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Amazing Dragonfly Names For Cute Creatures

by NC Staff

Adopting a dragonfly as a pet isn’t simple due to their short life span. They typically live for about six months from egg to the end of their life. Despite this brevity, you still have a short time to bond with your dragonfly.

If you’re up for the challenge, you’ll need a catchy and memorable name. In this article, you’ll find good and cute dragonfly names for both males and females.

Dragonflies, with their stunning colors and intricate shimmering wings, are among the most beautiful creatures on Earth. These fascinating insects have, over 5,000 species to be exact, making them the most diverse insect group.

Dragonfly Names

  • Seraph
  • Radiance
  • Ethereal
  • Gossamer
  • Ember
  • Enigma
  • Celestial Skimmer
  • Mystic Wing
  • Emerald Dancer
Dragonfly in flight against vibrant sunset. Wings spread.

Female Dragonfly Name

Dragonflies represent change, adaptability, and the deeper meaning of life. Naming a dragonfly can be a creative way to celebrate its beauty and the joy it brings to our lives. Below we share different female dragonfly names with short description:

  • Aria: A name that sings with the grace of dragonflies in flight, embodying the lightness and harmony of nature.
  • Brisa: Inspired by the gentle breezes over ponds and lakes, this name captures the effortless glide of dragonflies across water.
  • Cirra: Reflecting the wispy clouds dragonflies often dance among, this name emphasizes their lofty, aerial ballet.
  • Fayra: A blend of “fay” (fairy) and “fire,” this name evokes the magical, fiery shimmer of dragonfly wings in the sunlight.
  • Glynna: Deriving from a word for valley, it mirrors the dragonfly’s affinity for lush, water-rich valleys and streams.
  • Haven: Symbolizing the safe spaces dragonflies create among water lilies and reeds, a haven for their delicate larvae.
  • Irisa: Drawing from the rainbow, this name reflects the iridescent quality of dragonfly wings and their myriad of colors.
  • Kaliya: A name with roots in myth, representing strength and the fluid dance of dragonflies over water surfaces.
  • Liora: Meaning “light for me,” this name is a nod to the way dragonflies are attracted to light and water’s reflective surface.
  • Naida: With meanings tied to water nymphs, it perfectly suits dragonflies, who spend most of their lives near water.

Baby Dragonfly Name

Dragonflies, with their shiny wings and quick flight, symbolize change, adaptability, and the deeper meaning of life. Below we’ve picked playful and unique baby dragonfly names, each with its own little story:

  • Breezy: For the dragonfly that dances in the wind with effortless grace.
  • CrimsonDart: This name suits a dragonfly with hints of red in its wings, zipping through the air like a dart.
  • Dewdrop: Perfect for a dragonfly whose wings shimmer as if covered in morning dew.
  • EmeraldEyes: Named after the mesmerizing green eyes that many dragonflies boast.
  • Flutter: For the light, fluttering flight patterns that define these creatures.
  • Halo: Captures the halo effect created by the wings of a dragonfly in flight.
  • JadeJet: For a speedy dragonfly with a green hue, reminiscent of jade.
  • Kaleido: Short for kaleidoscope, reflecting the myriad of colors in a dragonfly’s wings.
  • Lagoon: A nod to the aquatic habitats where many dragonflies are born.
  • Quiver: Reflecting the rapid, quivering movement of their wings.
72+ Dragonfly Names

Cute Dragonfly Names

When you want to give a cute name to dragonfly, the key is to find a name that shows the beautiful and playful nature of these creatures. Below are unique and cute dragonfly names, that match their lovable personality:

  • Buzzy: Captures the buzzing flight of a dragonfly zipping around.
  • Pip: Short and sweet, for the tiny dragonfly that’s full of energy.
  • Dandy: Short for dandelion, a name for a dragonfly that drifts gracefully.
  • Cobweb: A whimsical name for a dragonfly with delicate, web-like wings.
  • Flutterby: A playful take on “butterfly,” suited for a dragonfly’s fluttering flight.
  • Peekaboo: Ideal for a dragonfly that appears and disappears among the reeds.
  • Sprout: A name that evokes growth and the dragonfly’s connection to nature.
  • Nectar: For a dragonfly attracted to the sweet nectar of life.
  • Freckle: A cute name for a dragonfly with speckled wings.
  • Sparkle: Reflects the mesmerizing way light dances off a dragonfly’s wings.

Good Dragonfly Names

A good name for your dragonfly buddy is a sincere acknowledgment of their grace, speed, and the sense of amazement they bring. Let’s check out charming and good dragonfly names, each with a story that reflects their splendid essence:

  • Blaze: For a dragonfly whose swift movements and vibrant body light up the air like a blaze.
  • Cedar: Evoking the natural habitats where dragonflies thrive, perfect for a nature-lover’s companion.
  • Dart: Captures the swift, darting flight of a dragonfly across the water.
  • Gale: For a dragonfly that glides through the air with the force and grace of a gale.
  • Harbor: A name that suggests safety and shelter, much like the waters where dragonflies are born.
  • Journey: For a dragonfly that embarks on long flights, symbolizing endurance and adventure.
  • Kite: Capturing the way a dragonfly floats in the air, reminiscent of a kite.
  • Lumina: Latin for light, reflecting the way a dragonfly’s wings shimmer in the sunlight.
  • Unity: Symbolizing the harmony between a dragonfly and its environment.
  • Vista: For a dragonfly that enjoys sweeping views of landscapes as it flies high.
Good Dragonfly glides above pond at golden sunset.

Red Dragonfly Name

Dragonflies have bright colors, they can fly quickly, and have been around for a very long time. Below is a list of red dragonfly names, and each name has its own unique story that makes these flying acrobats even more fascinating:

  • Scarlet Skimmer: This name reflects the striking red body of the male, making it a standout sight near ponds and lakes.
  • Common Hawker: A hunter by nature, this dragonfly patrols the skies for prey, its brown and blue body blending perfectly with the natural landscape.
  • Migrant Hawker: Known for its long migrations, this dragonfly’s journey inspired its name, symbolizing endurance and change.
  • Spangled Skimmer: The sparkling spots on its wings give this dragonfly a spangled, star-like appearance.
  • Wandering Glider: Known for its extensive migrations, this dragonfly glides effortlessly across continents, wandering the skies.
  • Twilight Darner: Active during twilight, this species thrives in the dimming light, its name a nod to its preferred time of day.
  • River Jewelwing: Found along rivers, the iridescent body of this dragonfly shimmers like a jewel in the sunlight.
  • Shadow Darner: Its ability to dart and thrive in shadowy areas of forests and wetlands inspired its mysterious name.
  • Green Darner: Named for the male’s striking green thorax and blue abdomen, this species is a visual treat.
  • Violet Dancer: The delicate violet hues that play along its body make this damselfly appear as if it’s dancing in the air.

Blue Dragonfly Names

Blue dragonflies are especially eye-catching with their beautiful shades, going from light blue to deep indigo. Below are interesting blue dragonfly names with a short description to spark your imagination inspired by the world of blue dragonflies:

  • Sky Dancer: Light as air and as blue as the sky, this dragonfly performs aerial acrobatics that are a delight to behold.
  • Blue Arrow: Speedy and direct, the Blue Arrow zooms over water bodies, its slender body a striking blue streak against the green backdrop.
  • Oceanic Glider: Reflecting the hues of the ocean, this dragonfly glides gracefully, its wings shimmering like the sea under the sun.
  • Turquoise Tracker: With its distinctive turquoise stripes, this dragonfly is a skilled tracker, navigating through dense foliage with ease.
  • Aqua Aviator: The Aqua Aviator’s light blue hue mirrors the water it loves, soaring and swooping with unmatched elegance.
  • Lagoon Lurker: Preferring the quiet of lagoons, this dragonfly’s subtle blue coloring allows it to blend seamlessly with its tranquil surroundings.
  • Blue Mirage: Almost mythical in appearance, the Blue Mirage’s delicate blue coloring seems to disappear and reappear, a trick of the light and shadow.
  • Navy Nymph: The immature stage of a dragonfly, this nymph has a unique navy hue, hinting at the majestic adult it will become.
  • Teal Tempest: Vibrant and vivacious, the Teal Tempest whirls through the air, its teal wings causing a stir wherever it goes.
  • Blue Baron: With an air of nobility, the Blue Baron patrols its territory, its striking blue color a symbol of its distinguished status.
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Cartoon Dragonfly Names

Dragonflies become lively characters full of charm, and a bit of humor in the world of cartoons. They capture our imaginations and make us smile. Let’s discuss the charming cartoon dragonfly names, each one a unique character with its own story:

  • Serene: A calm and serene dragonfly, gliding gracefully with a peaceful aura.
  • Quicksilver: With lightning-fast movements, this dragonfly is quick as silver, leaving a trail of shimmering energy.
  • Jubilee: Brimming with joy and celebration, this dragonfly spreads happiness wherever it flutters.
  • Jovial: A cheerful and jovial dragonfly, always ready for a playful flight.
  • Prismatic: Displaying a spectrum of colors, this dragonfly is a prismatic marvel in flight.
  • Swoosh: With swift and swooshing movements, this dragonfly adds a dynamic flair to its flights.
  • Blinky Buzz: With eyes bigger than his wings, Blinky Buzz is the curious observer, always blinking in astonishment at the wonders around him.
  • Twirly Whirly: A master of aerial acrobatics, Twirly Whirly loves to spin and twirl, dazzling her friends with her graceful moves.
  • Lullaby: This dragonfly moves with a lullaby-like grace, soothing those who watch its flight.
  • Doodle Wing: The artist of the air, Doodle Wing paints the sky with strokes of his colorful wings, creating rainbows on cloudy days.

Pretty Dragonfly Names

The dragonfly is a delicate and beautiful creature with thin wings and a colorful body, showing the elegance of nature. Let’s explore pretty dragonfly names, each highlighting the special beauty of these airborne performers:

  • Mesmera: Enchanting and mesmerizing, this dragonfly holds onlookers in awe with its spellbinding beauty.
  • Poise: Graceful and poised, this dragonfly moves with a refined and dignified elegance.
  • Tranquil: Bringing a sense of peace and calm, this dragonfly has a tranquil beauty that relaxes and captivates.
  • Mythos: With a mythical and legendary aura, this dragonfly embodies the enchanting stories of ancient myths.
  • Elysian: Representing paradise and bliss, this dragonfly has an elysian beauty that evokes a sense of tranquility.
  • Phantasm: This dragonfly has an otherworldly and phantasmal appearance, creating an illusion of fantasy in flight.
  • Sublime: Exuding a sublime and transcendent beauty, this dragonfly possesses an awe-inspiring charm.
  • Aether: Resembling the substance that fills the celestial realm, this dragonfly has an airy and divine quality.
  • Amber Beam: With a warm, amber glow, Amber Beam illuminates the dusky evening, a beacon of warmth.
  • Lilac Breeze: Lilac Breeze carries the scent of spring, its soft, lilac-colored wings a gentle reminder of the season’s beauty.
Pretty Dragonfly rests on delicate pink rose petal.

Dragonfly Nicknames

Below we explore a list of dragonfly nicknames that capture their essence, beauty, and the fascination they bring to those who watch them. Each nickname with a description highlighting a unique trait or the visual appeal of these winged creatures.

  • Glimmer: Shining softly, Glimmer reflects the subtle play of light on its iridescent wings.
  • Hover: Master of stillness in motion, Hover demonstrates the dragonfly’s ability to pause mid-air.
  • Whiz: Speeding through the air, Whiz represents the dragonfly’s swift, buzzing flight.
  • Jewel: With a body that glistens, Jewel highlights the dragonfly’s vibrant, gem-like colors.
  • Twirl: Celebrating the dragonfly’s spinning dance, Twirl evokes images of aerial acrobatics.
  • Drift: Effortlessly moving, Drift conveys the dragonfly’s seamless navigation through the air.
  • Swoop: Mimicking the dragonfly’s sudden dives, Swoop highlights its agile hunting technique.
  • Shine: Radiating light, Shine emphasizes the dragonfly’s luminous quality in the sun.
  • Buzz: The soft, humming sound of its flight, Buzz captures the dragonfly’s energetic presence.
  • Skim: Grazing over water, Skim illustrates the dragonfly’s close relationship with aquatic habitats.

Another Name for a Dragonfly

These different names not only show how people see dragonflies worldwide but also point out what makes them special and how they contribute to our surroundings. Let’s explore another name for dragonfly, with a fresh perspective:

  • Damselfly: Often confused with dragonflies, damselflies belong to the same order and share their delicate beauty and dainty wings.
  • Water Dipper: Reflecting their close association with water bodies, this name emphasizes the dragonfly’s habit of dipping into water.
  • Horse Stinger: A misnomer, as dragonflies cannot sting, this name arises from the mistaken belief that they could sting horses.
  • Swamp Sprite: A whimsical name that highlights the dragonfly’s ethereal quality and its habitat in swampy areas.
  • Spindle: Drawing attention to the slender body of the dragonfly, resembling a spindle used in spinning.
  • Globe Skimmer: Recognizing the migratory patterns of some species, this name reflects their long-distance flying capabilities.
  • Needle Skimmer: This name emphasizes the dragonfly’s sleek, needle-like body and its skimming flight over water.
  • Pond Skater: Although technically a different insect, this name is sometimes used colloquially for dragonflies seen over ponds.
  • Threadtail: Describes the extremely thin abdomen of some dragonfly species, highlighting their delicate structure.
  • Rainbow Fly: Inspired by the colorful, iridescent wings of dragonflies, which can reflect a spectrum of colors.
70+ Dragonfly Names

Spyro Dragonfly Name

Sparx, the dragonfly buddy of Spyro, represents friendship, loyalty, and support in the gaming world. Here are spyro dragonfly names influenced by Sparx’s characteristics. Each name celebrates friendship, exploration, and enchanting qualities:

  • Zap: A quick and agile dragonfly, always ready to lend a spark of energy to any adventure.
  • Flicker: A dragonfly with the ability to appear and disappear, providing assistance at just the right moment.
  • Flit: Playful and whimsical, Flit brings joy and laughter to every journey.
  • Shimmer: With iridescent wings, Shimmer is a symbol of hope and beauty in the face of adversity.
  • Torch: A fiery dragonfly, Torch illuminates the way with courage and determination.
  • Pulse: A dragonfly whose heartbeat is felt in sync with the magic of the land, guiding heroes to their destiny.
  • Blink: In the blink of an eye, this dragonfly can transport itself short distances, aiding in escapes.
  • Ripple: Ripple’s touch on water can send messages across great lakes, bringing help when needed.
  • Flare: A dragonfly with a fiery spirit, Flare stands against any threat with fierce loyalty.
  • Tide: With a deep connection to water, Tide helps navigate through stormy seas and calm waters alike.

Dragonfly Scientific Name

These graceful fliers are not just lovely creatures – they also have a fancy scientific name that adds a bit of elegance to their charm. Let’s check the world of dragonfly names, starting with the scientific terms that tell us more about these winged wonders.

Every living thing has a scientific name, and dragonflies are no different. The scientific name for dragonflies is part of the Odonata group, which includes both dragonflies and damselflies. But there’s a difference in their groups – dragonflies belong to the Anisoptera suborder, while damselflies are in the Zygoptera suborder.

Order: Odonata

This is the big category where dragonflies and damselflies are put together, showing off what makes them special.

Suborder for Dragonflies: Anisoptera

This term points out the differences between dragonflies and damselflies, especially in how their wings look and where they rest.

Genus and Species:

Now, let’s look at specific dragonfly species. Take the Common Green Darner, scientifically called Anax junius. “Anax” is like the dragonfly’s family name (genus), and “junius” is its first name (species).

Genus (Anax): Think of this as the dragonfly’s last name, putting it in a group with other similar species.

Species (junius): This is the dragonfly’s first name, telling us about its special qualities within the genus.

How Did Dragonflies Get Their Name?

The name “dragonfly” has an interesting story that goes back to the 17th century. It’s made up of two parts: “dragon” and “fly.”

The “dragon” part comes from the Old English word “drake” or “dragon,” which referred to mythical creatures with long bodies and wings. In medieval times, people saw similarities between dragonflies and these mythical dragons because of their long, slender bodies and amazing flying abilities.

The “fly” part, as you can guess, simply points to their flying ability. By putting these two parts together, people created the term “dragonfly” to describe these insects, making a connection between their appearance and the legendary dragons.

The connection with dragons goes beyond just the name. In different cultures, dragonflies have been associated with transformation, adaptability, and a bit of magic – much like the mythical creatures they were named after.

So, the name “dragonfly” is a poetic mix of history, mythology, and the fascinating qualities these enchanting insects have.


There are lot of dragonfly names available, but to select the best from them is quite confusing, but we are sure our above article made it easy to decide the best and cute name.

When you pick a name for these interesting insects, it allows you to recognize their beauty, adaptability, and the meanings associated with them in various cultures. Each name is like a special expression, showing the grace and awe-inspiring nature of dragonflies in our natural surroundings.

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