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150+ Eagle Names That Are Perfect for Your Bird

by NC Staff

Are you birds’ fan or bird’s lover? Do you have a pet eagle, or are you in search of a name for your new one? You are landed on a perfect place. We’ll provide you with hundreds of eagle names suitable for your pet.

Eagles belong to the bird family Accipitrid and are recognized for their strength, sharp beaks, and keen eyesight. There are over 60 species of eagles worldwide, ranging in size from smaller ones to the mighty Harpy eagle.

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Cool Eagle Names

Eagles are powerful and free symbols, not just birds. Each name reflects the amazing qualities of these birds, carefully chosen for their attributes. Below we explores captivating and cool eagles names:

  • Skyler: A name that captures the essence of an eagle’s domain – the vast sky.
  • Aquila: Latin for ‘eagle,’ it resonates with the bird’s regal nature.
  • Raptor: A nod to the eagle’s classification as a bird of prey.
  • Thunder: Emblematic of the eagle’s commanding presence.
  • Sierra: Inspired by majestic mountains where eagles often soar.
  • Talon: Named after the eagle’s sharp claws, a symbol of strength.
  • Vista: Representing the wide, panoramic views eagles enjoy from above.
  • Majesty: Denoting the noble and kingly quality of eagles.
  • Altair: Named after the brightest star in the Aquila constellation.
  • Borealis: Capturing the mystical and enigmatic nature of eagles.

Sea Eagle Names

Coastal and watery areas are home to these giant birds known as sea eagles. These birds have a special charm that makes them different from those that live on land. Below we will look at interesting sea eagle names that capture their true nature:

  • Marina: Reflecting the marine habitats where sea eagles often thrive.
  • Riviera: Inspired by the picturesque riverside territories of these birds.
  • Oceanus: Embodying the vastness of the oceans over which these eagles soar.
  • Crest: Signifying the cresting waves near which sea eagles hunt.
  • Nautica: A name that pays homage to the nautical world of sea eagles.
  • Coral: After the vibrant marine structures in sea eagle territories.
  • Delta: Named after river deltas, a favorite haunt for sea eagles.
  • Azure: Symbolizing the deep blue of the sea that these eagles call home.
  • Pelagic: Reflecting the open sea habitat of sea eagles.
  • Shoreline: Representing the coastal edges where sea eagles are often spotted.

Names For Eagles

Eagles are strong and grab our attention with their powerful flight and impressive presence. Each name represents the greatness and spirit of these birds. Below we will share special and motivating names for an eagle:

  • Aero: Suggesting the eagle’s mastery of the air and aerodynamic flight.
  • Skye: A name that echoes the vast expanses of the sky, the eagle’s realm.
  • Valor: Emphasizing the bravery and courage that eagles symbolize.
  • Vista: Representing the broad, panoramic views over which eagles soar.
  • Summit: Symbolizing the great heights eagles reach in the air.
  • Glider: Highlighting the eagle’s effortless, gliding flight.
  • Hunter: Reflecting the eagle’s skill as a formidable predator.
  • Arrow: Suggesting the speed and precision of an eagle in flight.
  • Sovereign: Denoting the eagle’s status as a king of the skies.
  • Pinnacle: Representing the peak of achievement and flight.

Good Names for Eagles

Eagles are not just birds; they’re symbols of freedom, strength, and greatness, known for their powerful wings and sharp eyes. Below we will look at different good names for eagles that truly represent the spirit and magnificence of these majestic birds:

  • Altitude: Representing the high-flying nature of eagles.
  • Breeze: Evoking the gentle winds that eagles glide on.
  • Cliff: Named after the high perches eagles often choose for nesting.
  • Dart: Reflecting the swift, precise movements of eagles in flight.
  • Horizon: Representing the wide, open spaces eagles roam.
  • Iris: After the eagle’s sharp, penetrating gaze.
  • Keen: Reflecting the eagle’s acute senses and intelligence.
  • Lift: Symbolizing the eagle’s ability to ascend effortlessly.
  • Mighty: Denoting the power and strength of eagles.
  • Outlook: Representing the eagle’s broad perspective and vision.

Female Eagle Names

Female eagles, with their strong and caring nature, are important in the bird world. These names are picked for their grace, strength, and the majestic feeling they give. Below you will find perfect female eagle names:

  • Aria: Signifying a melody, reflecting the graceful nature of female eagles.
  • Celeste: Suggesting the heavenly skies where these eagles soar.
  • Diana: After the Roman goddess of the hunt, echoing the hunting prowess of eagles.
  • Elena: Meaning ‘shining light,’ symbolizing the female eagle’s inspiring presence.
  • Faye: A name that evokes a sense of fairy-like mystique and elegance.
  • Gaia: Representing the earth, highlighting the nurturing aspect of female eagles.
  • Hera: Named after the Greek goddess, denoting strength and royalty.
  • Jewel: Symbolizing the precious and rare nature of these magnificent birds.
  • Maya: Denoting illusion, reflecting the mysterious aspect of eagles.
  • Penna: Latin for ‘feather,’ highlighting the eagle’s splendid plumage.

Male Eagle Names

Male eagles are recognized for their strong presence and noble behavior, symbolizing power and freedom among birds. Below we share discover male eagle names that perfectly represent the spirit and energy of these majestic birds:

  • Atlas: Named after the mythological figure, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  • Canyon: Suggesting the vast and rugged landscapes these eagles often inhabit.
  • Drake: A strong, powerful name befitting a male eagle.
  • Everest: After the highest mountain peak, symbolizing their soaring heights.
  • Falcon: A nod to their predatory nature and keen hunting skills.
  • Griffin: Named after the mythical creature, representing majesty and power.
  • Hawk: Emphasizing the sharp, focused nature of male eagles.
  • Icarus: After the Greek mythological character, symbolizing boldness.
  • Jagger: Suggesting a rough, edgy character, like the terrain they dominate.
  • Kestrel: A name that evokes speed and agility, key traits of eagles.

Funny Eagle Names

Eagles, usually seen as strong, can also be fun and amusing. These names are picked to bring a bit of humor and happiness. We will explore light-hearted names and funny eagle names that give a playful twist to naming these impressive birds:

  • Mr. Beakman: A formal, yet amusing take on an eagle’s prominent feature.
  • Wingman: Perfect for the eagle always seen with a feathered friend.
  • Skydancer: For the eagle whose flight looks more like a dance.
  • Captain Flap: A playful take on an eagle’s commanding presence.
  • Lord of the Wings: A humorous twist on a classic title.
  • Baldwin: A lighthearted nod to the Bald Eagle’s distinctive look.
  • Zippy: Reflecting the swift, zipping flight of eagles.
  • Talon-ted: A pun on the eagle’s impressive hunting skills.
  • Quilliam: A play on words, combining ‘quill’ and a formal name.
  • Mighty Muffin: For the eagle with a surprisingly soft side.

Pet Eagle Names

Thinking a name for a pet eagle is a special task. It’s about combining their majestic qualities with a personal touch. We bring you different attractive pet eagle names that are just right for pet eagles:

  • Blu: A simple yet elegant name, suitable for a pet eagle.
  • Cirrus: After the high, wispy clouds, akin to an eagle’s flight.
  • Gusto: Reflecting the eagle’s enthusiastic and spirited nature.
  • Halo: Suggesting the noble aura that surrounds an eagle.
  • Lark: A playful, light-hearted name for a pet eagle.
  • Max: Simple and classic, fitting for a majestic bird.
  • Pax: Meaning ‘peace,’ for a calm and serene eagle.
  • Quill: Reflecting the elegance of the eagle’s feathers.
  • Rune: Suggesting mystery and ancient wisdom.
  • Terra: Latin for ‘earth,’ grounding the eagle’s lofty nature.

Different Names for Eagle

Eagles are famous for their strong flight and noble appearance, and they’ve led to many names that show different sides of them. Below we will give you other names of eagle, each showing a special part of these amazing birds:

  • Aspen: Inspired by the majestic trees, symbolizing strength and resilience.
  • Blitz: Reflecting the speed and suddenness of an eagle’s flight.
  • Creston: A name that hints at the eagle’s distinctive head feathers.
  • Ember: Capturing the fiery spirit and intensity of eagles.
  • Falconer: A nod to their close cousin, the falcon, and their shared predatory skills.
  • Gale: Symbolizing the strong winds eagles navigate while flying.
  • Whirlwind: A name that echoes the energetic and forceful nature of eagles.
  • Drifter: Capturing the eagle’s effortless gliding through the skies.
  • Glider: Emphasizing the eagle’s smooth, soaring flight.
  • Icarus: Symbolizing boldness and the desire to reach great heights.
  • Jetstream: Capturing the dynamic flow of air that eagles navigate.
  • Nighthawk: A name that captures the eagle’s keen hunting skills.
  • Peregrine: A nod to the swift and powerful falcon, akin to eagles.
  • Tempest: Reflecting the powerful and turbulent nature of eagles.
  • Windrider: Capturing the eagle’s skillful use of wind currents in flight.

Best Eagle Names

Choosing best names for eagles means capturing the greatness and powerful things about them. Below we will share best eagle names that are not just suitable for these amazing birds but also connect with their impressive qualities and the wonder they create.

  • Alto: For the high-flying altitude at which eagles soar.
  • Dawn: Reflecting the new beginnings eagles represent.
  • Echo: Representing the far-reaching and resonant presence of eagles.
  • Guardian: Emphasizing the eagle’s protective and watchful nature.
  • Keen: Highlighting the eagle’s acute senses and intelligence.
  • Liberty: Emphasizing the freedom and independence eagles symbolize.
  • Spirit: Capturing the symbolic and spiritual significance of eagles.
  • Uplift: Reflecting the inspiring nature of eagles.
  • Vista: Representing the wide, panoramic views eagles enjoy from above.
  • Zenith: Denoting the highest point in the sky, just where eagles love to soar.

Mythical Eagle Names

In stories from ancient times, eagles are often considered giant and strong animals, linked with gods and heroes. Below we explore the world of myths and stories, giving you mythical eagle names that bring out the magical feeling of these royal birds:

  • Aether: Named after the Greek god of the upper air, fitting for a high-flying eagle.
  • Caelum: Latin for ‘sky,’ reflecting the eagle’s heavenly domain.
  • Draco: Symbolizing the eagle’s dragon-like fierceness and majesty.
  • Erebus: Named after the Greek deity of darkness, for an eagle with dark plumage.
  • Freyr: After the Norse god associated with sovereignty, virility, and prosperity.
  • Helios: After the Greek sun god, symbolizing the eagle’s soaring heights.
  • Jove: Another name for Jupiter, reflecting the eagle’s kingly status.
  • Kratos: Symbolizing power and strength in Greek mythology.
  • Loki: Named for the Norse god, for an eagle with a cunning spirit.
  • Midas: After the king with the golden touch, for an eagle with a golden hue.

Cute Eagle Names

Eagles, even though they look fearful and sharp, can also have names that show their softer and more lovable side. Below we will look at cute eagle names that bring a bit of playfulness and affection to these amazing birds:

  • Coco: For an eagle with a warm, inviting presence.
  • Ellie: A simple, cute name that’s easy to remember.
  • Fluffy: Perfect for an eagle with particularly soft-looking feathers.
  • Honey: A name that’s as sweet as it sounds.
  • Kiwi: After the fruit, for a unique and adorable eagle.
  • Munchkin: For a smaller or younger eagle with a lot of personalities.
  • Noodle: A playful, affectionate name for a quirky eagle.
  • Tinker: For an eagle that seems to be always ‘tinkering’ around.
  • Umi: A short, sweet name, possibly reflecting a love for water.
  • Velvet: For an eagle with a particularly sleek and smooth appearance.

Unique Eagle Names

When you want to give eagles names, picking unique and different names that really show what they’re like is both a creative and respectful thing to do. Below we share unique eagle names with you:

  • Avalon: A mystical name, reminiscent of legendary lands and tales.
  • Damaris: A unique name that suggests delicacy and strength.
  • Eldor: Meaning ‘the golden one,’ perfect for an eagle with a regal bearing.
  • Garrick: An uncommon name, denoting strength and leadership.
  • Halcyon: Symbolizing peace and tranquility, ideal for a serene eagle.
  • Jorvik: An ancient name, bringing a sense of history and nobility.
  • Kyros: A unique name that sounds powerful and dignified.
  • Lorien: Suggestive of enchantment and mythical beauty.
  • Miro: Short and distinctive, easy to remember yet uncommon.
  • Nirveli: An exotic name, meaning ‘water,’ for an eagle that loves rivers or lakes.
  • Oriol: A name that is both unusual and melodious.
  • Pyrrhus: A historical name, evoking a sense of strength and courage.

Bald Eagle Names

The bald eagle, a powerful symbol of strength and freedom, should have names that show how special it is. The below bald eagle names connect with the eagle’s unique qualities and the important meanings it represents:

  • Liberty: Emphasizing the bald eagle’s status as a symbol of freedom.
  • Justice: Reflecting the eagle’s association with American ideals.
  • Freedom: Capturing the essence of what bald eagles symbolize.
  • Patriot: A name that honors the bald eagle’s national significance.
  • Banner: After the Star-Spangled Banner, symbolizing the eagle’s patriotic association.
  • Glory: Reflecting the majestic and noble stature of the bald eagle.
  • Brave: Symbolizing the courage and strength of the bald eagle.
  • Stripe: A nod to the American flag and the eagle’s national symbolism.
  • Sentinel: Denoting the eagle’s watchful and protective presence.
  • Skyward: Capturing the bald eagle’s affinity for soaring high in the sky.

Eagle Nicknames

Giving cute nicknames to eagles can be a nice way to show their personality, traits, or the love they bring. We will share cute eagle nicknames that are just right for eagles:

  • Ace: For an eagle known for its skill and excellence in flight.
  • Beaky: A playful nod to the eagle’s prominent beak.
  • Feather: A light-hearted reference to the eagle’s plumage.
  • Hawk-eye: After the keen vision that eagles are known for.
  • Kite: A whimsical name for an eagle that loves to glide on wind currents.
  • Nestor: A friendly name, hinting at wisdom and experience.
  • Orbit: For an eagle that seems to effortlessly circle the skies.
  • Pepper: A spunky name for an eagle with a lively personality.
  • Vista: For an eagle with a commanding view of its surroundings.
  • Yonder: For an eagle that loves to explore far and wide.

Muppet Eagle Name

Coming up with names for a Muppet eagle character means combining the funny and charming style of Muppets with the giant nature of eagles. Below we suggest different creative and playful muppet eagle names:

  • Fuzzbeak: A playful blend of ‘fuzzy’ and ‘beak,’ suitable for a Muppet eagle.
  • Squawkbox: For an eagle character who loves to talk.
  • Wingston: A charming, slightly formal name with a playful twist.
  • Googly: After the distinctive Muppet-style googly eyes.
  • Baldy Banter: A humorous take on the bald eagle, with a nod to witty conversation.
  • Featherbrain: A silly, affectionate name for a lovable but scatterbrained character.
  • Kerfuffle: For a Muppet eagle often involved in amusing mishaps.
  • Snickerbeak: A name that promises fun and laughter.
  • Sillybill: A whimsical, rhyming name that’s easy to remember.
  • Hoots: For an eagle Muppet who’s both funny and wise.



As we have discovered a variety of eagle names above, that capture what eagles are all about. Surely, you have picked the suitable name for you lovely pet. Eagles, with their strong presence in the sky, have always fascinated and amazed us. These names not only honor their beauty and strength but also show how much we connect with these birds. Each of the above name, whether serious or playful, shows a different side of these amazing birds.

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