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Ravens inspire many great names, drawing from their smarts, looks, and roles in stories. They aren’t good pets due to their wild nature, but that doesn’t mean you can’t name those you see around. Below we have collected plenty of raven names that suits every raven category.

Names for ravens show the beauty of nights with the moon and the tales of old times. Ravens have been strong symbols in many stories, representing things like wisdom and change, or even scary prophecies because they’re smart and can adapt. These interesting, dark birds give us lots of ideas for names that show their many sides and the roles they play in myths. Let’s start discussing different names:

Raven Names

  • Whisper
  • Galen
  • Obsidianwing
  • Rune
  • Embergaze
  • Luminara
  • Garnet
  • Isolde
  • Vorin
  • Wyatt
A glossy black raven rests on a moss-covered rock in a misty dawn beautiful forest scene.

Names For Ravens

Ravens are amazing birds, known for their mystery, cleverness, and ability to adapt. The name should show the special traits and cultural importance of these mysterious birds. Below, you’ll find a list of names for a raven with a short description:

  • Myst: A name that conjures images of an enigmatic raven shrouded in the early morning mist, mysterious and elusive.
  • Rook: Traditionally a term for a group of crows, “Rook” suits a solitary raven with a strong, independent spirit.
  • Lore: This name reflects a raven’s deep association with myths, legends, and stories passed down through generations.
  • Grimm: Inspired by the famous brothers who collected fairy tales, “Grimm” is ideal for a raven that seems to have stepped out of a mystical story.
  • Ravenor: A majestic and powerful name, suggesting a raven of great strength and authority.
  • Obsidian: Named after the dark, volcanic glass, this name suits a raven with a sharp intellect and striking appearance.
  • Oracle: For a raven seen as a harbinger of fate or wisdom, often associated with prophetic abilities in folklore.
  • Phantom: Captures the elusive nature of ravens, appearing silently and often regarded as omens.
  • Reaper: A name that embodies the raven’s historical association with death and the afterlife, symbolizing change or transformation.
  • Sorin: Suggestive of sorcery and magic, this name is perfect for a raven with a mysterious aura and an enigmatic presence.

Famous Raven Names

These birds appear in stories, myths, and modern culture, often representing ideas like thinking, remembering, and the mysterious or unknown. These names have a unique story or meaning that reflects the intelligence and mystery:

  • Huginn: From Norse mythology, one of Odin’s ravens, representing thought. Huginn flies around the world, bringing information back to the god.
  • Muninn: The companion to Huginn, Muninn symbolizes memory. Together, they keep Odin informed of all happenings.
  • Quoth: Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven,” Quoth is famously known for the phrase “Nevermore,” embodying the essence of lost love and unending despair.
  • Bran: A name derived from the Welsh god Bran the Blessed, who was associated with ravens. Bran symbolizes protection and guidance.
  • Morrigan: In Irish mythology, the Morrigan is a goddess associated with war and fate, often depicted with a raven.
  • Fala: A name inspired by folklore, representing a guardian or protector, often seen in stories as a guide to lost souls.
  • Odin: Although not a raven itself, Odin is closely associated with ravens in Norse mythology, making this name symbolic of wisdom and power.
  • Grip: Charles Dickens had a pet raven named Grip, which inspired not only a character in his novel “Barnaby Rudge” but also Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Raven.”
  • Corvus: Latin for “raven,” this name is associated with the constellation in the southern sky, symbolizing the celestial connection of these birds.
  • Omen: A name that reflects the raven’s historical role as a harbinger, often seen as a sign of foreboding or change.
Infographic showcasing names of ravens

Female Raven Names

When you pick a name for a female raven, whether it’s your beloved pet, a character in a tale, or a symbol in a game, choosing a name that shows off their mystery, beauty, and wisdom is important. Here are girl raven names:

  • Ravena: A feminine twist on “raven,” ideal for a bird with a regal and commanding presence.
  • Mystica: Reflecting the mystical nature of ravens, this name is perfect for a bird with an enigmatic personality.
  • Selena: Meaning ‘moon,’ this name is fitting for a raven with a serene and calming influence.
  • Sorsha: Meaning ‘brightness,’ this name is apt for a raven with a sparkling personality.
  • Velvet: For a raven with soft, sleek feathers that have a velvety texture.
  • Ebony: Highlighting the deep black color of a raven’s plumage, ideal for a bird of stunning beauty.
  • Aura: For a raven whose presence is felt even before she is seen, enveloping her surroundings with her charm.
  • Circe: Named after the enchantress in Greek mythology, for a raven with a bewitching and captivating presence.
  • Dahlia: After the flower that blooms in deep, rich colors, suitable for a raven with a vibrant personality.
  • Fable: Inspired by the storytelling tradition, perfect for a raven that seems to carry ancient tales in her wings.

Male Raven Names

Ravens are really smart and adaptable birds, and they have a lot of importance in different mythologies. Here, you’ll find a list of male raven names, each picked for its special features that match the majestic and mysterious vibe of these birds:

  • Corax: Derived from the ancient Greek word for raven, symbolizing the bird’s enduring presence through history and mythology.
  • Fenrir: Inspired by the fierce wolf of Norse mythology, suitable for a raven with a powerful and untamable spirit.
  • Gideon: Meaning ‘mighty warrior,’ this name is fitting for a raven known for his bravery and strength.
  • Hawthorn: Named after the tree known for its strong protective qualities, perfect for a guardian-like raven.
  • Knox: Meaning ‘from the hills,’ this name suits a raven with a love for soaring high and exploring landscapes.
  • Lorcan: An Irish name meaning ‘little fierce one,’ apt for a spirited and bold raven.
  • Nero: Inspired by the Roman emperor, suitable for a raven with a regal and commanding presence.
  • Poe: A nod to Edgar Allan Poe, who immortalized the raven in literature, perfect for a bird with a poetic or ominous presence.
  • Talon: Reflecting the raven’s sharp claws, suitable for a bird with a fierce and protective nature.
  • Yorick: Inspired by the Shakespearean character, perfect for a raven with a dramatic or humorous personality.
sunset and Flying raven

Fantasy Raven Names

In fantasy worlds, ravens hold special roles – they might be messengers, guardians of ancient secrets, or companions to sorcerers and mystics. Below is a list of fantasy raven names, each carrying a bit of enchantment and lore:

  • Aetherwing: A name for a raven who can navigate the realms of magic, crossing between the physical and the ethereal.
  • Blightfeather: Suitable for a raven associated with darker magic, perhaps a familiar of a necromancer or a guardian of forbidden knowledge.
  • Crimsonquill: For a raven whose feathers are said to turn crimson when it sings the ancient songs of creation and destruction.
  • Duskwhisper: A name for a raven that communicates with the twilight, carrying messages between the day and night.
  • Eclipseclaw: Perfect for a raven who holds power over shadows, capable of eclipsing light with its mere presence.
  • Hallowcrest: Suitable for a raven known to protect sacred sites and ancient relics from those who would misuse them.
  • Jewel-eye: A name for a raven whose eyes hold the power to see the truth, revealing hidden treasures and secrets.
  • Lunarfeather: For a raven that draws its power from the moon, capable of influencing the tides of magic.
  • Mysticveil: A name for a raven that can walk between worlds, guiding souls through the veil of the afterlife.
  • Omenbeak: For a raven seen as a harbinger of fate, whose caw is said to predict the rise and fall of empires.

Cool Raven Names

Ravens aren’t just regular birds – they represent cleverness, intelligence, and sometimes even a touch of magic. Here, we’ve put together a list of cool raven names, each with its own unique charm and personality:

  • Shadowfax: A nod to the legendary horse of Gandalf in “The Lord of the Rings,” for a raven swift and noble.
  • Rift: Ideal for a raven that seems to bridge worlds, always finding the gap in the fabric of reality.
  • Grim: Short and impactful, perfect for a raven with a solemn presence that commands respect.
  • Quasar: Naming a raven after celestial phenomena for its striking and otherworldly beauty.
  • Onyx: Perfect for a raven with glossy feathers that reflect light, mirroring the gemstone’s shine.
  • Rebel: For the raven that never follows, always finding its own path and defying expectations.
  • Cipher: For a raven shrouded in mystery, always one step ahead and impossible to decode.
  • Mystic: For a raven that seems to know more than it lets on, a keeper of secrets and wisdom.
  • Wraith: A name that captures the raven’s ghostly elegance and elusive nature.
  • Strider: Inspired by Aragorn’s nickname in “The Lord of the Rings,” for a raven with a wandering soul.
Cool Raven Names

Cute Raven Names

Ravens, often known for their mystery and smarts, also have a charming and playful side. Naming a raven with something cute can emphasize their lovable qualities and the happiness they bring. Below, you’ll find cute raven names:

  • Blinky: For a raven that’s always curiously blinking at its surroundings, showcasing its inquisitive nature.
  • Peep: Ideal for a young or small raven, highlighting its tiny chirps and sounds.
  • Waddles: For a raven with a comical walk, reminding one of its amusing, waddling gait.
  • Sparkle: Reflecting the glint of intelligence and mischief in the raven’s eye, perfect for a bird with a vibrant personality.
  • Puff: Suitable for a raven with a puffed-up chest, especially when it’s trying to show off or appear bigger.
  • Fizzy: Perfect for a raven with a bubbly and energetic personality, always in motion and exploring.
  • Hootie: Although more common for owls, “Hootie” is a charming name for a raven known for its vocal antics.
  • Pickle: Ideal for a raven that often finds itself in tricky situations, always keeping things interesting.
  • Trixie: Suitable for a clever raven that seems to always be plotting something fun and harmless.
  • Bumble: Perfect for a raven that’s a bit clumsy but endearingly so, always bouncing back with enthusiasm.

Other Names for Ravens

While classic names capture their true selves, trying out different names can open up new ways to understand their identity and how we see these amazing birds. Here, you’ll find other names for ravens that are one-of-a-kind and make you think:

  • Arcane: For a raven that seems to hold ancient secrets and mysteries within its gaze, a nod to their mystical associations.
  • Boreal: Perfect for a raven that thrives in the northern wilderness, embodying the spirit of the wild, cold forests.
  • Cantor: For a raven with a melodious and varied call, reminiscent of a skilled singer or chanter.
  • Dusken: A name that captures the twilight ambiance, ideal for a raven that revels in the dimming light of dusk.
  • Ebon: Emphasizing the deep black of the raven’s feathers, highlighting its classic beauty and elegance.
  • Harbinger: For a raven that seems to announce significant changes or omens, reflecting their role in folklore as messengers.
  • Inkwell: A name that suggests depth and fluidity, suitable for a raven with a creative or inspirational presence.
  • Keen: Highlighting the raven’s sharp intelligence and acute senses, perfect for a bird of keen observation.
  • Lorekeeper: For a raven that seems to carry the wisdom of ages, a guardian of stories and traditions.
  • Rift: Perfect for a raven that seems to move between worlds, a bridge to the unknown or the mystical.
Other Names for Ravens

Odin's Raven Names

In Norse stories, ravens are important and magical, especially as friends to Odin, the Allfather. They aren’t just birds; they’re symbols of wisdom and prophecy. Odin relies on them to travel the world and bring back news. Here are odin’s raven names:

  • Veorr: A name meaning “sacred,” suitable for a raven seen as divine or hallowed in Odin’s service.
  • Runic: For a raven associated with the runic alphabets, symbols of magic and mystery in Norse culture.
  • Seidr: Named after the Norse form of magic, ideal for a raven known for its mystical presence and abilities.
  • Galdor: A name derived from the old Norse for spells and chanting, fitting for a raven with a melodious call that seems to weave magic.
  • Fjalar: Inspired by a wise and knowledgeable dwarf in Norse mythology, suitable for a raven that seems to know more than it should.
  • Bragi: After the god of poetry, perfect for a raven with a beautiful and captivating song.
  • Valdr: Meaning “ruler” or “power,” ideal for a raven that commands respect and authority.
  • Fenris: Reflecting the fierceness and strength of the legendary wolf, suitable for a raven with a powerful presence.
  • Mimir: After the wise being whose head Odin consulted for advice, perfect for a raven known for its wisdom.
  • Bifrost: For a raven that represents the bridge between worlds, embodying the connection between the earthly and the divine.

Raven Names Dnd

In the magical worlds of Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), ravens are essential. They take on important roles as familiars, messengers, or mysterious allies for adventurers and spellcasters. Here, we provide different raven names dnd:

  • Nightwing: For a raven that thrives under the cover of darkness, aiding nocturnal missions with stealth and secrecy.
  • Whisperbeak: Ideal for a raven capable of delivering secret messages, its whispers heard only by the intended recipient.
  • Grimoire: For a raven that seems to have stepped out of an ancient spellbook, knowledgeable and mysterious.
  • Stormcaller: A name for a raven with the power to influence the weather, calling forth clouds and thunder at its master’s command.
  • Soulwing: For a raven that serves as a guide to souls, navigating the realms of the living and the dead.
  • Runeteller: A raven known for its ability to uncover secrets and decode ancient runes.
  • Ebonclaw: Reflecting the raven’s dark plumage and fierce loyalty, a protector in feathered form.
  • Etherwing: A name for a raven that can traverse different planes of existence, serving as a scout in otherworldly realms.
  • Moonfeather: Perfect for a raven that draws power from the moon, enhancing its abilities during the night.
  • Spiritbeak: For a raven that can communicate with spirits or has a connection to the ethereal.
D&D Raven Names: A visual guide with a majestic raven image header.

Good Names for Crows

Similar to ravens, crows are amazing creatures, known for being smart, adaptable, and having complex social lives. They’ve intrigued people in various cultures and stories. Check out this list of good names for crows:

  • Rogue: Perfect for a crow with a mischievous and independent personality, always finding its way.
  • Gadget: Ideal for a crow known for its problem-solving skills and ability to use tools, reflecting its intelligence.
  • Vanguard: For a crow that leads its flock, always at the forefront and guiding the way.
  • Quill: For a crow that inspires creativity, its feathers as mightier than the sword.
  • Riff: Ideal for a crow with a musical call, creating its own rhythm and tunes.
  • Shadow: For a crow that follows closely, its loyalty as steadfast as a shadow.
  • Talisman: Reflecting a crow’s mystical aura, often considered a bearer of luck and protection.
  • Vex: Perfect for a crow with a playful yet challenging personality, always keeping you on your toes.
  • Wiccan: For a crow that seems to possess an ancient wisdom, as if it knows the secrets of the old world.
  • Yarrow: For a crow that brings healing and comfort, named after the herb known for its protective properties.

If you like these raven names or want to read more bird names, then check out sparrow names and falcon names. For more animals names, visit our category Pet Names.


To select a best name from a pool of raven names is quite confusing, but we are sure that you have selected the name and liked our names collection above.

The naming process is a way to express the bird’s personality, the stories from mythology, and the bond you share with it. Ravens are not just clever and resourceful; they also have deep cultural and historical importance in different societies and myths. The names we’ve explored give us a glimpse into the many facets of these interesting birds, and each name has its own story and personality

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