snout, a testament to his ferocity.
  • Nightmarehorn: His very presence on the battlefield is like a living nightmare to his foes.
  • Brutalclaw: Known for his brutal use of claws in close combat.
  • Firemane: His mane is as wild and untamable as fire, symbolizing his fierce spirit.
  • Deathhoof: Each stomp is said to bring death, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.
  • Terrorbeast: He instills terror in the hearts of those who dare cross him.

Greek Minotaur Names

Inspired by Greek mythology, where the minotaur comes from, these names mix the mythical traits of these maze-dwelling creatures with the colorful history of Greek culture. Below are different Greek minotaur names for you:

  • Asterion: The original name of the Minotaur in Greek mythology, symbolizing his legendary status.
  • Kretos: Inspired by Crete, where the Minotaur’s labyrinth was located, embodying the essence of the island’s strength.
  • Labyrinthos: A name that echoes the complex and mysterious nature of the Minotaur’s home.
  • Mythros: A name that signifies the mythical and legendary nature of the minotaur.
  • Hellenhorn: A tribute to the minotaur’s Hellenic origins, with ‘horn’ symbolizing his power.
  • Knossian: Derived from Knossos, the city closely associated with the Minotaur legend.
  • Gythium: Inspired by the ancient Greek cities, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Spartaur: A blend of ‘Spartan’ and ‘minotaur’, indicating a warrior’s discipline and might.
  • Helioshorn: Named after the Greek sun god, symbolizing power and radiance.
  • Argotaur: A combination of ‘Argonaut’ and ‘minotaur’, representing adventure and strength.
  • Poseidhorn: Named after Poseidon, indicating a minotaur’s might and command over seas of battle.

Ravnica Minotaur Names

The names of Ravnican minotaurs often show which group they’re part of, their cultural roots, and the city life they know. Here are ravnica minotaur names that really capture what these maze-like warriors are all about:

  • Rakdor: A name blending the Rakdos guild’s chaos with typical minotaur strength.
  • Borhorn: Inspired by the Boros Legion, symbolizing both justice and ferocity.
  • Gruulash: Reflecting the wild and untamed spirit of the Gruul Clans.
  • Dimirak: A name suggesting cunning and secrecy, traits valued by House Dimir.
  • Orzhovus: Representing the opulence and power of the Orzhov Syndicate.
  • Izzetar: Suggesting innovation and explosive energy, akin to the Izzet League.
  • Simicrest: Inspired by the adaptability and growth emphasized by the Simic Combine.
  • Selesnian: Reflecting the harmony and community spirit of the Selesnya Conclave.
  • Golgarn: Evoking the resourcefulness and ambition of the Golgari Swarm.
  • Rixmaadi: Named after the Rix Maadi, the lair of the Rakdos, symbolizing revelry and anarchy.
  • Nivixian: Suggesting the intellectual curiosity and brilliance of the Izzet League.


Hopefully this article clears a bit about what minotaur’s are, and surely you have picked the best name from the above names. These names show the different and complex sides of these strong characters. Whether it’s the echoes of Greek myths or the influences of guilds in Ravnica, each name has its own story, giving the characters a sense of history, strength, and depth.

Also, these names hold the core of the barbarian spirit – power, bravery, and a strong sense of who they are.

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