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Best Cute Famous and Cartoon Pelican Names

by NC Staff

If you are thinking to acquire a pelican as a pet and searching for the perfect name for your cute feathered friend? Look no further! We’ve collected a wide range of cute and funny pelican names that will surely catch your attention.

Pelicans are easily recognizable and interesting birds in the bird world, known for their special bill and big throat pouch. They have a distinctive long beak, broad wings, and a graceful way of flying.

You can spot pelicans along beaches worldwide, and they not only look beautiful but also have interesting habits.

Names For Pelicans

Each of the below name reflects the pelican’s unique identity, giving a peek into the world where the sky meets the sea, and these graceful creature’s rule. Below are charming names for pelicans, each with a little description to capture their essence:

  • Skyler: A fitting name for a bird that soars gracefully through the skies.
  • Pouchy: Inspired by their distinctive bill pouch, perfect for catching fish.
  • Breezy: Suggesting the light and airy way pelicans interact with the wind.
  • Fisher: A nod to their skillful fishing techniques.
  • Splash: Perfect for pelicans who dive into the water for food.
  • Crest: Inspired by the cresting waves they often accompany.
  • Scoop: For their unique way of scooping up fish.
  • Lagoon: For their love of shallow, coastal waters.
  • Billow: Inspired by the billowing sails of ships, akin to their expansive wings.
  • Ripple: For the ripples they create while skimming the water surface.
  • Topaz: A name that embodies the pelican’s warm and golden hues.
  • Tidal Twist: For a pelican that enjoys the ebb and flow of coastal waters.
  • Seraphina: An elegant and regal choice, perfect for a pelican with a graceful demeanor.
Names For Pelicans

Famous Pelican Names

Pelicans are interesting creatures with special bills and a love for water. These famous pelican names show the many roles they play in our culture, from favorite characters in books and movies to symbols of taking care of the environment:

  • Percy: Inspired by the friendly pelican character from the classic children’s book series.
  • Pelly: A charming name often used in children’s books, symbolizing curiosity and playfulness.
  • Scooper: Reflecting their unique fishing technique of scooping up prey.
  • Billie: A simple yet endearing name, often used in cartoons and animations.
  • Gulfy: A tribute to the pelicans residing near the Gulf Coast, a significant habitat for the species.
  • Pouchie: Highlighting the most distinctive feature of pelicans – their large throat pouch.
  • Wader: For their habit of wading in shallow waters in search of food.
  • Pelicano: Borrowing from the Spanish word for pelican, celebrating the bird’s presence in various cultures.
  • Fisher King: A majestic name that echoes the pelican’s prowess in fishing.
  • Seabreeze: Suggesting the gentle and calming presence of pelicans by the sea.
  • Featherbeak: Combining two of their most notable features – feathers and a large beak.
  • Crested: Inspired by the species with a crest on their head, like the Dalmatian pelican.
  • Bluebill: A unique name for pelicans with a bluish tint to their bill, capturing their colorful nature.

Cartoon Pelican Names

In cartoons, pelicans are often shown as cute and playful characters. Below we share interesting cartoon pelican names with short description. These names capture the essence of these birds in a way that both kids and adults can enjoy.

  • Beaky: A classic name for a pelican, emphasizing their most prominent feature.
  • Squawkie: Reflecting the loud and distinctive call of pelicans.
  • Puddle: Ideal for a pelican character who loves splashing in water.
  • Flipperbill: A playful name, highlighting their unique bill and love for fish.
  • Sunnybeak: Reflecting a cheerful and optimistic pelican personality.
  • Featherfin: A whimsical name, combining feathers and their love for fish.
  • Breezy: For a pelican character that glides effortlessly in the wind.
  • Drifty: Emphasizing a laid-back pelican who loves drifting on water.
  • Skimmer: Named after their skill in skimming the water surface.
  • Swirly: A whimsical name, inspired by the swirling waters they often inhabit.
  • Swoopy: Highlighting their dramatic swooping flights.
  • Cresto: A fun name, inspired by the crest on some pelican species.
  • Wingspan: Emphasizing the impressive wing size of pelicans
Cartoon Pelican Names

Cute Pelican Names

Pelicans are known for how they look and their playful behavior. Each of the below cute pelican name not only talks about a quality of the pelican but also adds a bit of personality, making these charming birds even more dear to us:

  • Bubbly: Reflecting a cheerful and vivacious personality.
  • Waddles: Perfect for a pelican known for its amusing waddling walk.
  • Scoops: Inspired by their unique way of scooping up fish.
  • Wingsy: Celebrating their impressive and majestic wingspan.
  • Billow: Inspired by the way they billow their pouches when catching fish.
  • Twinkle: Reflecting a pelican with a particularly bright and lively eye.
  • Skipper: Perfect for a pelican who seems to skip over waves.
  • Breeze: For a pelican that glides smoothly and effortlessly in the wind.
  • Doodle: A playful and whimsical name, perfect for a quirky pelican.
  • Marshy: Inspired by their habitat in marshes and coastal regions.
  • Sway: Reflecting the elegant sway of their flight.
  • Tango: A fun name, suggesting a dance-like movement in their flight.
  • Piper: Perfect for a pelican with a strong and melodious call.

Webkinz Pelican Names

In the Webkinz empire, where imagination and interaction meet, these names add an extra dose of fun and personality to your digital feathered friend. Below we brings you charming Webkinz pelican names, each with a special touch:

  • Pixel: Perfect for a digital pelican in the Webkinz world.
  • Cloud Puff: A whimsical name inspired by their soft, fluffy feathers.
  • Breezy Beak: Emphasizing their easy-going nature in the virtual skies.
  • Sunshine: For a pelican that brings brightness to the Webkinz world.
  • Pouchie: A cute reference to their distinctive bill pouch.
  • Sky Dancer: Perfect for a pelican that loves soaring high.
  • Pixel Peck: For a pelican with a playful virtual peck.
  • Gamer Glide: Perfect for a pelican in a world of online gaming.
  • Fluffy Flyer: Highlighting their fluffy feathers and flying ability.
  • Blue Byte: A tech-inspired name with a touch of color.
  • Net Nester: Reflecting their virtual home in the Webkinz world.
  • Eco Beak: Perfect for a pelican that promotes virtual environmental awareness.
  • Circuit Sky: A name that blends technology with the freedom of flight.
Webkinz Pelican Names

Female Pelican Names​

When choosing names for female pelicans, it’s important to pick ones that match their elegance, strength, and special charm. We bring you a carefully selected list of beautiful female pelican names. Each name carries a feeling of grace and poise:

  • Serena: Evoking a sense of calm and serenity, ideal for a peaceful pelican.
  • Coral: A nod to the oceanic habitats where pelicans often dwell.
  • Misty: Reflecting the gentle mist of their coastal habitats.
  • Celeste: Reflecting a heavenly and lofty nature.
  • Opal: Inspired by the opal gemstone, reflecting a spectrum of colors.
  • Summer: Perfect for a pelican who thrives in the warm, sunny climate.
  • Sierra: Reflecting the strength and majesty of mountain ranges.
  • Dawn: Symbolizing the start of a new day and new adventures.
  • Hazel: A sweet name, possibly reflecting the color of her eyes or feathers.
  • Gale: For a strong, spirited pelican who commands the winds.
  • Athena: After the Greek goddess of wisdom, for an intelligent and noble bird.
  • Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, symbolizing regality and power.
  • Meadow: Suggesting a love for open, natural spaces.

Storm Boy Pelican Names

“Storm Boy” is a heartwarming story about friendship and adventure in the wild coastal landscapes, where pelicans play a significant role. Below we’ll explore storm boy pelican names that capture the essence of the story:

  • Coastal: A name that pays homage to their natural seaside habitat.
  • Wingman: Perfect for a pelican who’s always there as a faithful companion.
  • Sandy: Inspired by the sandy beaches where the story unfolds.
  • Dune: After the sandy dunes that line the coast in the story.
  • Skye: A name that signifies freedom and the vastness of the sky.
  • Tide: Perfect for a pelican that moves with the rhythm of the sea.
  • Crest: Inspired by the waves and the pelican’s dignified bearing.
  • Shelly: A cute name, reminiscent of the beach’s treasures.
  • Harbor: Symbolizing safety and shelter, much like the boy’s home for the pelicans.
  • Sailor: A name that captures their adventurous spirit.
  • Navigator: Highlighting their innate skill in traversing long distances.
  • Whirlwind: Capturing the dynamic and spirited nature of pelicans.
  • Lighthouse: A symbol of guidance, much like the role of the pelicans in the story.

Pelican Scientific Name

Pelicans are large water birds known for their special pouches. They belong to the Pelecanidae family. The family’s scientific name is crucial for understanding different pelican species. Each pelican species has its own scientific name that helps tell them apart.

One well-known pelican species is the Great White Pelican, scientifically named Pelecanus onocrotalus. This pelican has mostly white feathers and a big bill. Another famous species is the Brown Pelican, known as Pelecanus occidentalis. You can often spot it along coastlines, recognized by its brown and grey colors.

The American White Pelican, with the scientific name Pelecanus erythrorhynchos, is a large bird with mostly white feathers and a yellowish beak. It’s known for its graceful flight. The Dalmatian Pelican, called Pelecanus crispus, stands out with its curly nape feathers and massive bill.

These names not only tell us which species is which but also sometimes give hints about their looks or where they live. These scientific names are crucial for studying and protecting these amazing birds. They create a universal language for scientists worldwide to talk about these species.

If you like these pelican names or want to read more similar pet names, then check out our article on Ostrich Names and Duck Names


We hope our list of names helped you in naming your pelican pet. Pelicans have a diverse and interesting world, and pelican names are like tools that help us understand and protect these amazing birds.

Choosing a name for a pelican, whether it’s a real one or a virtual friend like a Webkinz, makes our time with these birds special. They show the pelican’s personality and where the inspiration came from – maybe nature, myths, or even stories like “Storm Boy.”

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