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150+ Funny and Cute Lemur Names

by NC Staff

Lemurs are interesting primates and wild animals belong to the Lemuridae family. They are found in Madagascar. They’re not usually good pets but when separated from their group, they can show unsafe behaviors. Sometimes, people still keep them as pets, but it’s not common. That’s where need of good lemur names comes in.

They aren’t only recognized for their unique looks and behaviours, but also for the special names people give them. Finding a good name for a lemur can be a daunting task, but we made it super easy for you. In this guide, we will mention different categories and names according to them.

Good lemur names

Lemurs have big, playful eyes and are really charming animals. Finding a good lemur name is important, whether it’s for a pet, a story character, or for learning. The right name can really change things. Below are awesome lemur names, each with its own special style and personality.

  • Ziggy: For a lemur with a zesty and energetic spirit.
  • Rascal: Ideal for a lemur who’s always up to some mischief.
  • Mango: A sweet and vibrant name, perfect for a cheerful lemur.
  • Bamboo: For a lemur who loves climbing and exploring.
  • Sapphire: Inspired by the striking blue eyes of some lemur species.
  • Tango: A fun name for a lemur who loves to move and play.
  • Pebbles: A cute name for a smaller or younger lemur.
  • Twilight: Reflecting the crepuscular habits of many lemurs.
  • Breeze: For a lemur that’s swift and agile.
  • Coco: A sweet and endearing name, great for a friendly lemur.
  • Misty: Ideal for a lemur with a mysterious or elusive personality.
  • Sparky: For a lemur full of energy and life.
  • Nimbus: A whimsical name for a lemur with a dreamy demeanor.
  • Olive: A peaceful and down-to-earth name.
  • Blaze: Perfect for a lemur with a bold and adventurous spirit.

Female lemur names

When naming female lemurs, the goal is usually to find names that match the charm and uniqueness of these cute animals. Whether you really like lemurs, work with them or just love them, picking the right name is fun. Here are different pretty Female lemur names. Each name shows their special personality and beauty:

  • Lily: A gentle and classic name, perfect for a serene lemur.
  • Ruby: For a lemur with a vibrant and lively personality.
  • Bella: Meaning ‘beautiful’, suitable for a lemur with striking features.
  • Daisy: A sweet and cheerful name, ideal for a playful lemur.
  • Zara: A unique name for a lemur with a regal demeanor.
  • Ivy: Perfect for a lemur who loves climbing and exploring.
  • Aurora: Inspired by the radiant and vivid colors of some lemurs.
  • Nala: A strong yet adorable name, great for a lemur with leadership qualities.
  • Mia: Simple and elegant, fitting for a quieter lemur.
  • Jade: For a lemur with captivating green eyes or a calm nature.
  • Hazel: A charming name, suitable for a lemur with warm, brown eyes.
  • Pearl: For a precious and rare lemur, just like the gemstone.
  • Ginger: A fitting name for a lemur with a fiery spirit or reddish fur.
  • Stella: Meaning ‘star’, perfect for a lemur that stands out.
  • Rosie: For a lemur with a sweet and affectionate nature.
  • Skye: A whimsical name, reflecting the boundless spirit of lemurs.
  • Sophie: A sophisticated and charming name for a female lemur.
  • Cleo: Short for Cleopatra, a regal and fitting name for a majestic lemur.
  • Luna: A magical name for a nocturnal lemur, reflecting the moon’s beauty.

Male lemur names

Naming male lemurs is fun and creative. These lively and charming animals deserve names that match their special qualities. Whether it’s for a lemur in a sanctuary, a story character, or learning about them, the perfect name can truly show who they are. Below are perfect Male lemur names that match male lemurs. Each name brings out their special character and charm:

  • Max: A strong and classic name for a confident male lemur.
  • Leo: Short for ‘Leonardo’, fitting for a brave and adventurous lemur.
  • Oscar: Ideal for a lemur with a striking and memorable personality.
  • Finn: Suitable for a smart and alert male lemur.
  • Milo: A cute and endearing name, great for a friendly lemur.
  • Shadow: For a lemur with a sleek and mysterious allure.
  • Gizmo: Perfect for an inquisitive and clever lemur.
  • Rocky: A robust name for a strong and resilient lemur.
  • Zane: A unique and modern name for a charismatic lemur.
  • Apollo: Inspired by the Greek god, fitting for a noble and majestic lemur.
  • Baxter: A charming and distinctive name for a lemur with character.
  • Casper: Ideal for a lemur with a gentle and friendly disposition.
  • Dexter: A smart choice for an intelligent and observant lemur.
  • Elvis: For a lemur with a flamboyant and lively personality.
  • Hugo: A classic name, suitable for a lemur with a commanding presence.
  • Jet: Perfect for a fast-moving and agile lemur.
  • Romeo: Ideal for a charming and affectionate male lemur.
  • Simba: A regal and powerful name, inspired by the Swahili word for lion.

Names for a lemur

Selecting a name that matches your lemur’s special traits and personality can be an enjoyable task. Here, we’ve listed interesting names for a lemur tailored to suit your companion:

  • Zippy: Ideal for a lemur known for its quick movements and lively spirit.
  • Bongo: A fun and rhythmic name, reflecting the lemur’s playful nature.
  • Kiki: Perfect for a lemur with a curious and inquisitive demeanor.
  • Pogo: Suitable for a lemur with a bouncy and energetic personality.
  • Sunny: A cheerful name for a lemur with a bright and sunny disposition.
  • Chai: A warm and comforting name, great for a gentle lemur.
  • Flicker: Reflecting the quick and agile movements typical of lemurs.
  • Rusty: Ideal for a lemur with reddish fur, resembling rust.
  • Twix: A playful and sweet name, great for a charming lemur.
  • Wisp: Perfect for a lemur with a graceful and delicate presence.
  • Yara: A unique name for a lemur with an elegant and mysterious aura.
  • Breezy: For a lemur known for its light and effortless movements.
  • Tinker: Suitable for a curious and playful lemur, always tinkering around.
  • Mocha: A warm and rich name, fitting for a lemur with dark fur.
  • Sprite: Reflecting the spirited and lively nature of lemurs.
  • Whisker: Inspired by the lemur’s prominent facial features.
  • Zelda: A whimsical and adventurous name, suitable for a bold lemur.

Baby lemur name

Finding a baby lemur name can be a fun and joyful job that lets you show off their cuteness and special traits. Whether it’s for a newborn lemur in a wildlife sanctuary, a pet, or a story, finding a perfect name is both enjoyable and meaningful. Here are different adorable and fitting names for baby lemurs that truly reflect their charm and uniqueness:

  • Bubbles: Perfect for a bubbly and energetic baby lemur.
  • Pip: A short and sweet name, ideal for a tiny lemur.
  • Bean: A cute and affectionate name, fitting for a small and playful lemur.
  • Sprout: Ideal for a young lemur who is just starting to explore the world.
  • Button: For a baby lemur who is as cute as a button.
  • Doodle: A playful and whimsical name, great for an artistic or creative lemur.
  • Fizz: Suitable for a lively and spirited baby lemur.
  • Glimmer: Reflecting the shimmer of hope and joy a baby lemur brings.
  • Hopper: Perfect for a baby lemur who loves to jump and hop around.
  • Jellybean: A sweet and colorful name, just like the candy.
  • Kiwi: For a baby lemur with a unique and exotic charm.
  • Lulu: A fun and endearing name, great for a friendly baby lemur.
  • Munchkin: Suitable for a small and adorable lemur.
  • Nugget: A precious and valuable name, just like a gold nugget.
  • Ollie: A playful and charming name for an energetic baby lemur.
  • Roo: Inspired by the bouncy nature of kangaroos, fitting for an agile lemur.
  • Toto: A classic and adorable name, suitable for any baby lemur.

Famous Lemur Names

Lemurs have fascinated people worldwide, not just for their special traits but also for their roles in media and conservation. Some lemurs gained fame through TV, movies, books, and conservation efforts. Below are different famous lemur names that have become iconic in various fields, honoring these captivating creatures:

  • King Julien: The most famous lemur character from the movie and TV series “Madagascar,” known for his humorous and lively personality.
  • Zoboo: From the children’s TV show “Zoboomafoo,” which featured a Coquerel’s sifaka named Zoboo who helped educate children about animals.
  • Mort: Another character from “Madagascar,” known for his small size and adorable obsession with King Julien.
  • Remy: Featured in the documentary “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar,” Remy is a real ring-tailed lemur who played a significant role in the film.
  • Lemmy: A name inspired by the word ‘lemur’, used in various media to represent a generic lemur character.
  • Jovian: The real-life lemur who played Zoboo in “Zoboomafoo,” adored by audiences for his playful and engaging personality.
  • Frazier: A renowned lemur at the Duke Lemur Center, known for his contributions to lemur research and conservation.
  • Patty: A character from the animated series “Wild Kratts,” showcasing the diverse wildlife and their habitats.
  • Maurice: A character from “Madagascar,” known for his wisdom and being a voice of reason among the lemurs.
  • Bingo: A popular lemur in children’s books, known for his adventurous tales.
  • Lola: A character from various children’s stories, often portrayed as a kind and nurturing lemur.
  • Picasso: A lemur renowned in the art world for paintings created with his paws, raising awareness for lemur conservation.
  • Echo: Named in a famous wildlife documentary for his remarkable ability to communicate using complex vocalizations.
  • Nina: A lemur known for her extraordinary intelligence and featured in various cognitive research studies.
  • Ozzy: A character from a popular animated movie, representing the playful and mischievous side of lemurs.
  • Duke: The namesake of the Duke Lemur Center, an important figure in promoting lemur welfare and research.
  • Madge: A catchy and memorable name for a lemur.
  • Alfred: A dignified and classic name that suits a lemur.

Cute lemur names

Lemurs, famous for their playful actions and adorable appearance, should have names that suit their delightful personalities. Picking a cute name for a lemur can make it even more likable and build a stronger connection between the animal and the people who love or watch it. Whether it’s for a lemur in a zoo, a made-up character, or even a pet, here are different cute lemur names that truly represent these lovable monkeys:

  • Binky: Perfect for a lemur that’s always bouncing around.
  • Cuddles: Ideal for a lemur with a loving and affectionate nature.
  • Wiggles: For a lemur who can’t stop moving and exploring.
  • Pixie: A whimsical name for a lemur with a magical charm.
  • Boo: Short and adorable, perfect for a shy or surprising lemur.
  • Dotty: Inspired by lemurs with distinctive spotted fur patterns.
  • Mopsy: A cute name for a fluffy and endearing lemur.
  • Noodle: Perfect for a lemur with long, slender limbs.
  • Buddy: For a lemur who’s everyone’s friend.
  • Poppet: A term of endearment, suitable for a cherished lemur.
  • Fizzy: For a lemur with an effervescent and lively personality.
  • Snuggles: Ideal for a lemur that loves to cuddle.
  • Biscuit: A warm and comforting name, great for a gentle lemur.
  • Pickle: A fun and quirky name for a lemur with a unique personality.
  • Pudding: A sweet name for a gentle and lovable lemur.
  • Scooter: Ideal for a lemur that moves around swiftly and energetically.

Ring-Tailed Lemur Names

Ring-tailed lemurs have striped tails and expressive faces, making them easily known and loved. Giving them names needs creativity and an understanding of their special traits. Whether it’s for a lemur in a conservation project, a dear pet, or a character in a story, the right name can match these charming animals. Here are Ring-Tailed Lemur Names perfect for ring-tailed lemurs:

  • Stripes: A direct nod to the lemur’s most distinguishing feature.
  • Rascal: Perfect for a lemur with a mischievous and playful personality.
  • Bandit: Inspired by the ‘masked’ appearance around their eyes.
  • Oreo: A sweet name, reminiscent of their black and white coloring.
  • Tails: Emphasizing their long, strikingly patterned tail.
  • Marble: Inspired by the mesmerizing patterns in their eyes.
  • Rocket: Perfect for a fast-moving and agile ring-tailed lemur.
  • Panda: A cute name, hinting at their similar black and white coloring.
  • Whiskers: Highlighting their prominent facial features.
  • Pepper: A spunky name for a lemur with a lively spirit.
  • Sky: For a ring-tailed lemur with a boundless and free spirit.
  • Pixel: For their unique patterns that resemble pixels.
  • Sterling: Representing their elegance and gracefulness.
  • Saffron: For their warm and inviting personalities.
  • Rio: Reflecting their vibrant and lively aura.
  • Opal: Inspired by their enchanting and iridescent tails.
  • Scout: Acknowledging their curious and exploratory behavior.
  • Juno: A name that denotes their uniqueness and beauty.

Madagascar lemur names

Madagascar lemurs, those special primates found only on the island, have a charm and personality that’s just as varied as the place they live. When picking Madagascar lemur names, it’s cool to choose names that show off their uniqueness, the many plants and animals in Madagascar, or the Malagasy culture. Whether it’s for a lemur in a wildlife spot, a pet, or for learning, below are amazing names that really catch what makes these animals so cool.

  • Ravaka: A Malagasy word meaning ‘beautiful’, suitable for a lemur with striking features.
  • Baobab: After the famous trees of Madagascar, symbolizing strength and endurance.
  • Mosa: Short and sweet, reflecting the playful nature of lemurs.
  • Tiana: Meaning ‘to be loved’ in Malagasy, perfect for an endearing lemur.
  • Zafy: A Malagasy name meaning ‘sapphire’, highlighting their precious nature.
  • Vato: Meaning ‘stone’ in Malagasy, for a lemur with a strong character.
  • Rivo: Suggesting ‘river’, a nod to the island’s lush landscapes.
  • Kintana: Meaning ‘star’ in Malagasy, for a lemur that shines brightly.
  • Neny: Meaning ‘mother’ in Malagasy, suitable for a nurturing female lemur.
  • Tonga: Signifying ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’ in Malagasy.
  • Fidy: Meaning ‘precious’ in Malagasy, perfect for a treasured lemur.
  • Hira: Reflecting the ‘song’ or ‘music’, suitable for a vocal lemur.
  • Lova: Meaning ‘treasure’ or ‘heritage’ in Malagasy.
  • Soa: Translating to ‘good’ or ‘beautiful’, for a charming lemur.
  • Rija: A name that suggests brightness or vision.
  • Nofy: Meaning ‘dream’ in Malagasy, for a whimsical lemur.
  • Toto: A playful and universal name, easy for anyone to remember.
  • Aina: Signifying ‘life’ in Malagasy, celebrating the lemur’s vivacity.
  • Sena: Signifying “charming” in Malagasy, fitting for an adorable lemur.
  • Jaro: Reflecting “strength” in Malagasy, suitable for an assertive lemur.
  • Mali: A name connoting “beautiful” in Malagasy, ideal for a stunning lemur.
  • Besi: Inspired by Malagasy, meaning “happy” or “joyful.”
  • Ravi: A name indicating “sun” or “light” in Malagasy.
  • Nayla: Signifying “graceful” and “gentle.”
  • Diora: Reflecting “spirit” or “soul” in Malagasy.
  • Jovan: Meaning “hope” in Malagasy, a positive name for a lemur.
  • Ziva: Inspired by Malagasy names, symbolizing “brightness.”

Lemur scientific name

Scientific names are crucial in the study and conservation of lemurs. They help scientists communicate accurately about the various species, avoiding confusion that might arise from common names that vary by language or region. Additionally, these names often contain information about the characteristics or habitat of the species, providing insight into their natural history.

Each specific type of lemur has its own scientific name, following the system of binomial nomenclature. A crucial aspect of understanding and studying lemurs is knowing their scientific name.

The general scientific name for the lemur family is “Lemuridae.” However, this is a broad classification that encompasses various species of lemurs. The term “Lemur” comes from Latin and was historically used to refer to specters or ghosts. This name was chosen due to the nocturnal nature and reflective eyes of many lemur species, which gave them a ghostly appearance in night.

Closing Words

Hopefully, you have got your desired name. As we’ve dived into the world of lemurs and their names, we’ve entered a world where science, culture, and individuality all blend together. The names we pick for these incredible primates hold a lot of meaning, whether they’re traditional names from Madagascar, inspired by how lemurs act or where they live, or even based on scientific labels.

Names are like tools that help us connect with and understand these animals better. When it comes to lemurs, names show us the diverse world they come from and the unique things about each type of lemur. They also help us raise awareness about them and build a bond between people and these primates.

Similarly, if you need fantastic names for similar creatures like otters, you can explore our article on otter names.


Every lemur name, whether from Malagasy traditions, inspired by their behaviors and homes, or from scientific terms, has a special meaning. They aren’t just random words; they link us to the diverse world of lemurs.


Names are strong tools. They help us bond with these animals deeply. They show the different biodiversity in Madagascar and the unique traits of each lemur type. Knowing and valuing their names gives us insight into their lives and raises awareness about how to protect them.

But it’s not just about names. it’s important to remember how crucial it is to protect these species. Many lemurs are in danger because their homes are getting destroyed, they’re being hunted, and other things people do. Getting to know and respect these animals, starting with their names, might help us protect them better.

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