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Best Famous DND and Viking Barbarian Names

by NC Staff

Barbarian names sound really strong and tough, just like the warriors themselves. Barbarians are often strong and wild warriors in stories or games.

These names can help you pick the right one for your character. Whether you want a serious name or a funny one, you’ll find some good options here.

Barbarian Names

  • Zarkar
  • Thundrik
  • Axarra
  • Gromak
  • Valkyr
  • Thorga
  • Sylthra
  • Ragnok
  • Brondar
  • Serilda

Female Barbarian Names

These names capture the essence of female Barbarians, each narrating a tale of strength, courage, and determination. Below we present powerful female Barbarian names, each with a peek into the character they represent:

  • Sylvara: A name that echoes through the forests, symbolizing a barbarian with an untamed spirit.
  • Dravena: A fierce warrior whose name carries the weight of thundering storms.
  • Kaida: A flame-haired barbarian, embodying the burning intensity of battle.
  • Astrid: A name that conjures images of a starlit warrior, navigating the darkness with strength.
  • Seraphina: A heavenly warrior, combining grace with relentless strength in battle.
  • Valkyrie: A single-word name representing a divine female warrior who chooses the bravest for Valhalla.
  • Zephyra: A name as swift as the wind, capturing the essence of a barbarian with unparalleled speed.
  • Freyja: Named after the Norse goddess of love and war, embodying a harmonious balance of strength and compassion.
  • Ravenna: A name shrouded in mystery, worn by a barbarian known for her enigmatic prowess.
  • Xena: A timeless name synonymous with a warrior princess, exuding both power and grace.
Female Barbarian Names

Male Barbarian Names

Each name in the below list carries the weight of history and the legacy of the warrior it represents, capturing the true essence of what it means to be a barbarian warrior. Here are male barbarian names, each with its unique story and legacy:

  • Falken: A name as sharp as a falcon’s gaze, symbolizing a barbarian with keen instincts.
  • Torak: A name that rumbles like thunder, befitting a formidable warrior known for his powerful presence.
  • Kael: A short and impactful name, worn by a barbarian whose fiery intensity lights up the battlefield.
  • Garrick: A name that carries the weight of leadership, befitting a barbarian chief with strategic brilliance.
  • Jaxon: A modern twist on a classic name, worn by a warrior with a perfect blend of strength and agility.
  • Thorne: A name that speaks of thorns and resilience, belonging to a warrior who thrives in adversity.
  • Ulfar: A name inspired by wolves, symbolizing a barbarian with a fierce loyalty to his pack.
  • Brond: A single-word name reminiscent of a roaring fire, representing a barbarian with a blazing spirit.
  • Gromm: A single-word name that echoes through the mountains, belonging to a barbarian of immense strength.
  • Ragnar: A name steeped in Norse mythology, worn by a warrior whose exploits are sung in epic tales.

Funny Barbarian Names

There’s a special group in the barbarian names that adds a bit of fun. These names are filled with humor, bring a lighter feel to any story or role-playing adventure. Here are amusing funny barbarian names, each with a playful tale:

  • Grunt: More often heard than seen, Grunt is known for his vocal expressions in battle, which are, unsurprisingly, just grunts.
  • Beefcake: With muscles upon muscles, Beefcake’s name is a humorous nod to his exaggerated physique.
  • Blunderbuss: Known for his not-so-graceful moves, Blunderbuss often finds himself tripping over in battle.
  • Snorelax: Famous for his ability to fall asleep anywhere, even in the midst of chaos.
  • Klutz: His clumsiness is legendary, often turning battles into accidental comedy.
  • Squat: Known for his peculiar battle stance, Squat is low to the ground and surprisingly agile.
  • Bumble: Renowned for his tendency to bumble into victories, often by sheer accident.
  • Stumble: Tripping his way into legend, Stumble turns falls into fighting techniques.
  • Whiff: Known for missing his swings, Whiff often hits the air more than his enemies.
  • Squeak: His armor, always in need of oil, announces his presence with high-pitched squeaks.
Funny Barbarian Names

Good Barbarian Names

We present names that reflect strength, courage, and an invincible spirit of the barbarians. Below is a list of good barbarian names, and each comes with a short description to help you think of their background or characteristics:

  • Thorak: A name inspired by thunderous power, suggesting a leader who commands respect.
  • Brenna: Meaning ‘sword’, this name suits a fierce female warrior with unmatched skill.
  • Korgul: Implies a solid, unyielding nature, perfect for a steadfast fighter.
  • Drax: Suggests a character with a relentless and fearless spirit.
  • Elara: This name conjures the image of a warrior who is both graceful and deadly.
  • Ragnar: A strong, commanding name, ideal for a leader known for his strategic prowess.
  • Morna: Implies a mysterious aura, suitable for a barbarian with a secretive past.
  • Grom: A name that resonates with raw power and aggression.
  • Tara: This name brings to mind a swift and decisive warrior, adept in guerrilla tactics.
  • Vigo: Suggests a character with an imposing presence and a commanding nature.

Names For Barbarians

These aren’t just names; they represent the characters’ true nature and the roles they play in their stories or adventures. Below is a list of names for barbarians, and each comes with a short description to add more detail and personality:

  • Grash: A brutish and powerful name, perfect for a barbarian known for physical strength.
  • Eirna: This name suggests a fierce and unyielding female warrior, skilled in combat.
  • Brogar: Implies a solid, battle-hardened presence, ideal for an experienced fighter.
  • Skara: A sharp and edgy name, fitting for a quick and agile huntress.
  • Vorn: Suggests a relentless, indomitable spirit, suitable for a fearless leader.
  • Rothar: Implies a fierce and passionate nature, perfect for a warrior driven by emotion.
  • Maela: Conjures an image of a mystical, enchanting female warrior with a hidden depth.
  • Tharn: A name that speaks to raw power and aggression, fitting for a formidable opponent.
  • Ulrika: A name that combines strength with elegance, ideal for a noble warrior woman.
  • Helga: Suitable for a female barbarian, combining battle prowess with protective instincts.
Names For Barbarians

Famous Barbarian Names

When we talk about well-known barbarian names, they often bring to mind thoughts of strength, bravery, and a strong connection to the wild world. Here is a carefully chosen list of famous barbarian names with brief descriptions:

  • Conan: Synonymous with the archetype of a barbarian, Conan is known for his strength, bravery, and adventures.
  • Attila: The name of the fearsome Hun leader, renowned for his formidable military campaigns.
  • Genghis: Borrowed from Genghis Khan, a name that signifies immense power and conquest.
  • Vercingetorix: The Gallic warrior who valiantly resisted Roman forces.
  • Boudica: A fierce British queen who led a major uprising against the occupying Roman forces.
  • Spartacus: A Thracian gladiator who became a legendary figure leading a slave uprising against Rome.
  • Arminius: A Germanic chieftain known for the defeat of Roman legions in the Teutoburg Forest.
  • Gudrun: A legendary female figure in Norse mythology, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Fritigern: A Gothic leader known for his role in the Gothic War against the Roman Empire.
  • Clovis: The first king of the Franks who united the Frankish tribes under one ruler.

Cool Barbarian Names

Creating cool barbarian names is about combining strength, wilderness, and a bit of ancient mystery. They represent the character’s nature, becoming more than a label. Below are cool barbarian names, each with a description to inspire your creativity:

  • Brynda: Conjures the image of a fierce female warrior, unmatched in her combat skills.
  • Thorgar: Implies a massive, imposing figure, known for his brute strength.
  • Elka: Short and sharp, this name suits a swift and agile huntress.
  • Vrax: Evokes an aura of mystery and darkness, perfect for a barbarian with a secretive past.
  • Rulf: A rugged, straightforward name, fit for a warrior of great resilience.
  • Keera: Implies a fierce spirit and a fiery heart, suitable for a passionate female fighter.
  • Gorath: Resonates with raw might and an imposing presence.
  • Lynara: Suggests grace and agility, combined with deadly skill in battle.
  • Drang: A name that exudes a sense of relentless pursuit and unstoppable will.
  • Ylvie: Perfect for a barbarian with a connection to the mystical or the wilds.

German Barbarian Names

German barbarian names have a fascinating history, bringing images of warriors to mind from the ancient forests and plains of Germania. Below we share Germanic barbarian names, each with a short description:

  • Alaric: Meaning “all-powerful ruler,” a name fitting for a leader known for his strategic brilliance.
  • Hilda: Derived from “battle,” this name suits a female warrior renowned for her bravery.
  • Eberhard: Meaning “strong as a boar,” ideal for a fierce and resilient warrior.
  • Brunhilda: A name signifying a noble female warrior with both strength and dignity.
  • Gernot: Implies a warrior known for his prowess in battle, with a strong sense of honor.
  • Siegfried: Meaning “victorious peace,” suitable for a hero renowned for both his strength and fairness.
  • Kriemhild: A name that evokes the image of a powerful and respected female figure in the tribe.
  • Gunther: Signifying a bold and battle-ready warrior, a name with royal connotations.
  • Hagen: Implies a strong and strategic warrior, respected for his tactical mind.
  • Irmgard: Meaning “guardian of the war,” appropriate for a female warrior known for her protective nature.

Black Barbarian Names

Coming up with names for black barbarians is about combining strength, heritage, and an attractive mystery. These black barbarian names can draw inspiration from different African cultures, languages, and mythologies:

  • Jabari: Meaning “brave”, a fitting name for a fearless warrior leader.
  • Zulu: After the fierce and renowned African tribe, ideal for a warrior known for exceptional combat skills.
  • Kunto: Means “third-born”, suitable for a warrior who is wise beyond his years.
  • Azibo: Represents the earth, fitting for a barbarian deeply connected to nature.
  • Femi: Which means “love me”, suitable for a charismatic leader with a loyal following.
  • Lekan: Meaning “my wealth is increased”, perfect for a prosperous and successful warrior.
  • Mosi: Signifies “first-born”, a name for a natural leader and trailblazer.
  • Nalo: Meaning “lovable”, for a barbarian with a charming yet fierce demeanor.
  • Tendai: Means “be thankful”, fitting for a warrior with a grateful and humble spirit.
  • Zaire: Named after the great river, suitable for a warrior with deep, flowing strength.
Black Barbarian Names

Badass Barbarian Names

These names represent the wild power and unbeatable spirit. Each name tells a powerful story of strength and skill. Below we gathered a list of badass barbarian names with a short description:

  • Elgath: Symbolizing steadfast resilience, Elgath represents an unyielding and enduring warrior spirit.
  • Korga: A name that conveys relentless pursuit and ferocity in battle, fitting for a fearsome warrior.
  • Vorn: Suggestive of bravery and raw power, Vorn implies a warrior renowned for formidable feats.
  • Einar: Einar brings to mind a ruthless and fierce combatant, feared by enemies for his decisive strikes.
  • Ragna: A name that echoes with storm-like ferocity, Ragna is fitting for a tempestuous and fierce warrior.
  • Svana: Evoking passionate ferocity, Svana suggests a warrior with a fiery spirit and unrelenting determination.
  • Rurik: A name that speaks of legendary encounters and victories, ideal for a warrior of renown and fame.
  • Astrid: This name suggests a fiery and passionate warrior, as fierce and vibrant as a flame.
  • Skadi: Conjuring a sense of mystique and elegance, Skadi is perfect for a warrior who fights with grace and poise.
  • Harald: Suggesting clarity and leadership, Harald is apt for a warrior who leads with vision and purpose.

Celtic Barbarian Names

Check the interesting history of the Celts with these celtic barbarian names, each reflecting the strength and mystery of warriors from ancient times. These names have deep roots in history and legend, giving us a peek into their world:

  • Branoc: A name symbolizing strength and valor, perfect for a warrior known for his unyielding courage.
  • Cormac: Evoking the image of a chariot rider, Cormac implies a skilled and agile fighter.
  • Dunmor: Suggesting a connection with great fortresses, Dunmor is fitting for a strategic and resilient warrior.
  • Fergal: Conjuring images of manliness and vigor, Fergal is perfect for a powerful and energetic warrior.
  • Kaelan: Implying a slender and agile fighter, Kaelan is perfect for a warrior known for his speed and grace.
  • Lorcan: Evoking the fierceness of a little fierce one, Lorcan is ideal for a tenacious and spirited warrior.
  • Maeloc: A name that suggests a prince or warrior chief, fitting for a leader and a respected fighter.
  • Orin: Suggesting the image of a pale fighter, Orin is apt for a warrior known for his unique and striking appearance.
  • Pyrric: Evoking the idea of fiery or red-headed, Pyrric is fitting for a warrior with a fiery spirit and tenacity.
  • Quinlan: This name implies a very strong, physically fit warrior, perfect for a formidable and robust fighter.

Viking Barbarian Names

These names, taken from historical records and mythology, showing an era where courage and strength held great importance. Check out the below Viking barbarian names showing culture of the Vikings perfectly:

  • Leif: This name suggests a descendant or heir, fitting for a warrior with a noble lineage.
  • Gunnar: Implying a bold warrior, Gunnar is ideal for a fearless and daring fighter.
  • Hakon: This name implies a high-born or noble, suited for a warrior of distinguished heritage.
  • Torvald: Suggesting Thor’s ruler, this name is fitting for a powerful and commanding warrior.
  • Sigurd: Meaning victorious defender, Sigurd is ideal for a warrior who is both a protector and conqueror.
  • Magnus: Implying greatness, Magnus is perfect for a warrior known for his exceptional feats.
  • Sven: This name conveys a young warrior or boy, fitting for a youthful and vigorous fighter.
  • Vidar: Suggesting a wide warrior, Vidar is ideal for a robust and formidable fighter.
  • Asger: Meaning spear of God, Asger is suitable for a divinely inspired or formidable fighter.
  • Baldur: This name conveys a prince or lord, fitting for a noble and respected warrior.

Dnd Barbarian Names

In Dungeons & Dragons, barbarian names capture the wild spirit of the lands they come from. These dnd barbarian names are created to connect with the adventurous nature of DnD, mixing fantasy elements with the primal strength:

  • Gromash: A name that echoes with raw power, perfect for a barbarian who is as unstoppable as a raging storm.
  • Kragar: This name suggests rugged toughness, ideal for a warrior who never backs down from a fight.
  • Zarok: Implying a mysterious and dark aura, Zarok is fitting for a barbarian with a mysterious past.
  • Thundar: Resonating with the force of a thunderclap, this name is suitable for a barbarian who commands attention in battle.
  • Volg: A name that suggests brute strength, ideal for a barbarian whose might is legendary.
  • Brogan: Evoking the image of a fierce fighter, Brogan is perfect for a warrior who leads charges into battle.
  • Drogo: This name conveys a sense of rugged individualism, suitable for a lone wolf barbarian.
  • Fenris: Suggesting a feral and untamed nature, Fenris is fitting for a barbarian who is as wild as the wolf.
  • Grash: A name that implies a crushing force, perfect for a barbarian who is known for overwhelming power.
  • Ivarn: This name suggests a blend of strength and wisdom, fitting for a seasoned barbarian leader.
Dnd Barbarian Names

Awesome Barbarian Names

These barbarian names are carefully selected to portray the essential qualities of a traditional warrior: power, courage, and a hint of wildness. Below is a collection of awesome barbarian names:

  • Rothgar: Suggesting a mighty and fearless leader, Rothgar is perfect for a barbarian chief.
  • Torak: This name implies strength and solidity, suitable for a barbarian with an unyielding nature.
  • Brondar: Suggesting brute force, Brondar is fitting for a warrior who is known for his physical prowess.
  • Gorvash: This name conveys a sense of savage power, perfect for a barbarian who is fierce in battle.
  • Kelth: Imbuing a sense of mystery and strength, Kelth is ideal for a barbarian with a secretive past.
  • Vrak: Short and impactful, Vrak is suitable for a barbarian who is straightforward and formidable.
  • Tharn: Evoking the image of a solid and dependable fighter, Tharn is ideal for a steadfast warrior.
  • Jarnax: This name evokes a sense of mystery and strength, fitting for a warrior with an enigmatic aura.
  • Lorvik: Suggesting a fierce and loyal leader, Lorvik is ideal for a barbarian chieftain.
  • Norgrim: This name conveys a sense of ancient wisdom, suitable for a seasoned warrior.

Great Barbarian Names

Each of the below name shows the essence of raw power, fearlessness, and the relentless determination that characterizes legendary barbarians. Check out our carefully selection of great barbarian names:

  • Brom: This name conveys ruggedness and strength, suitable for a warrior of great physical power.
  • Tarn: Implying a robust and unyielding character, Tarn is perfect for a barbarian who stands firm against all odds.
  • Kael: Meaning mighty or strong, Kael is perfect for a warrior of exceptional strength and bravery.
  • Lorin: Suggesting a fierce and passionate fighter, Lorin is ideal for a warrior with a fiery spirit.
  • Roth: Conveying the sense of a red-haired or fierce warrior, Roth is suitable for a barbarian with a memorable and commanding appearance.
  • Strang: This name implies great physical strength, perfect for a physically dominant and imposing warrior.
  • Ulric: Meaning wolf power, Ulric is fitting for a barbarian known for cunning and ferocity.
  • Zorn: Evoking the sense of fury or anger, Zorn is ideal for a warrior who channels rage into strength.
  • Egon: Meaning edge of a sword, Egon is perfect for a skilled and sharp fighter.
  • Fiske: Suggesting a fish or a nimble warrior, Fiske is ideal for a barbarian known for agility and speed.
Great Barbarian Names

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Hopefully you have enjoyed the journey of barbarian names and selected the best name from the above hundreds of names. We have come to the point that these names carry the essence of strength, courage, and wild spirits.

Each name we’ve discovered comes with a story, a sense of power and bravery echoing in the realms of stories and legends. We trust that these barbarian names have ignited your creative spark and offered a peek into the lively universe of fantasy and mythology.

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