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Popular Male, female, and Unique Samoyed names

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Are you looking for a perfect name for your fluffy Samoyed buddy? Say no more. These gentle Arctic dogs deserve names as cute as their bright smiles and loyal hearts. From exotic Samoyed names to names inspired by famous people and movies, we’ve got them all.

In our collection of names, you’ll uncover options inspired by their Siberian heritage, snowy beauty, and charming personalities. Allow us to take you on a naming adventure that celebrates the joyful bond you share with your Samoyed. Let’s discover the perfect name together.

Cute Samoyed Names

Giving a name to your Samoyed is heartwarming. These lovable, snow-white companions possess a gentle nature and a smile that brightens your day. A cute Samoyed name should reflect their snowy beauty and friendly personality. A perfect name becomes a cherished part of the special bond you share. If you are looking for smaller dog breeds like Shih Tzu, then here is a list of 350+ unique and best Shih Tzu names for you.

  • Casper: Like the friendly ghost, great for a gentle and loving Samoyed.
  • Daisy: Sweet and simple, ideal for a cheerful dog.
  • Eskimo: A nod to the northern origins of the breed.
  • Gizmo: For a playful and curious Samoyed.
  • Happy: Reflecting the breed’s famously cheerful disposition.
  • Ivy: Short and elegant, fitting for a graceful dog.
  • Koda: Meaning ‘friend’, perfect for your loyal companion.
  • Misty: Evoking the mystical beauty of snowy landscapes.
  • Niko: A sweet and simple name, easy to call out.
  • Ursula: A strong name for a dog with a powerful personality.
  • Venus: After the beautiful and bright planet.
  • Whisper: For a Samoyed with a soft and gentle nature.
  • Yuki: Meaning ‘snow’ in Japanese, perfect for a Samoyed.
  • Zephyr: A light and breezy name for an elegant dog.
  • Snowball: Perfect for a fluffy, white Samoyed that resembles a snowball.
  • Marshmallow: Ideal for a sweet and soft-natured Samoyed pup.
  • Blizzard: A name that reflects the dog’s winter-ready appearance.
  • Flurry: For an active and playful Samoyed that’s always on the go.
  • Biscuit: Perfect for a Samoyed with a golden or cream-colored coat.
  • Frosty: An apt name for a cool and charming Samoyed.
  • Vanilla: Ideal for a gentle and sweet-natured Samoyed.
  • Comet: Perfect for an energetic and swift Samoyed.
  • Angel: Suited for a Samoyed known for its gentle and loving nature.
  • Tundra: An ideal name for a resilient and adventurous Samoyed.
  • Fluffy: Simple and fitting for any fluffy-coated Samoyed.
  • Crystal: A name that denotes the dog’s clear and pure personality.
  • Stardust: Ideal for a Samoyed that lights up your life.
  • Paws: A playful and straightforward name for a Samoyed.
  • Snowy: Reflective of the dog’s snowy-white coat.
  • Noodle: Suited for a playful and wiggly Samoyed.
  • Comet: Perfect for a Samoyed that dashes around like a shooting star.

Famous Samoyed Names

Famous Samoyed names have brightened the silver screen and our hearts. These fluffy Arctic dogs have left their pawprints in history with their captivating smiles and cheerful spirits. Their presence in film, advertising, and social media showcases their endearing nature. Samoyeds often embody the essence of joy, becoming not just stars but beloved companions to those who adore them.

  • Sasha: A name of Russian origin, associated with elegance and grace, fitting for a poised Samoyed.
  • Cloud: Perfect for a fluffy Samoyed resembling a soft, white cloud.
  • Nanook: Meaning “polar bear” in Inuit, ideal for a large and majestic Samoyed.
  • Blizzard: An apt name for a high-energy Samoyed who loves to play.
  • Nikki: A sweet and gentle name, fitting for a loving Samoyed companion.
  • Loki: Inspired by Norse mythology, suitable for a mischievous and clever Samoyed.
  • Icy: Reflective of the dog’s cool temperament and appearance.
  • Aurora: Ideal for a beautiful and enchanting Samoyed, reminiscent of the Northern Lights.
  • Yukon: Inspired by the vast, snowy landscapes, fitting for a robust Samoyed.
  • Balto: Named after the heroic sled dog, a fitting name for a strong and courageous Samoyed.
  • Siberia: Reflective of the breed’s origin and resilience in harsh climates.
  • Winter: Suited for a Samoyed that embodies the spirit of the snowy season.
  • Niko: A playful and friendly name, fitting for a cheerful Samoyed.
  • Ghost: Ideal for a Samoyed with a mystical and captivating presence.
  • Kaifas: A name often associated with show-winning Samoyeds for its regal sound.
  • Antarctica: Inspired by the breed’s history in polar expeditions.
  • Blizzard: Reflecting the snowy heritage of the Samoyed.
  • Duke: A classic and noble name for a dignified Samoyed.
  • Elsa: Inspired by the snow queen from Disney’s Frozen.
  • Harlow: A chic name for a Samoyed with a glamorous persona.
  • Icicle: Reflecting the icy origins of the breed.
  • Joy: A name that captures the breed’s cheerful disposition.
  • Klondike: Reminiscent of the cold and adventurous Yukon region.
  • Laska: A sweet and loving name for a friendly Samoyed.
  • Moose: A quirky name for a large and friendly Samoyed.
  • Queenie: Perfect for a regal and elegant Samoyed.
  • Rover: A classic dog name, fitting for a roaming and adventurous Samoyed.
  • Skye: A name that signifies the vast beauty of the sky, like the breed’s coat.
  • Ulf: Meaning “wolf,” a nod to the breed’s wolf-like appearance.
  • Viking: A strong and adventurous name, perfect for a bold Samoyed.

Female Samoyed Names

Female Samoyeds are charming and affectionate dogs known for their friendly nature. They have a distinct fluffy white coat, giving them an adorable and distinct appearance. Samoyeds are social and love being part of a family, making them excellent companions. They’re often playful and gentle and enjoy being around people. These lovely dogs can bring joy and happiness to any household with their sweet personalities.

  • Bianca: Meaning ‘white’ in Italian, perfect for a Samoyed’s snowy coat.
  • Celeste: A heavenly name for a dog with a serene and gentle personality.
  • Daisy: Sweet and classic, ideal for a cheerful and lively Samoyed.
  • Freya: A nod to the Norse goddess, suitable for a strong and majestic dog.
  • Gemma: Meaning ‘gem’, perfect for a precious and loved Samoyed.
  • Holly: A charming name for a dog as delightful as the holiday plant.
  • Iris: After the flower, symbolizing beauty and warmth.
  • Jasmine: A floral name for a sweet and fragrant canine companion.
  • Kiara: Meaning ‘light’ or ‘clear’, fitting for a bright Samoyed.
  • Misty: Evoking the mystical beauty of a foggy morning.
  • Nala: A strong yet adorable name, great for a loyal Samoyed.
  • Opal: After the precious gemstone, for a dog with a sparkling personality.
  • Pearl: Perfect for a precious and elegant Samoyed.
  • Quinn: A modern and unique name for an extraordinary dog.
  • Ruby: For a Samoyed with a warm and vibrant spirit.
  • Stella: Meaning ‘star’, suitable for a standout Samoyed.
  • Tasha: A cute and endearing name, easy to call out.
  • Uma: A simple yet powerful name for a dignified Samoyed.
  • Violet: A floral name, symbolizing beauty and delicacy.
  • Xena: After the warrior princess, for a strong and fearless dog.
  • Yara: Meaning ‘small butterfly’, a delicate and beautiful name.

Male Samoyed Names

Choosing a name for your male Samoyed is an enjoyable journey. These gentle and fluffy companions radiate joy with their cheerful personalities. A male Samoyed’s name should reflect their playful nature and the enduring bond they create. Whether inspired by their Arctic heritage or nature’s beauty, the right name becomes a cherished part of the shared adventure, celebrating their happy spirit.

  • Aspen: After the beautiful snowy tree, perfect for a white-coated dog.
  • Eskimo: A nod to the northern origins of the breed.
  • Finn: A name that’s both simple and charismatic.
  • Hudson: A strong and adventurous name.
  • Ivan: A robust name, reflecting strength and vitality.
  • Kai: Meaning ‘sea’, for a Samoyed as vast and deep as the ocean.
  • Maximus: A grand name for a dog with a majestic presence.
  • Nordic: Reflecting the Samoyed’s cold-weather lineage.
  • Odin: Another Norse-inspired name, ideal for a wise and powerful dog.
  • Polar: For a Samoyed with a strong and bold character.
  • Quest: A name that suggests adventure and exploration.
  • Thor: After the Norse god of thunder, perfect for a strong and brave Samoyed.
  • Ulysses: A name that carries a sense of adventure and intelligence.
  • Yukon: Inspired by the rugged and cold Canadian territory.
  • Charlie: A popular and cheerful name, ideal for an outgoing and sociable Samoyed.
  • Loki: Reflective of mischief and playfulness, suitable for an energetic Samoyed.
  • Teddy: Suited for a cuddly and affectionate Samoyed, evoking warmth and comfort.
  • Hunter: Suited for a Samoyed with a keen sense of curiosity and adventure.
  • Rocco: Reflective of a tough and resilient nature, ideal for a sturdy Samoyed.
  • Milo: A playful and endearing name, fitting for a mischievous Samoyed.
  • Archie: A charming and friendly name, perfect for a sociable Samoyed.
  • Harley: Suited for a Samoyed with a lively and adventurous spirit.
  • Bentley: Reflective of sophistication and charm, ideal for an elegant Samoyed.

Exotic Samoyed Names

Samoyeds are a fascinating variation of the beloved breed. These Samoyeds showcase unique coat patterns or colours that set them apart. With striking and exotic looks, Samoyeds draw attention and admiration wherever they go. Their charming personalities, combined with their captivating appearance, make them a special addition to any family, adding a touch of intrigue and wonder to your life.

  • Akira: A Japanese name meaning ‘bright’ or ‘clear’.
  • Borealis: After the Aurora Borealis, the Northern Lights, reflecting the breed’s northern heritage.
  • Calypso: A name with a Greek origin, evoking the sense of adventure and beauty.
  • Dakarai: An African name meaning ‘happiness’ or ‘joy’.
  • Elara: A name of Greek origin, perfect for a celestial and charming dog.
  • Fyodor: A Russian name, acknowledging the breed’s Siberian roots.
  • Galina: A name of Eastern European origin, meaning ‘calm’ or ‘serene’.
  • Hiroshi: A Japanese name meaning ‘generous’.
  • Ishana: An Indian name, meaning ‘rich’.
  • Jalal: An Arabic name, meaning ‘majesty’ or ‘grandeur’.
  • Kazimir: A Slavic name, perfect for a peaceful and creative Samoyed.
  • Lysander: A Greek name meaning ‘liberator’.
  • Nalini: An Indian name meaning ‘lotus’, symbolizing purity and beauty.
  • Pavlov: A nod to the famous Russian physiologist, ideal for an intelligent dog.
  • Quasar: An astronomical name for a bright and dynamic Samoyed.
  • Rasul: An Arabic name meaning ‘messenger’ or ‘prophet’.
  • Soraya: A beautiful Persian name meaning ‘princess’ or ‘bright star’.
  • Tahoe: After Lake Tahoe, symbolizing natural beauty and calm.
  • Ulan: A Mongolian name, meaning ‘red’.
  • Vasili: A regal Russian name, perfect for a noble Samoyed.
  • Xanthe: A Greek name meaning ‘golden’ or ‘blonde’, fitting for a Samoyed’s coat.
  • Yuri: A Russian name meaning ‘farmer’, symbolizing earthiness and strength.

Russian Samoyed Names

Russian Samoyeds, with their fluffy white coats and lively personalities, exude charm and appeal. These dogs are descendants of the Siberian nomadic Samoyede people who used them as companions. They are known for their friendly nature and adaptability to cold climates, making them ideal partners for outdoor adventures. Russian Samoyeds bring warmth and joy to the lives of those who welcome them into their families.

  • Anastasia: Meaning ‘resurrection’, a regal and classic Russian name.
  • Boris: A strong name meaning ‘fight, battle’.
  • Dmitri: Meaning ‘Earth-lover’, suitable for a nature-loving Samoyed.
  • Elena: A popular Russian name meaning ‘shining light’.
  • Fyodor: Meaning ‘God’s gift’, a name with depth and reverence.
  • Galina: Meaning ‘calm, healer’, perfect for a serene Samoyed.
  • Igor: A traditional Russian name, meaning ‘warrior of peace’.
  • Katya: A cute and affectionate name meaning ‘pure’.
  • Lev: Meaning ‘lion’, suitable for a brave and noble dog.
  • Mikhail: A classic name, meaning ‘who is like God’.
  • Nadia: Meaning ‘hope’, ideal for an optimistic Samoyed.
  • Oksana: A unique name meaning ‘praise be to God’.
  • Pavel: Meaning ‘small’, suitable for a gentle Samoyed.
  • Raisa: A name meaning ‘easygoing’ or ‘leader’.
  • Tatiana: A name with royal connotations, meaning ‘fairy queen’.
  • Uri: Meaning ‘my light, my flame’, perfect for a bright Samoyed.
  • Vladimir: Meaning ‘of great power’, for a strong and majestic dog.
  • Yana: A simple yet elegant name meaning ‘God is gracious’.
  • Zoya: Meaning ‘life’, a vibrant and lively name.
  • Kirill: Meaning ‘lord’, for a Samoyed with a commanding presence.
  • Larisa: A beautiful name meaning ‘seagull’, symbolizing freedom.
  • Nikolai: Meaning ‘victory of the people’, a noble name.
  • Olga: A traditional name meaning ‘holy’.
  • Ruslan: Meaning ‘lion’, a strong and courageous name.

Good Samoyed Names

Good names for your Samoyed can be hard to find because these fluffy, friendly dogs deserve names that reflect their joyful personalities and striking appearance. Here is a list of good names, which include names inspired by their Arctic heritage and those that capture their warm, playful nature. A good Samoyed name becomes a treasured part of the bond you share with your furry friend.

  • Frost: Symbolizing the icy, beautiful coat of a Samoyed.
  • Polar: Reflecting the Arctic heritage of this breed.
  • Arctic: A fitting name for a Samoyed that embodies the cold climate.
  • Alaska: Symbolizing the origins of the Samoyed breed.
  • Blanca: Meaning “white” in Spanish, fitting for a pure white Samoyed.
  • Bianco: Meaning “white” in Italian, fitting for a snow-white Samoyed.
  • Siberia: Signifying the homeland of the Samoyed breed.
  • Chilly: Ideal for a Samoyed with a cool and calm demeanor.
  • Puff: Reflecting the fluffy and adorable appearance of a Samoyed.
  • Frostine: Inspired by the wintry charm of this breed.
  • Everest: Symbolizing the strength and grandeur of this majestic breed.
  • Alpine: Perfect for a Samoyed, reminiscent of snowy mountains.
  • Cody: Short and sweet, ideal for a lively and friendly Samoyed.
  • Dakota: A strong name, fitting for a resilient and adventurous dog.
  • Ginger: A cute name for a Samoyed with a playful and spicy spirit.
  • Hazel: A warm and earthy name, suitable for a gentle Samoyed.
  • Juno: A name with celestial connotations, great for a majestic Samoyed.
  • Milo: A friendly and approachable name, great for a sociable dog.
  • Quincy: A unique and sophisticated name for an elegant dog.
  • Riley: A name that signifies courage and valor.
  • Sky: Symbolizing freedom and the vast beauty of nature.
  • Toby: A friendly and endearing name, perfect for a companionable Samoyed.
  • Ursa: Meaning ‘bear’, suitable for a fluffy and strong Samoyed.

White Samoyed Names

The pure, snowy coats of Samoyeds deserve names that celebrate their stunning beauty and gentle nature. From names inspired by ice and snow to those that evoke a sense of purity and elegance, white Samoyed names capture the essence of these striking dogs, enhancing the bond you share.

  • Diamond: For a Samoyed that stands out with its brilliance.
  • Misty: For a Samoyed with a mysterious and ethereal charm.
  • Nimbus: After the white, fluffy clouds, fitting for a fluffy dog.
  • Olaf: Inspired by the beloved snowman character from Frozen.
  • Quartz: For a Samoyed with a strong and enduring nature.
  • Yukon: After the snowy and cold Canadian territory.
  • Eira: A Welsh name meaning ‘snow’, perfect for a white Samoyed.
  • Ivory: Signifying elegance and beauty.
  • Polaris: Inspired by the North Star, fitting for a guiding presence.
  • Frostbite: For a playful and adventurous white Samoyed.
  • Alabaster: Signifying purity and sophistication.
  • Blanche: Meaning “white” in French, a beautiful name for a Samoyed.
  • Chilly: Reflecting the cool and calm demeanor of this breed.
  • Snowflake: Inspired by the uniqueness of each snowflake.
  • Glacier: Signifying the grandeur and serenity of ice formations.
  • Blanc: Meaning “white” in French, fitting for a pure white Samoyed.
  • Flurry: Ideal for a playful and energetic white Samoyed.
  • Avalanche: Symbolizing the power and energy of a white Samoyed.
  • Siberia: Reflecting the icy landscapes and origins of the Samoyed breed.

Aesthetic Samoyed Names

Aesthetic Samoyed names evoke a sense of beauty and elegance, mirroring the striking appearance and endearing nature of these dogs. These names combine visual charm with their warm personalities, creating a perfect blend of form and function. Choosing an aesthetic Samoyed name enhances the bond between you and your delightful companion.

  • Aria: A musical name, perfect for a Samoyed with a harmonious personality.
  • Breeze: Reflecting the gentle and light nature of the breed.
  • Cirrus: After the wispy cloud, suitable for a fluffy Samoyed.
  • Dove: Symbolizing peace and purity, perfect for a serene dog.
  • Elysian: Suggesting heavenly beauty, ideal for an exquisite Samoyed.
  • Fable: For a dog with a storybook-like charm and appeal.
  • Giselle: A name that evokes grace and elegance.
  • Halo: Representing a glow or aura, suitable for a luminous dog.
  • Isla: A name that’s as pretty and delicate as a Samoyed.
  • Juno: A name with celestial connotations, for a majestic dog.
  • Keira: Meaning ‘little dark one’, a unique contrast to their white fur.
  • Lumi: Meaning ‘snow’ in Finnish, perfect for a snowy-coated Samoyed.
  • Muse: For a Samoyed that inspires and delights.
  • Neva: Meaning ‘white snow’, apt for the breed’s coat.
  • Orion: After the constellation, fitting for a majestic and stately dog.
  • Piper: A playful and lyrical name, great for a lively Samoyed.
  • Rhea: After the Earth goddess, for a dog with a natural beauty.
  • Seraphina: Meaning ‘fiery-winged’, perfect for a spirited Samoyed.
  • Thalia: A name from Greek mythology, suitable for a joyous dog.
  • Una: Meaning ‘one’, for a unique and singular Samoyed.
  • Vesper: Meaning ‘evening star’, for a dog that shines brightly.
  • Willow: For a Samoyed with a graceful and gentle nature.
  • Xanthe: Meaning ‘golden’ or ‘blonde’, a poetic nod to their coat.

What type of dogs are Samoyeds?

Samoyeds are a unique breed of domestic dogs. These fluffy and friendly canines originate from Siberia and are known for their distinctive, fluffy white coat and smiling expression. Samoyeds are often referred to as smiling Sammies due to their characteristic facial appearance. They are renowned for their gentle temperament, making them excellent companions and even sled dogs in their native Arctic regions. Also you can explore the amazing Siberian husky names.


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