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Best Famous Male and Female Knight Names 

by NC Staff

Knights came into being during the Early Middle Ages in Europe, roughly in the 8th century. The world of knight names is like a captivating story, woven with threads of history, legend, and bravery.

In the beginning, their names were straightforward, often showing where they came from or their dad’s name. As knighthood became more organized, names started to showcase deeds, like “Sir Galahad the Pure” or “Sir Lancelot the Brave.”

Some names are real, while others we came up with after doing some research. No matter which one you pick, you’re sure to impress with our collection of a cool and unique names.

Names of Knights

Knights, who were respected fighters in medieval times, were more than just warriors; they represented chivalry and stood for justice. Their names held significance and showed their character and actions. Here are different names of knights:

  • Alistair: Meaning ‘defender of men’, symbolizing bravery and protection.
  • Bertrand: Derived from ‘bright raven’, indicating intelligence and strategic thinking.
  • Cedric: Signifying ‘bounty’ and ‘spectacle’, reflecting generosity and a commanding presence.
  • Donovan: Meaning ‘dark warrior’, hinting at a mysterious and formidable fighter.
  • Emeric: Suggesting ‘power’ and ‘work’, embodies strength and diligence.
  • Fergus: Meaning ‘man of vigor’, indicating robustness and relentless energy.
  • Hector: Symbolizing ‘steadfast’, for a knight known for his unwavering loyalty.
  • Kendrick: Meaning ‘bold power’, reflecting a knight’s courage and strength.
  • Leopold: Suggesting ‘brave people’, embodying leadership and bravery.
  • Nolan: Indicating ‘noble’, for a knight of high birth and honorable character.
Names of Knights

Vampire Knight Names

These night guardians blend the honorable qualities of knights with the mystical charm of vampires, making them special in the fantasy realm. The vampire knight names are full of ancient mystery, power, and a touch of the supernatural:

  • Raven: Symbolizing the dark and intelligent nature, akin to the bird that shares its name.
  • Mortimus: A name that evokes the sense of death and timelessness, befitting an immortal knight.
  • Lazarus: Suggesting resurrection and enduring life, a fitting name for a vampire.
  • Vladimir: A name rich with the heritage of vampire lore, hinting at nobility and power.
  • Sylvan: Meaning ‘of the forest’, suitable for a vampire knight who is one with nature.
  • Carmilla: A name that whispers of ancient femininity and enigmatic charm.
  • Amaranth: Symbolizing everlasting life, echoing the immortal nature of vampires.
  • Thorne: Indicating both beauty and danger, much like the dual nature of a vampire knight.
  • Nocturne: Perfect for a knight who revels in the night, embodying darkness and mystery.
  • Darius: Suggesting regality and strength, a common name among ancient warriors.

Female Knight Names

Female knights have made their mark by showing courage and strength, breaking traditional barriers. These women wear armor, showing both strength and elegance. Below is a list of female knight names, each reflecting bravery and determination:

  • Ariella: Meaning ‘lion of God’, symbolizing strength and courage.
  • Brienne: Suggesting both strength and nobility, perfect for a knight of high honor.
  • Cassandra: Meaning ‘shining upon men’, indicative of a leader and a beacon in battle.
  • Diana: Reflecting the Roman goddess of the hunt, a name for a skilled and strategic fighter.
  • Fiona: Indicating ‘fair’, suitable for a knight known for her just and righteous nature.
  • Gwen: Short for Gwendolyn, meaning ‘white circle’, symbolizing unity and protection.
  • Helena: Meaning ‘light’, indicative of a knight who brings hope in dark times.
  • Isolde: Reflecting the legendary character, a name for a knight with a story of love and tragedy.
  • Juno: Named after the Roman queen of the gods, fitting for a commanding and powerful knight.
  • Maeve: Meaning ‘she who intoxicates’, indicative of a charismatic and influential knight.
Female Knight Names

Male Knight Names

In medieval stories and tales of chivalry, male knights are iconic symbols of courage, honor, and bravery. These knights, celebrated as heroes, had names that reflected the qualities and virtues they represented.

    • Aldric: Meaning ‘old ruler’, a name fit for a knight with wisdom and experience.
    • Bran: Derived from ‘raven’, symbolizing a strategic and intelligent warrior.
    • Cedric: Meaning ‘bounty’, indicative of a knight known for his generosity and nobility.
    • Damon: Reflecting loyalty, a fitting name for a knight devoted to his cause.
    • Ewan: Meaning ‘young warrior’, suitable for a knight known for his vigor and youthfulness.
    • Felix: Indicating ‘happy’ or ‘fortunate’, a name for a knight blessed with good fortune.
    • Hugo: Meaning ‘mind’ or ‘intellect’, suitable for a knight known for his strategic prowess.
    • Nolan: Meaning ‘noble’, indicative of a knight of high birth and honorable character.
    • Quinn: Meaning ‘wise’, a fitting name for a knight known for his sagacity.
    • Rowan: Indicating ‘little red one’, suitable for a knight with a fiery temperament.

Mythical Knight Names

These mythical knights, often possessing enchanted powers and legendary weapons, have names that are remembered for a long time. Their names aren’t just labels; they represent the strength, mystery, and courage these heroes have.

  • Aelwyn: Known for his prophetic visions and mastery of arcane lore.
  • Blazeheart: A knight whose sword blazes with ethereal fire, embodying his fiery spirit.
  • Darius Starshield: Wielder of a shield that reflects the night sky, a protector against dark magic.
  • Fenris Wolfblade: A knight with the strength and ferocity of a wolf, a fearsome warrior.
  • Helios Sunfury: A knight who channels the power of the sun, radiant and powerful.
  • Nero Flameheart: His passion burns as fiercely as the flames he conjures.
  • Orin Lightbearer: A beacon of hope, radiating light that dispels shadows.
  • Ragnarok: Named after the legendary end of days, a knight of formidable power.
  • Tiberius: A name that echoes ancient power, commanding respect and fear.
  • Zephyr Gale: A knight as swift and unpredictable as the wind itself.

Fantasy Knight Names

These fantasy knights, often equipped with magical weapons and special knowledge, are more than just fighters; they represent the magic of the worlds they live in. Here, we explore different fantasy knight names:

  • Briarheart: A knight whose heart is said to be unbreakable as the thickest bramble.
  • Caspian: Named after a legendary sea, symbolizing depth and mystery.
  • Darius Skyblade: Wields a sword that glitters like the stars, a master of celestial combat.
  • Elora Moonshield: Protector against dark magic, her shield mirrors the moon’s glow.
  • Falcon: Agile and sharp-eyed, a knight known for his extraordinary reflexes.
  • Garrick Stormbringer: Commands the tempest, striking fear with thunderous might.
  • Jorin Wildheart: Known for his affinity with nature and beasts of the forest.
  • Sarina Flameheart: Her passion and fiery spirit are as renowned as her combat skills.
  • Thane Ironwill: Unyielding and steadfast, his resolve is as strong as iron.
  • Wren: Small but fierce, a knight known for her unexpected strength.

Creative Knight Names

Creative knight names go beyond the usual, adding a new and fascinating layer to the tales of courage and honor. Each name captures the essence of the knight’s distinct identity and outstanding qualities.

  • Starhawk: A knight known for his strategic acumen, as swift and precise as a hawk under a starlit sky.
  • Brightblade: His sword glows with an ethereal light, cutting through darkness both literal and metaphorical.
  • Frostborn: Known for his unyielding endurance, as if born from the heart of winter itself.
  • Sunspear: Wielding a lance that shines like the sun, piercing through the despair of battle.
  • Windrider: Swift as the wind, this knight is renowned for his unmatched speed and agility.
  • Ravenlock: With hair dark as raven feathers, this knight is enigmatic and wise.
  • Stormbringer: His arrival heralds a change as profound and powerful as a storm.
  • Skywarden: A protector of the realm, his vision as vast and clear as the sky.
  • Firemane: With hair like flames, he is passionate and fierce in battle.
  • Silentstep: Known for his stealth, moving soundlessly in his armored boots.
Creative Knight Names

Funny Knight Names

Adding a touch of humor to the esteemed ranks, funny knight names shake things up, providing a playful twist to the usual serious knightly atmosphere. Let’s discuss funny knight names, each contributing a bit of humor.

  • Jestarmor: Jestarmor is a knight whose armor is not just for protection but also for spreading laughter and joy.
  • Laughington: Laughington is a knight whose mere presence turns the dullest castle halls into halls of laughter.
  • Mirthblade: Mirthblade carries a blade that not only parries attacks but also tickles foes into submission.
  • Whimsiarmor: Whimsiarmor is adorned in armor that reflects the whimsical side of medieval fashion, bringing joy to the battlefield.
  • Jovial Lance: Jovial Lance charges into battle with a lance that’s not just for jousting but also for poking fun.
  • Quipshield: Quipshield’s shield deflects not only arrows but also delivers quick-witted retorts to adversaries.
  • Banterhelm: Banterhelm wears a helmet that echoes with banter, ensuring every conversation is a comedic exchange.
  • Chucklecloak: Chucklecloak’s cloak billows with laughter, creating a whimsical spectacle on the battlefield.
  • Jester Joust: Jester Joust turns jousting into a comedic performance, balancing on the horse with jests and acrobatics.
  • Chortlechain: Chortlechain’s chainmail rings with the sound of chortles, creating a melody of laughter in the midst of battles.

Famous Knight Names

Throughout history, many knights have become famous, leaving behind names that are remembered for a long time. Below, we will talk about such well-known and famous knight names, each having a unique story and legacy:

  • Lancelot: Perhaps the most famous of Arthurian knights, Lancelot is renowned for his skills in combat and a tragic romance with Queen Guinevere.
  • Galahad: Known as the purest and most virtuous, Galahad is celebrated for his quest in finding the Holy Grail in Arthurian legends.
  • Gawain: A knight known for his strength, chivalry, and loyalty, Gawain is a prominent figure in Arthurian literature and Celtic mythology.
  • Tristan: Famous for his tragic love story with Isolde, Tristan is a Cornish knight of the Round Table.
  • Agravain: A somewhat controversial knight, Agravain is known for revealing Lancelot and Guinevere’s affair.
  • Gaheris: Brother to Gawain, known more for his role in the familial dynamics of the Round Table than his individual feats.
  • Palamedes: A Saracen knight who, in some tales, competes with Tristan for Isolde’s love.
  • Lamorak: Known for his great strength, he ranks as one of the best knights but meets a tragic end.
  • Mordred: King Arthur’s illegitimate son, whose betrayal leads to the downfall of Camelot.
  • Tristan: A tragic hero, Tristan is famed for his skills as a warrior and his ill-fated love story with Isolde.

Camelot Knights Names

Camelot, the famous castle and court linked to King Arthur, has represented chivalry and nobility over time. The knights of Camelot, known for their individual qualities and adventures, are legendary characters in stories. Below are the names:

  • Galant: A symbol of purity and spiritual perfection, Galahad is famous for his quest in seeking the Holy Grail.
  • Percival: Noted for his chivalrous nature and innocence, Percival plays a crucial role in the quest for the Holy Grail.
  • Bedivere: One of the first knights to join King Arthur, Bedivere is known for his loyalty, especially in returning Excalibur to the Lady of the Lake.
  • Kay: King Arthur’s foster brother, known for his sharp tongue but also for his administrative skills as the seneschal of Camelot.
  • Gareth: A knight who exemplifies humility and valor, Gareth’s journey from a kitchen hand to a respected knight is inspirational.
  • Gaheris: Not as famous as his brothers Gawain and Gareth, Gaheris is nonetheless respected for his dedication and skill in battle.
  • Palamedes: A Saracen knight who becomes a faithful follower of King Arthur, notable for his unrequited love for Isolde.
  • Mordredl: The infamous son of Arthur, Mordred’s betrayal is central to the downfall of Camelot.
  • Leodegrance: The father of Guinevere, remembered for his contribution of the Round Table to Arthur’s court.
  • Geraint: A Welsh knight celebrated for his love story with Enid and his prowess in tournaments.
  • Dagonet: King Arthur’s jester turned knight, Dagonet adds a touch of humor to the Round Table.

Templar Knights Names

The Knights Templar, a medieval Catholic military order known for their combat and banking abilities, have captivated historians and enthusiasts. Below we provide Templar knights names, providing insight into their historical importance:

  • Hughes: Hughes de Payens, the co-founder and first Grand Master of the Knights Templar, played a pivotal role in establishing the order’s foundations.
  • Godfrey: Godfrey de Saint-Omer, known as one of the founding knights, was reputed for his deep commitment to the Templar cause.
  • Gerard: Gerard de Ridefort, a Grand Master known for his controversial decisions during the Crusades, particularly at the Battle of Hattin.
  • Arnold: Arnold of Torroja, known for his diplomatic efforts as the Grand Master to maintain alliances.
  • Guillaume: Guillaume de Sonnac, revered for his bravery and leadership during the Seventh Crusade.
  • Thomas: Thomas Bérard, served as Grand Master during a period of consolidation and fortification.
  • Philip: Philip of Nablus, a prominent Templar who later became the Grand Master of the Order of Saint Lazarus.
  • Jacques: Jacques de Molay, the last Grand Master, known for his tragic end and the dissolution of the Templars.
  • Gautier: Gautier Sans-Avoir, an early Templar who accompanied Hughes de Payens on the first pilgrimage to the Holy Land.
  • Raoul: Raoul de Gerusalem, noted for his contributions to the growth and organization of the Templars.
Templar Knights Names

Famous Knight Names

Across history, people have praised knights for their courage, chivalry, and important roles in different battles and legendary stories. Below we reveal popular knight names, each show remarkable achievements and impacts on history and folklore:

  • Brunor: Also known as ‘Le Noir’, he is remembered for his quest to avenge his father’s death.
  • Leodegrance: Guinevere’s father, remembered for gifting the Round Table to Arthur.
  • Lucan: Served as King Arthur’s butler and stood by Arthur in his final battle.
  • Yvain: Known for his adventurous tales, balancing romantic escapades with martial prowess.
  • Dagonet: Arthur’s jester, later knighted, adding a touch of humor to the Round Table.
  • Safir: A Saracen knight who converted to Christianity and proved his loyalty to Arthur.
  • Pelleas: Known for his unrequited love and noble demeanor.
  • Hector: A valiant knight from the Arthurian legends, known for his bravery and loyalty.
  • Griflet: One of Arthur’s earliest supporters, known for his youthful zeal and bravery.
  • Calogrenant: A knight of the Round Table, cousin to Yvain, known for his courteous and adventurous nature.

Cool Knight Names

Whether they were real people or legendary heroes, their names often have a powerful and mysterious feel to them. Below we present 25 cool knight names, each with its own special style and background:

  • Blackthorn: Known for his mysterious aura and mastery of the lance, Blackthorn was a knight feared in tournaments.
  • Silverblade: A knight famed for his skill with a gleaming silver sword, Silverblade was as charismatic as he was deadly
  • Wolfbane: Known for his victories against marauding wolf packs that threatened medieval villages.
  • Stormrider: A knight who led charges under tumultuous skies, known for his fearless nature.
  • Grimhawk: With a stern demeanor, Grimhawk was respected for his strategic acumen in warfare.
  • Ravencrest: Known for his dark armor adorned with raven feathers, symbolizing wisdom and foresight.
  • Dragonslayer: Fabled for reportedly slaying a dragon, this knight’s tale became the stuff of legends.
  • Frostblade: Known for his campaigns in the icy northern realms, Frostblade was as cold in demeanor as his name suggests.
  • Shadowmere: A knight who was elusive and mysterious, often appearing unexpectedly on the battlefield.
  • Nightspear: A knight renowned for his skillful nocturnal raids, striking swiftly and silently.
Cool Knight Names

Medieval Knight Names

These names take you back to a time of brave deeds, where knights followed a code of honor and faced the unknown with courage and dignity. In the below list, we discuss different medieval Knight Names:

  • Gallant: A knight known for their exceptional courage and chivalry on the battlefield.
  • Valiant: A valiant knight who displays unwavering bravery in the face of adversity.
  • Sir Percival: Inspired by the Arthurian legend, symbolizing purity and noble deeds.
  • Dashing: A knight with a dashing and daring demeanor, capturing hearts with flair.
  • Excalibur: Drawing inspiration from the legendary sword, symbolizing strength and power.
  • Champion: A champion on the battlefield, embodying the true spirit of knighthood.
  • Sovereign: A knight with a sovereign and commanding presence, a leader among peers.
  • Radiant: A knight whose noble deeds illuminate the path of righteousness.
  • Stalwart: Unyielding and dependable, a stalwart knight in times of need.
  • Dame: A female knight, breaking traditional norms with grace and valor.

Knight Nicknames

Knight Names is the amazing world, where bravery meets charm, and each name holds the story of a brave hero. Below, we’ll explore Knight Nicknames that capture the feeling of courage, honor, and medieval magic:

  • Dawnbringer: A title for those who were first into battle, symbolizing hope and new beginnings.
  • Frostguard: A knight renowned for defending lands against northern invaders.
  • Sunshield: Symbolizing a protective nature, like a shield against the harsh sun.
  • Dragonfang: Given to a knight famed for slaying a dragon or displaying dragon-like fierceness.
  • Thunderclap: For a knight whose arrival in battle was as loud and impactful as thunder.
  • Whirlwind: A title for a knight with a swift and unpredictable fighting style.
  • Tidebreaker: Given to those who were instrumental in breaking naval blockades or sieges.
  • Flamebearer: Symbolizing a knight’s passion and ferocity in battle.
  • Serpentstrike: For a knight known for striking quickly and decisively.
  • Granitefist: Symbolizing unyielding strength and determination.
Knight Nicknames

Dark Knight Names

In history and stories, the dark knight emerges as a mysterious and serious figure. These knights, surrounded by mystery and known for their skill, possess names that express their strong and mysterious nature.

  • Ravenclaw: Symbolic of a knight’s strategic, sharp, and ominous nature.
  • Darkwind: A name for knights who are as unpredictable and chilling as a cold gust.
  • Stormbringer: Given to a knight who brings turmoil and chaos like a storm.
  • Wraithlord: Reflecting a knight’s ghostly and feared presence in battle.
  • Nightrunner: A knight adept at covert operations under the cover of night.
  • Dreadknight: Symbolizing a knight who instills fear and dread in their foes.
  • Voidwalker: For knights who seem to emerge from and disappear into nothingness.
  • Thornheart: Reflecting a heart guarded by thorns, impenetrable and fierce.
  • Baneblade: A knight known for being the bane of their enemies.
  • Venomstrike: Symbolizing a knight’s lethal and swift attack.

Holy Knight Names

Each name serves as a guiding light, representing the unwavering commitment of Holy Knights to justice and their divine duty. In this collection, we reveal holy night names that reflect the purity and righteousness these knights represent:

  • Radiance: A name reflecting the knight’s inner glow and commitment to purity.
  • Sacredheart: Reflecting a knight whose heart beats with unwavering devotion.
  • Hallowedblade: A name symbolizing a blade consecrated for righteous battles.
  • Luminaryshield: A name capturing the knight’s role as a shining protector.
  • Divinevalor: Reflecting a knight whose courage is inspired by divine strength.
  • Sanctuaryguard: Denoting a knight entrusted with guarding sacred places.
  • Celestialblade: A name symbolizing a blade touched by celestial grace.
  • Aurorashield: Reflecting a knight whose shield emanates the light of dawn.
  • Gracefulknight: Denoting a knight whose movements are graceful and divine.
  • Eternalfaith: A name capturing the knight’s enduring commitment to faith.
Holy Knight Names

Old Knight Names

Travel back in time and enjoy the charm of chivalry with our collection of Old Knight Names. Each of the below name echoes history, bringing vintage sophistication to the legendary world of knights.

  • Lady Eleanor: Reflecting the grace and sophistication of a noble female knight.
  • Baron Gideon: Denoting a knight with the wisdom and stature befitting a noble baron.
  • Dame Beatrice: A name echoing the strength and beauty of a courageous lady knight.
  • Mistress Rosalind: Denoting a lady knight with a delicate yet formidable demeanor.
  • Viscount Leopold: Reflecting the distinguished title and gallant character of a medieval viscount.
  • Dame Constance: Denoting a lady knight with unwavering determination and constancy.
  • Sir Baldwin: Denoting a knight whose name resonates with boldness and courage.
  • Baronet Lionel: Reflecting the honor and distinction of a knight with a noble title.
  • Earl Alaric: A name symbolizing the regal status and strength of an ancient knight.
  • Sir Reynard: Denoting a knight whose name carries the spirit of a cunning and courageous fox.

Silly Knight Names

Not all knights fit the traditional heroic mold, some have names that carry a more playful and whimsical vibe, showing their unique personalities or interesting stories. Here’s a list of silly knight names, each with a hint of humor:

  • Lady Whiskers: A knight who adores cats and always has cat hair on her armor.
  • Sir Napsalot: Famous for dozing off at the most inopportune times.
  • Lord Duckfeet: A knight with an awkward walk, reminiscent of a duck.
  • Dame Doodle: She spends more time drawing in her journal than wielding a sword.
  • Lady Sparkle: Adores shiny objects and bedazzles her armor excessively.
  • Dame Bumble: Notoriously clumsy, but somehow always comes out unscathed.
  • Lady Quack: Enthusiastically quacks during conversations for no clear reason.
  • Dame Giggly: Her giggles are infectious, even during solemn knightly ceremonies.
  • Lady Puddle: Always manages to find the one puddle in the courtyard to step in.
  • Lady Breezy: Prefers a gentle breeze to a mighty gale, often found fanning herself.
Silly Knight Names

Dnd Knight Names

In this list, we share dnd knight names that capture the bravery and fantasy linked to D&D knight characters. Each name is a way to enter an imaginative world, ready to take players on exciting journeys and daring adventures:

  • Seraphim: Radiating a divine and celestial aura.
  • Shadowbane: Mysterious and skilled in the arts of stealth.
  • Emberblade: Wielding the power of fiery determination.
  • Frostfang: Master of icy spells and frosty combat.
  • Astralight: Guided by the stars, both wise and powerful.
  • Drakonshield: A defender with a dragon’s strength.
  • Thundertusk: Commanding thunderous power in battle.
  • Moonshroud: Cloaked in mystery and lunar energy.
  • Silverthorn: Agile and lethal with a silver-edged blade.
  • Ironclad: Clad in impenetrable armor, a true fortress.

Evil Knight Names

In fantasy stories and tales of the medieval times, there’s often a scary character called an evil knight. This knight is like a dark and mysterious force, and it’s kind of spooky. Let’s look at evil knight names for these dark and mean knights:

  • Vorax: A name that strikes fear into the hearts of adversaries, Vorax embodies a relentless and voracious warrior, hungry for conquest.
  • Malgrim: Malgrim, a name whispered in hushed tones, is synonymous with treachery and cunning on the battlefield.
  • Grimshaw: Grimshaw, the harbinger of doom, wears his ominous name like a mantle, casting a shadow over the battlefield.
  • Draven: Draven, a name synonymous with malevolence, strikes fear into the hearts of those who dare cross his path.
  • Dreadnought: The very name instills dread, as Dreadnought charges into battle with an unstoppable force that crushes opposition.
  • Moros: Moros, named after the god of impending doom, embodies the inevitable fate that befalls those who stand against them.
  • Malefic: Malefic, a name whispered in fear, describes a knight whose malevolent deeds are etched in the annals of history.
  • Nether: Emerging from the nether realms, this knight wields dark magic and commands shadows with an otherworldly prowess.
  • Stygian: Stygian, named after the river of the underworld, is a knight whose dark aura is as foreboding as the realm they draw power from.
  • Ruthless: Ruthless by name and nature, this knight stops at nothing to achieve victory, leaving a trail of broken foes in their wake.
Evil Knight Names

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We hope our above collection of Knight names helped you to select the best name. These names tell stories of knights who left a lasting impact. They make us think of courage, nobility, and a strong commitment to doing what’s right.

Knights are symbols of qualities that show the best side of humanity. They motivate us to aim high, stick to noble ideals, and face life’s challenges with the same bravery and honor we see in the knights of stories long ago.

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