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Best Cute and Funny Squid Names

by NC Staff

Many people keep live squids as exotic pets, although they aren’t very social. And taking their care is not easy. They have specific tank needs, are sensitive to water quality, and usually don’t live long. These factors make them challenging pets. But if you’re a big fan of cephalopods or just love squids, you’ll need good squid names to take good care of them and make a strong bond.

Let’s dive in to the pool of amazing and cool squid names.

Names For Squids

When you name a squid, whether it’s a real one or just in a story, you get a chance to show its special qualities and the interesting things about the ocean. The below different names for squids represent various aspects of these amazing creatures:

  • Inky: Inspired by the squid’s ink-squirting defense mechanism.
  • Blinky: A playful name that suggests quick, darting movements.
  • Drifter: Ideal for a squid known for its gentle, floating motion.
  • Squibble: A fun, whimsical name, perfect for a lively squid.
  • Marlin: Named after the swift ocean fish, fitting for a fast-moving squid.
  • Diver: Reflecting the squid’s ability to dive deep into the ocean.
  • Waver: A name that captures the squid’s graceful, waving tentacles.
  • Twister: Reflecting the squid’s agile, twisting movements.
  • Caspian: Named after the sea, fitting for a majestic squid.
  • Ripple: Reflects the gentle ripples created by the squid’s movement.
  • Surge: A strong name for a powerful, energetic squid.
  • Coral: A beautiful name for a squid with vibrant, colorful patterns.
  • Vortex: Suitable for a squid with a dynamic, spiraling swimming style.
  • Aqua: A simple, elegant name that embodies the essence of the ocean.

Female Squid Names

These names represents how graceful and elegant they’re, and have a mystery like the deep ocean. Below is the list of female squid names, each name is easy to say and remember:

  • Marina: A name that resonates with the marine world, perfect for a graceful squid.
  • Pearl: Suggests rarity and beauty, ideal for a squid with a striking appearance.
  • Ariel: Evokes the image of a spirited and adventurous squid.
  • Coralie: A playful twist on ‘coral’, suitable for a vibrant and colorful squid.
  • Iris: Named after the Greek goddess of the sea and sky, fitting for a majestic squid.
  • Serena: Suggesting calmness and serenity, ideal for a gentle squid.
  • Misty: Reflects the mysterious and elusive aspects of a squid’s nature.
  • Gemma: Implies a precious and treasured nature.
  • Nina: A simple, yet elegant name, suitable for any female squid.
  • Skye: Suggesting the vastness and mystery of the sky and sea.
  • Celeste: A heavenly name, ideal for a squid with an ethereal quality.
  • Ruby: A name that speaks of depth and intensity, suitable for a striking squid.
  • Coralina Siren: A nod to the squid’s affinity for coral reefs, portraying a captivating siren beckoning with underwater allure.
  • Aqua Seraphina: Infused with the spirit of the sea, this name paints a picture of an ethereal and angelic squid.

Male Squid Names

When we give different names to our male squid friends, we’re happy about their special qualities. These names match their adventurous and charming spirit. Below are different male squid names for you:

  • Dexter: A name that resonates with cleverness and agility.
  • Eclipse: Reflects the squid’s mysterious and enigmatic qualities.
  • Finn: A playful name, suitable for a squid with a lively personality.
  • Gale: Implies a powerful and forceful nature, like a storm at sea.
  • Hawk: Suggests keenness and precision, ideal for a squid known for its hunting skills.
  • Ivan: A strong, classic name for a commanding squid.
  • Jet: Perfect for a squid known for its speed and swift movements.
  • Kai: Hawaiian for ‘sea’, a simple yet profound name for a squid.
  • Leo: Implies bravery and boldness, suitable for a courageous squid.
  • Nero: Suggests depth and intensity, ideal for a squid with a commanding presence.
  • Pirate: A playful, adventurous name for a squid with a daring spirit.
  • Quill: Reflecting the squid’s tentacles, reminiscent of quills.
  • Vulcan: Suggests fiery and dynamic characteristics.
  • Zane: A cool, edgy name, suitable for a squid with a unique personality.

Cute Squid Names

When you want to give a squid a name that shows how cute and charming it is, it’s fun to pick names that are cute and playful. Here are different cute squid names for you, meant to capture the adorable and fun nature of squids:

    • Squiggles: A playful name that mimics the squid’s wiggly movements.
    • Wiggly: A cute name that highlights the squid’s wriggly nature.
    • Hugs: A warm, affectionate name for a friendly squid.
    • Inky: A classic and cute name referring to the ink squids release.
    • Kiki: A simple, catchy name that’s easy to remember.
    • Quibble: A playful name for a squid with a lively personality.
    • Ruffles: Suggests the ruffled appearance of a squid’s tentacles.
    • Gigglefloat: A whimsical name, combining giggle and float, for a squid that brings joy and lightness.
    • Squiddlehug: Merging squid and cuddle, this name is a perfect fit for a squid that loves to give warm hugs.
    • Joybubble: Expressing the happiness your squid brings, with a touch of bubbly charm.
    • Cutenip: A playful play on words, combining cute and tentacle, perfect for an irresistibly adorable squid.
    • Bubblesnuggle: A combination of bubbles and snuggle, perfect for a squid that loves to play and cuddle.
    • Cuddleink: A playful blend of cuddle and ink, capturing the affectionate side of your squid.
    • Squishmallow: A cute fusion of squid and marshmallow, ideal for a squid with a soft and huggable personality.

Giant Squid Names

Giant squids are huge and mysterious, so we want names that show how grand and strong they are in the deep sea. Here are different giant squid names made for big squids:

  • Leviathan: A legendary name for a squid of epic proportions.
  • Behemoth: Suggests immense size and power, perfect for a giant squid.
  • Colossus: A name that embodies the squid’s gigantic and impressive stature.
  • Kraken: Drawing from mythical sea monsters, apt for a formidable squid.
  • Poseidon: Named after the god of the sea, fitting for a majestic giant squid.
  • Neptune: Another name inspired by the deity of the sea, symbolizing sovereignty over the ocean.
  • Oceanus: A name that represents the vastness of the squid’s underwater realm.
  • Cyclone: Perfect for a squid that moves with strength and force.
  • Vulcan: Suggests the raw, elemental force of the sea.
  • Nereus: Named after the sea god known for his shapeshifting abilities.
  • Hyperion: A name that conveys grandeur and luminosity.
  • Odyssey: Reflecting the epic journeys and adventures of the ocean.
  • Sovereign: A name that denotes dominance and majesty.
  • Eclipse: Suggesting something so grand it overshadows all else.
  • Tidal Titan: Conveying the giant squid’s influence on oceanic currents and its immense strength.

Best Squid Names

Picking best names for squids is about being creative and keeping things simple while acknowledging what makes them special. We’ve chosen different best squid names that really show what squids are like in a fun and easy way:

  • Inkster: A playful name that highlights the squid’s ink-squirting ability.
  • Squidly: A friendly, approachable name, perfect for a characterful squid.
  • Twirl: Inspired by the squid’s swirling, elegant movements.
  • Glides: Suits a squid known for its smooth, gliding motion in the water.
  • Blue: A simple yet elegant name, hinting at the squid’s oceanic habitat.
  • Whirl: Captures the dynamic, spinning movements of squids.
  • Crest: Suggests the squid’s mastery of the ocean waves.
  • Fathom: A thoughtful name that evokes depth and understanding.
  • Ripple: Perfect for a squid whose movements disturb the water’s surface.
  • Sway: Reflects the graceful, swaying movements of a squid’s tentacles.
  • Voyager: Ideal for a squid known for its extensive ocean travels.
  • Surge: Perfect for a powerful and energetically moving squid.
  • Coral: Reflects the squid’s vibrant color and affinity with coral reefs.
  • Tide: A name that connects the squid with the rhythmic flow of the ocean.

Funny Names for a Squid

Selecting funny names for a squid is about mixing humor, playing with words, and giving a playful nod to what makes them special. The below funny names for a squid are meant to make you smile or even laugh a little:

  • Squid Vicious: A pun on the famous punk rocker, perfect for a squid with attitude.
  • Squiddle Dee: A whimsical play on words, reminiscent of a cheerful, upbeat character.
  • Ink Floyd: A humorous twist on the famous band name, ideal for a music-loving squid.
  • Captain Calamari: A playful name for a squid with a ‘sea-faring’ spirit.
  • Sushi: An ironic yet amusing name, especially for a pet squid.
  • Squidney: A humorous twist on a common name, giving it a personal touch.
  • Octopushy: A lighthearted name that combines ‘octopus’ and ‘pushy’, great for a forward squid.
  • Squidly Diddly: A rhythmic, catchy name that’s fun to say.
  • Tentacle Tom: A simple, alliterative name for a straightforward, no-nonsense squid.
  • Squishy: A cute, affectionate name that describes the squid’s texture.
  • Noodle Arms: A funny, descriptive name for a squid’s long tentacles.
  • Squidly Shuffles: A name that captures a squid’s unique way of moving.
  • Inkognito: A clever play on ‘incognito’, perfect for a mysterious or elusive squid.
  • Squidoo McFly: A light-hearted, whimsical name with a nod to pop culture.
  • Inky Jokester: Perfect for a squid that enjoys sharing a laugh with its ink.

Another Name for a Squid

When you think about other names for a squid, it’s fun to look at names that show what makes them special – how they act, what they look like, and their unique traits. We picked another names for a squid that reflect various aspects of squids:

  • Slipstream: A name that captures the swift, fluid movement of a squid.
  • Tentacool: A playful twist on the word ‘tentacle’, emphasizing the squid’s cool nature.
  • Squiggleton: A whimsical name, highlighting the squid’s squiggly movement.
  • Sea Dancer: Perfect for a squid known for its graceful swimming.
  • Cephy: Short for cephalopod, a scientific nod to the squid’s classification.
  • Deep Diver: A name that highlights the squid’s ability to dive deep into the ocean.
  • Wave Rider: Perfect for a squid that seems to ride the ocean currents.
  • Squirtle: A cute, playful name, perfect for a small or young squid.
  • Squidkin: A friendly, approachable name for a squid.
  • Shadowfin: Perfect for a squid known for its stealthy movements.
  • Ocean Whisper: A name that implies the gentle, quiet nature of a squid.
  • Squidoodle: A playful, lighthearted name for a quirky squid.
  • Vortex: For a squid that moves in a dynamic, spiraling manner.
  • Nautica: A name that resonates with the oceanic realm of the squid.
  • Swirl: Captures the elegant, swirling movement of a squid’s tentacles.

Pet Squid Names

Selecting names for your pet squid is about being creative, loving, and a bit playful. Below we discuss various pet squid names made just for pet squids, designed to match their unique and charming qualities:

  • Splash: A playful name for a squid that enjoys making waves.
  • Tentie: A friendly nickname that highlights the squid’s tentacles.
  • Squidlet: A sweet, endearing name for a smaller or younger squid.
  • Dotty: Fits a squid with a speckled or dotted appearance.
  • Glimmer: For a pet squid with a shiny or iridescent skin.
  • Nemo: Inspired by the adventurous character from the famous animated movie.
  • Squidoo: A playful, quirky name for a fun-loving squid.
  • Zippy: Ideal for a fast-moving, energetic squid.
  • Casper: A cute name for a squid, possibly inspired by its ghostly movements.
  • Blot: A short, catchy name referencing the ink blot a squid can produce.
  • Flipper: Suits a squid that enjoys flipping and twirling in the water.
  • Jelly: A sweet, soft name, perfect for a gentle pet squid.
  • Slinky: Reflects the graceful, slinky movements of a squid.
  • Swirl: Captures the beautiful swirling motion of a squid’s tentacles.
  • Ripple: A peaceful, serene name for a calmly moving pet squid.

Cuttlefish Vs Squid

There are many differences between cuttlefish and squid. Even though they are part of the same cephalopod family, they have special qualities that make them different. We will explain these differences in a simple way to make it easy to understand.

Knowing these distinctions is important because it helps us appreciate what makes each species special. This is especially helpful when we want to give them names or study them. Cuttlefish and squid are both interesting animals, each with their own unique charm and features.

Physical Appearance:

Cuttlefish: Cuttlefish are known for their unique, broad, and flat bodies. They have a distinctive w-shaped pupil in their eyes. A key feature of cuttlefish is the cuttlebone, a porous internal shell used for buoyancy control.

Squid: Squids have a more streamlined and elongated body, making them excellent swimmers. Their bodies are more torpedo-shaped, and they have a pair of triangular fins on their rear. Squids have round pupils.


Cuttlefish: Generally smaller than squids, most cuttlefish species grow up to 50 cm (20 inches) in length.

Squid: Squids vary widely in size. While some species are small, others, like the giant squid, can reach lengths of up to 13 meters (43 feet).

Behavior and Habitat:

Cuttlefish: These creatures are often found in shallow waters. Cuttlefish are known for their incredible ability to camouflage, changing color and texture to blend into their surroundings.

Squid: Squids are usually found in open waters. They are fast swimmers and can even ‘fly’ by squirting water to propel themselves out of the sea.

Tentacles and Arms:

Cuttlefish: They have eight arms and two tentacles used for feeding. The arms have suckers along their entire length.

Squid: Squids have eight arms and two longer feeding tentacles. The tentacles are used for catching prey, and the suckers are often only at the ends.


Both cuttlefish and squid have ink sacs, which they use as a defense mechanism to escape predators. The ink cloud confuses predators, allowing them to escape.


Both primarily feed on small fish and crustaceans. They use their tentacles to capture prey and their beak-like mouths to consume it.

Closing Words:

We have had an amazing journey of “Squid Names,” above, right? And you have finalized the beautiful name for your squid for sure from the amazing pool of squid names above and found amazing and interesting names that match their diverse and interesting qualities. From playful to elegant, each name we talked about shows a bit of what makes squids so cool.

When we choose names for squids, we celebrate how they move, their mysterious side, and how well they adapt. These names help us connect with these awesome creatures, understand their role in the ocean, and let our imagination wander into the wonders of the underwater world.

Remember, the names we pick for squids can show not only how they look but also their personality and the mysterious places they live. When we give them names, it’s like saying thank you for their beauty and the endless amazement they bring to us.

So, whether you love the sea, enjoy telling stories, or simply find marine life fascinating, we hope this list of squid names bring ideas and a deeper love for these incredible creatures of the deep.

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Naming these cute and interesting sea creatures is more than just a fun task. It’s a way to celebrate how special they are and recognize their important role in the oceans. Throughout our exploration of squid names, we found various names that capture different sides of squids—playful, mysterious, and awe-inspiring.

The diversity of names we’ve looked above reflects the incredible diversity of squids themselves. Each carefully chosen name shows a different part of these amazing animals, whether it’s their looks, actions, or their place in sea stories. These names give us a peek into the fascinating world of squids.

This exploration is not just a guide for naming but also a tribute to the beauty and mystery of marine life. It reminds us of the need to understand and appreciate our underwater friends. Squids, with their unique abilities and interesting lifestyles, show us the incredible wonders hidden beneath the ocean’s surface.

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