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Best Cute Fuuny and Famous Pet Raccoon Names

by NC Staff

If you’ve convinced to adopt a racoon as a pet, you’re likely looking for raccoon names. We are going to share hundreds of best and cool names with you below.

Raccoons, with their unique masked faces, nimble fingers, and night-time habits, have always made people curious and fond of them. Affectionately they are known as trash pandas, and they can be sweet companions. Make sure you understand their social and food needs before committing to adopt them.

If you want to read more names similar to raccoon, visit our article on mongoose names. Now first check raccoon names.

Racoon Names

  • Moxie
  • Twix
  • Pippin
  • Nimbus
  • Tessa
  • Zorro
  • Nala
  • Tango
  • Waffles
  • Dexter
Raccoon Names

Names For a Racoon

Raccoons are known for their special masked faces and curious personalities, so they deserve names that show off their charm and playful side. Below, you’ll find playful and suitable names for your raccoon buddy:

  • Bandit: With a natural mask that looks like a burglar’s, Bandit is a classic name for a raccoon that’s always ready for a playful heist.
  • Shadow: A name for the raccoon who moves silently in the night, elusive and mysterious.
  • Mischief: For the raccoon who’s always up to something sneaky and playful.
  • Smokey: Inspired by the raccoon’s gray fur, reminiscent of smoke and twilight shadows.
  • Tinker: Perfect for a raccoon that loves to tinker around, exploring objects with its dexterous paws.
  • Pickle: A quirky name for a raccoon who often finds itself in amusing pickles.
  • Maple: A sweet name inspired by the forests and trees that raccoons often inhabit.
  • Rocket: For the energetic raccoon, always zooming around with enthusiasm.
  • Hazel: Reflecting the nutty and playful character of a raccoon, and possibly its eye color.
  • Paws: Highlighting the raccoon’s most distinctive feature, its human-like hands.

Female Raccoon Names

Female raccoons are known for being caring and playful, so they deserve names that show off their unique personalities. These are active during the night, and are smart and adaptable. Here are wonderful girl raccoon names:

  • Ivy: A name that suggests both nature and a sense of climbing, just like a raccoon.
  • Amber: Reflecting the golden hues in a raccoon’s fur or eyes.
  • Sophie: A sophisticated name for a wise and observant raccoon.
  • Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, ideal for a raccoon with a commanding charm.
  • Penny: For a raccoon whose fur has coppery tones, or who’s as precious as a penny.
  • Skye: Capturing the limitless nature of a raccoon’s curiosity.
  • Stella: Meaning ‘star,’ for a raccoon that shines brightly in your life.
  • Ellie: A cheerful and endearing name, suitable for a loving raccoon.
  • Poppy: For a raccoon with a vibrant and bubbly character.
  • Lacey: Suggesting delicacy and intricacy, like the nimble paws of a raccoon.
Female Raccoon Names

Male Raccoon Names

Boy raccoons are clever, quick, and often do funny things. They need names that show off their lively personalities and special traits. Here are exciting names boy raccoon names, and each name has its own special story:

  • Baxter: A charming name for a friendly and sociable raccoon.
  • Archie: A fun and spirited name for a raccoon who’s always up to playful mischief.
  • Sammy: Ideal for a raccoon who’s both adventurous and affectionate.
  • Charlie: A classic, endearing name for a raccoon with a friendly demeanor.
  • Jack: A strong, no-nonsense name for a raccoon who’s a natural leader.
  • Toby: Ideal for a raccoon who’s a bit of a clown, always ready to entertain.
  • Hank: A sturdy name for a raccoon with a commanding presence.
  • George: For a raccoon with a dignified and gentle manner.
  • Simba: A majestic name, perfect for a raccoon with a regal and noble character.
  • Murphy: Perfect for a raccoon who’s a bit of a wildcard, always surprising you.

Raccoon Baby Name

These tiny fur bundles, with their curious eyes and playful ways, inspire names that are as charming and mischievous as they are. They are famous for being curious and playful. Here are heartwarming and suitable names for your baby raccoon:

  • Tiny: For the smallest and most delicate of kits, whose size only amplifies their cuteness.
  • Scamp: For a mischievous and playful kit, always scampering around.
  • Twig: Reflecting the small and delicate nature of a young raccoon.
  • Bean: A cute name for a small and bean-sized baby raccoon.
  • Skipper: Suitable for a kit with a skip in its step, always hopping around.
  • Cherub: Perfect for the angelic and innocent baby raccoon, capturing hearts effortlessly.
  • Moonbeam: Reserved for the baby raccoon that glows with a soft and enchanting light.
  • Charm: Perfect for the irresistibly charming baby raccoon that captures attention effortlessly.
  • Frolic: Ideal for the playful and frolicking baby raccoon, embracing the joy of movement.
  • Dreamer: Suited for the baby raccoon that seems lost in dreams, creating an aura of wonder.
Raccoon Baby Names

Good Raccoon Names

Whether your raccoon is a cherished pet, a character in a story, or a mascot for a team, finding the just-right name is really important. The best racoon names can show off their personality, how they look, and even their sneaky actions.

  • Pockets: A cute name for a raccoon who seems to stash away everything it finds.
  • Snickers: For a raccoon that seems to giggle with its curious antics, bringing joy to everyone.
  • Panda: A name for a raccoon that resembles a mini panda with its markings.
  • Binx: A magical name for a raccoon that seems to have enchanting powers over everyone it meets.
  • Zorro: After the masked vigilante, perfect for a raccoon with a bold personality and a knack for adventure.
  • Felix: Latin for “happy” or “lucky,” suitable for a raccoon that brings happiness and luck into your life.
  • Cinnamon: Ideal for a raccoon with a warm and comforting presence, reminiscent of the spice.
  • Apollo: A powerful and celestial name, fitting for a raccoon that shines brightly in your life.
  • Nova: Perfect for the raccoon that radiates light and energy, making each day a new adventure.
  • Mango: An exotic and fruity name for the raccoon that brings a burst of color and joy to your world.

Cute Racoon Names

Whether your raccoon is a loved pet, a character in a story, or the inspiration for something creative, picking the right name is a great way to recognize their special role in your life. Here are charming and cute racoon names with short description:

  • Ella: A simple, elegant name for a raccoon with a graceful demeanor.
  • Gidget: Perfect for a small, energetic raccoon with a larger-than-life personality.
  • Jellybean: For a raccoon that’s as sweet and colorful as candy.
  • Kiki: A playful, vibrant name for a raccoon full of spirit.
  • Oreo: For a raccoon whose fur mimics the colors of the beloved cookie.
  • Quincy: A quirky name for a raccoon with a distinctive personality.
  • Toby: For a raccoon with a friendly and approachable nature.
  • Umi: A unique name that means “sea,” for a raccoon with deep, mesmerizing eyes.
  • Violet: For a raccoon with a shy and delicate personality, reminiscent of the flower.
  • Yogi: Perfect for a raccoon that’s smarter than the average bear (or raccoon).
Cute Raccoon Names

Funny Racoon Names

Raccoons are known for their playful tricks and curious ways, reminding us to keep life fun. They have a talent for getting into unexpected places and sometimes doing clever but funny things. Below are funny raccoon names with a little backstory:

  • Trash Panda: A trendy nickname for raccoons, highlighting their love for scavenging in trash cans.
  • Bandito: Perfect for a raccoon that steals hearts (and maybe a bit of food) like a little bandit.
  • Sneakers: For the silent mover whose paws never make a sound, except when it’s too late.
  • Masky: Highlighting their distinctive facial markings that resemble a thief’s mask.
  • Rascal McFurry: For a raccoon with a personality as big and bold as its fluffy tail.
  • Raiden: A playful twist on their raiding habits, with a nod to the thunder god for their nocturnal escapades.
  • Snookums: Ironically for a raccoon that’s more troublemaker than cuddly pet.
  • Pickle: Because they often find themselves in a pickle with their curious nature.
  • Scamper: Highlighting their quick, scampering movements, especially when startled.
  • Mischief Maker: A name that sums up the essence of all raccoon kind, forever plotting their next playful adventure.

Famous Raccoon Names

Raccoons are not just adorable in real life; they’ve also become beloved characters in stories, movies, and video games. From forest heroes to animated bandits, here are famous raccoon names, each with its own story and legacy:

  • RJ: The cunning raccoon leader from “Over the Hedge,” RJ is all about schemes and snacks, making him a lovable rogue.
  • Meeko: Pocahontas’s playful raccoon friend in the Disney classic, known for his curiosity and love for food.
  • Rigby: A main character from “Regular Show,” Rigby the raccoon is mischievous, lazy, but ultimately a loyal friend.
  • Percy: The pampered pet raccoon from Pocahontas, showing that even raccoons can live a life of luxury.
  • Tico: A lesser-known character from “Dora the Explorer,” Tico the raccoon is bilingual and helps Dora on her adventures.
  • Sly Cooper: A video game character who is a master thief, embodying the raccoon’s stereotypical association with stealth and cunning.
  • Kamachi: A less-known but impactful character from the manga series “Gon,” showcasing the resilience and ingenuity of raccoons.
  • Tom Nook: From the “Animal Crossing” video game series, a raccoon character known for his business acumen.
  • Trashy: A raccoon character from “The Simpsons,” symbolizing the animal’s association with scavenging but with a humorous twist.
  • Timber: A minor character in the video game “Diddy Kong Racing,” where Timber the Raccoon races against other animals.
Famous Raccoon Names

Pet Raccoon Names

A pet raccoon not only brings its playful behavior to your home but also creates a unique connection as its own personality. Below are pet raccoon names, each with its own charm and story, to help you discover the perfect fit for your new friend:

  • Loki: Named after the Norse god of mischief, for a raccoon that loves to play tricks.
  • Mocha: A great name for a raccoon with a dark brown and black fur coat, reminiscent of the drink.
  • Nutmeg: Sweet and a bit spicy, for a raccoon with a charming but fiery personality.
  • Pebble: For a small and sturdy raccoon, whose presence is as comforting as a smooth pebble.
  • Finn: A name that captures the adventurous spirit of your raccoon, always ready for a new journey.
  • Binx: A magical name for a raccoon that has a mysterious and enchanting personality.
  • Twiggy: For a slender raccoon who’s adept at navigating through trees and tight spaces.
  • Harper: A sophisticated name for a raccoon with a keen interest in music or sounds.
  • Ollie: Short and sweet, for a raccoon that’s full of energy and bounces around like an olive.
  • Piper: For a raccoon that’s as enchanting as a pied piper, leading you on new adventures.

Cool Raccoon Names

Raccoons are naturally cool creatures with nimble hands, smart minds, and charming personalities. The cool raccoon names should capture their slick, bandit-like appearance and their adventurous, nocturnal lifestyle:

  • Havoc: For the raccoon that leaves a trail of mischief and playful chaos wherever it goes.
  • Jett: For a raccoon that moves with lightning speed, darting from one adventure to the next.
  • Knox: A strong, bold name for a raccoon that’s as secure and unbreakable as a fortress.
  • Maverick: Perfect for the raccoon that plays by its own rules, always unpredictable.
  • Onyx: For a raccoon with a sleek, black coat, as mesmerizing as the gemstone.
  • Quartz: Cool and unique, for the raccoon that stands out with its sparkling personality.
  • Rider: For the adventurous raccoon, always on the move, exploring new territories.
  • Ursa: Latin for “bear,” a cool nod to the raccoon’s bear-like appearance and strength.
  • Vortex: For a raccoon that draws you into its world with its charismatic whirlwind of activities.
  • Wilder: Perfect for a raccoon with an untamed spirit and a love for the great outdoors.
Cool Raccoon Names

Badass Raccoon Names

Raccoons are naturally mischievous, intelligent, and survivors, showcasing a level of boldness that’s hard to overlook. Giving a raccoon a badass name is a recognition of their resilient and daring nature. Here are different badass raccoon names:

  • Rogue: Perfect for the raccoon that operates by its own rules, defying expectations.
  • Rebel: Ideal for a raccoon that refuses to conform, always finding its own path.
  • Raven: For a raccoon with a dark coat and a cunning intelligence, mysterious as the bird.
  • Grit: Perfect for a raccoon with a tough demeanor and an unyielding spirit.
  • Axel: A cool and edgy name for a raccoon with a strong and determined character.
  • Havoc: A name that celebrates the chaos and fun a raccoon can bring into your life.
  • Ripley: Inspired by the iconic character, for a raccoon that’s a survivor against all odds.
  • Storm: For a raccoon whose presence is as commanding and dynamic as a storm.
  • Ryder: For a raccoon that’s always on the move, exploring new territories.
  • Drake: A powerful name for a raccoon with a commanding presence.

Cartoon Raccoon Names

Raccoons, known for their sly smiles and quick fingers, have been a favorite muse for cartoonists and animators worldwide. Below are different cartoon raccoon names, each brimming with character and poised to jump into action:

  • Riff: A cool, catchy name for a raccoon leader of a misfit band of forest friends.
  • Pogo: For a bouncy raccoon who loves to leap from one adventure to the next.
  • Fizzle: A quirky name for a raccoon inventor with experiments that often go awry.
  • Boomer: A boisterous raccoon with a loud personality that echoes through the forest.
  • Muddle: Perfect for a raccoon who often finds himself in a pickle but always with a clever escape.
  • Nifty: For a raccoon with an impressive knack for finding shiny treasures.
  • Crumble: Ideal for a raccoon with a soft heart, often leaving a trail of cookie crumbs.
  • Dapper: A suave raccoon gentleman, always outsmarting others with charm.
  • Jester: A raccoon always ready with a joke, keeping the forest filled with laughter.
  • Kaboom: For a raccoon who loves loud noises and making a big entrance.
Cartoon Raccoon Names

Nicknames For Raccoons

Giving a raccoon a nickname goes beyond playfulness; it’s a way to recognize their distinct personality and the joy (or occasional chaos) they bring to our lives. Below we share nicknames for raccoons, each with its own captivating backstory & charm:

  • Scamp: Perfect for a raccoon that’s full of energy and playful antics.
  • Cubby: A sweet name for a raccoon, evoking images of a cuddly bear cub.
  • Flicker: For the raccoon’s quick, fleeting appearances in the backyard.
  • Cocoa Paws: Perfect for a raccoon with dark, chocolate-colored paws, adding a sweet touch to their name.
  • Sneaky Snout: An affectionate nickname for a raccoon known for its curious and sneaky explorations.
  • Furry Bandit: Ideal for a raccoon with distinctive markings that resemble a charming bandit’s mask.
  • Moonlight Mischief: A whimsical nickname for a raccoon that thrives in the enchanting hours of the moonlight.
  • Snuggle Puff: Perfect for a cuddly raccoon companion, capturing their affectionate and fluffy nature.
  • Berry Whisker: An endearing nickname for a raccoon with adorable whiskers, perhaps fond of berries.
  • Choco Chip: Ideal for a raccoon with speckled fur resembling delicious chocolate chips.

Raccoons Names in Movies

Raccoons, known for their playful antics and skillful paws, have become notable characters in various movies. In the below list, we explore raccoon names from movies, each contributing a unique story and flavor to the cinematic experience:

  • Meeko: Pocahontas’s cheeky raccoon companion in “Pocahontas,” beloved for his curiosity and playfulness.
  • Heather: A lesser-known raccoon character from “Over the Hedge,” adding a touch of kindness and caution.
  • Ozzie: A raccoon character from “The Nut Job,” contributing to the film’s humor and adventures.
  • Ringtail: Featured in “Open Season 3,” this raccoon adds to the dynamic of forest friends with his cunning.
  • Vincent: A raccoon antagonist in “Over the Hedge,” showcasing a different, more ambitious side of raccoon nature.
  • Frankie: Featured in “The Magic Roundabout,” Frankie the raccoon adds magic and mystery to the adventure.
  • Tripper: From “Camp Nowhere,” a raccoon that adds wild fun and unpredictability to camp life.
  • Ricky: The raccoon in “The Wilderness Family,” embodying the spirit of adventure and family bonds in the wild.
  • Sammy: In “Furry Vengeance,” another raccoon facing the challenges of habitat encroachment with resilience.
  • Timmy: A young raccoon in “The Animal Kingdom,” exploring themes of growth and discovery.
Raccon Names In Movies

Raccoon Scientific Name

Raccoons are interesting animals that have fascinated humans for a long time. Besides their playful behavior and unique appearance, there’s a scientific side that helps us understand these intriguing mammals better.

Raccoons are scientifically called Procyon lotor. The term Procyon comes from the Greek words “prokyon,” meaning “before the dog.” This points to their unique place in evolution, situated between dogs and bears. The species name, lotor, comes from the Latin word for “washer,” referring to their peculiar habit of dipping food in water before eating.

Every scientific name has a purpose, giving insights into an organism’s evolution and characteristics. Procyon lotor captures the essence of raccoons, connecting them to their evolutionary relatives and hinting at their unique behaviors.

Raccoons belong to the Procyonidae family, which includes other small to medium-sized omnivores. Despite looking like raccoons, these creatures are more distantly related to bears than to dogs. The scientific classification gives us a peek into the evolutionary tree, showing how species on our planet are interconnected.


Undoubtedly names hold power, and in our above extensive list of racoon names, there’s a name waiting for your raccoon. And hopefully you have selected the best name.

We found out that raccoons go by different names worldwide, and there are plenty of names specific to certain regions and cultures. Our journey of naming racoons is a landscape filled with creativity, humor, and scientific insights. From playful names inspired by their tricky behaviors to strong names reflecting their resilient spirits, each name gives us a peek into the many sides of these fascinating creatures.


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