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Best Cool Funny and Hermit Carb Names

by NC Staff

Hermit crabs are friendly creatures that like being in big groups. There are more than 800 types of hermit crabs, like hermit crabs, fiddler crabs, and some freshwater crabs. Crabs are usually caught for food, some people keep them as pets. For that they need the best crab names for these tiny little friends.

We’ve collected hundreds of names below to help you pick the best name.

Female Crab Namess

Below is a collection of creative and special female crab names or girl crab names perfect for female crabs. These names are designed to be fun, easy to recall, and represent different traits associated with these captivating creatures:

  • Coral: Inspired by the vibrant marine ecosystems where many crabs thrive.
  • Sandy: For a crab that loves the shoreline.
  • Marina: Reflecting a love for the marine world.
  • Shelly: A cute name that plays on the hard shells of crabs.
  • Glimmer: Suggesting a shiny, eye-catching shell.
  • Tide: For a crab that moves with the rhythm of the sea.
  • Fern: For a crab found near coastal vegetation.
  • Hazel: A warm, earthy name.
  • Marigold: For a bright, sun-loving crab.
  • Aqua: Reflecting the aquatic habitat of the crab.

Boy Crab Names

These boy crab names are chosen to creatively capture their diverse and lively personality and they are easy to remember. Below is the of interesting male crab names that perfectly suits them:

  • Spike: A fitting name for a crab with prominent pincers or spikes.
  • Blu: For a crab with a striking blue shell.
  • Marlin: After the majestic sea creature, symbolizing strength.
  • Nemo: Inspired by the adventurous spirit of sea exploration.
  • Claw: A straightforward name highlighting the crab’s most distinctive feature.
  • Surf: For a crab that loves the waves and tides.
  • Crest: Named after the crest of a wave, symbolizing strength and freedom.
  • Gale: For a crab with a forceful and spirited personality.
  • Reef: Named after the rich, underwater ecosystems.
  • Harbor: Suggesting safety and shelter, like a harbor.

Blue Crab Names

Blue Crabs are interesting sea animals. They are recognized for their bright blue claws and interesting actions. Giving a name to a Blue Crab can be a fun and creative job. Here is a list of blue crab names:

  • Bluebell: Named after the charming blue flower.
  • Cerulean: For a crab with a sky-blue shell.
  • Teal: Combining blue and green shades, suitable for a crab with unique coloration.
  • Beryl: After the mineral known for its blue-green colors.
  • Neptune: Named after the Roman god of the sea.
  • Cyan: For a crab with a greenish-blue shade.
  • Atlantis: Evoking the mystery and beauty of the legendary sunken city.
  • Fjord: After the deep, blue waters of coastal inlets.
  • Ripple: Reflecting the gentle movement of water.
  • Sterling: Suggesting both quality and a play on the silver-blue color.

Cute Crab Names

We have collected these cute crab names, so that they are enjoyable, simple to say, and to embrace the delightful nature of these intriguing creatures. Below is a collection cute and charming names:

    • Nemo: Inspired by the adventurous spirit from the famous sea tale.
    • Tippy: For a crab often seen tiptoeing around.
    • Freckles: For a crab with a speckled shell.
    • Hopper: Ideal for a crab that loves to hop around.
    • Poppy: Reflecting a vibrant and lively character.
    • Squirt: Perfect for a small, young crab.
    • Snappy: For a crab with a quick and lively personality.
    • Starlet Swirl: Ideal for a glamorous crab that swirls through the water with the grace of a starlet.
    • Fluffy Foamy: Ideal for a fluffy and adorable crab that resembles the softness of ocean foam.
    • Scooter Snuggle: Suited for a crab that enjoys both scooting around and cozy snuggle sessions.

Famous Crab Names

Below is a collection of famous crab names influenced by well-known crabs from different media and cultures. These names are selected to represent the widely recognized and unforgettable crabs that have intrigued people globally:

  • Sebastian: From the beloved Disney movie “The Little Mermaid.”
  • Krusty: Inspired by the word crustacean and the famous Krusty Krab.
  • Pinchy: A cute name that hints at a crab’s pincers.
  • Zoea: After the larval stage of crabs, a unique choice.
  • Poseidon: Named after the god of the sea.
  • Hermes: After the hermit crab, suitable for a crab that likes to switch shells.
  • Triton: After the mythological Greek god, a majestic choice.
  • Hercules Clawster: A name inspired by the mighty Hercules and his legendary strength, perfect for a crab with powerful claws.
  • Captain Jack Shellington: Channeling the adventurous spirit of Captain Jack Sparrow, this name suits a crab ready for high-sea escapades.
  • Merlin Pincington: A magical name inspired by the legendary wizard Merlin, fitting for a crab with enchanting charm.

Hermit Crab Names

These hermit crab names aim to be memorable, easy to recall, and representative of the unique qualities of hermit crabs. We have collected suitable names for hermit crabs below:

  • Shelby: A playful take on their shell-changing behavior.
  • Nomad: Reflecting their wandering nature.
  • Snug: For a hermit crab that fits perfectly in its chosen shell.
  • Bunker: Suggesting a safe and secure shell.
  • Digger: Perfect for a crab that loves to burrow.
  • Gypsy: Reflecting their nomadic lifestyle.
  • Houdini: For a hermit crab that’s an escape artist.
  • Mariner: Reflecting their life in and around water.
  • Treasure: Because each hermit crab is a treasure.
  • Vagabond: For a hermit crab with a wandering spirit.

Funny Crab Names

We have collected these names to infuse a sense of humor and whimsy into crab naming, suitable for pets, story characters, or simply for a good laugh. Below are different funny crab names:

  • Crabby Patty: A nod to the famous “SpongeBob SquarePants” burger.
  • Snappy: Perfect for a crab with a quick claw.
  • Scuttlebutt: After the crab-like movement and a play on words.
  • Captain Hook: Inspired by the notorious pirate with a hook.
  • Pincerella: A whimsical name for a female crab.
  • Clawdia: A pun on a common name, suited for a female crab.
  • Shell Shock: For a crab that surprises everyone.
  • Crabacado: A quirky blend of crab and avocado.
  • Pincher: Straightforward and humorous.
  • Crabulous: A blend of crab and fabulous.

Best Crab Names

We carefully picked these best crab names to give your crustacean buddy a name that reflects grandeur, charm, and distinction. Below is the list:

  • Pinchy: A playful name that reflects their iconic pincers.
  • Scuttle: Inspired by their scurrying movements.
  • Sandy: Perfect for a crab who loves the beach.
  • Pearl: For a crab with a shiny, pearl-like appearance.
  • Crawford: A playful twist on the word ‘craw’.
  • Gumbo: A fun name, especially for fans of seafood cuisine.
  • Whirlpool: Capturing the dynamic nature of ocean currents.
  • Navigator: Perfect for a crab known for its exploring habits.
  • Wave Walker: Envision your crab as a nimble creature, skillfully navigating ocean waves and leaving a trail of tiny footprints in the sand.
  • Ocean Oracle: Envision your crab as a wise oracle, possessing knowledge and insights into the mysteries of the deep blue sea.

Cool Crab Names

When naming a crab, picking a cool and catchy name can make your pet even more interesting. Here are different cool crab names that will suit any crab’s style:

  • Clawdette: A chic play on the word ‘claw’.
  • Moby Click: Inspired by the famous whale, but with a crustacean twist.
  • Pinch: A fun, slightly formal name for a crab with character.
  • Scurry: Perfect for a crab that’s always on the move.
  • Kraken: After the legendary sea monster, for a crab with a strong personality.
  • Barnacle Bill: A nautical-themed name with a touch of whimsy.
  • Gilligan: A nod to the classic shipwrecked character, ideal for an adventurous crab.
  • Seashell: A cool and serene name, ideal for a calm crab.
  • Sandy Claws: A playful twist on ‘Santa Claus’, perfect for a crab found on sandy shores.
  • Coral King: A regal name for a crab that reigns supreme.

Cartoon Crab Names

When talking about cartoon crabs, their names should be lively and full of character, just like them. Here are interesting cartoon crab names that perfectly capture the playful spirit of these charming crustaceans:

  • Zippy Claw: Perfect for a fast-moving, energetic crab.
  • Bingo Pincher: A lively and fun name, great for a playful crab.
  • Sunny Shell: A cheerful name, perfect for a bright and sunny crab.
  • Giggles: A name that suits a crab with a humorous side.
  • Tango Twist: Perfect for a crab who moves like it’s dancing.
  • Coral Comedian: A name for a crab known for its funny antics.
  • Wavy Walker: For a crab that strolls along the ocean floor.
  • Sir Scuttle: A noble and slightly formal name for an elegant crab.
  • Pixie Pinch: A magical, fairy-like name for a charming crab.
  • Jelly Jive: Great for a crab who moves in a bouncy, lively way.

Crab Scientific Name

Crabs are interesting creatures that live in both the sea and on land. They have unique traits and behaviors. Their scientific names come from a system called binomial nomenclature, which is a way of naming all living organisms that everyone understands. Every crab’s scientific name has two parts: the genus name and the species name. We will discuss the scientific names of different types of crabs below:

  • Callinectes sapidus: This is the scientific name for the famous blue crab, renowned for its culinary uses.
  • Carcinus maenas: Known as the shore crab or green crab, this species is often found in rocky shores.
  • Gecarcinus quadratus: The Halloween crab, famous for its bright and colorful shell.
  • Uca pugnax: The fiddler crab, easily recognizable by its distinctively large claw.
  • Cancer pagurus: Commonly known as the edible crab, it’s a species often used in cooking.
  • Eriocheir sinensis: The Chinese mitten crab, named for the furry clumps on its claws.
  • Portunus trituberculatus: This species is the gazami crab, the most widely fished crab in the world.
  • Scylla serrata: Known as the mud crab or mangrove crab, found in estuaries and mangroves.
  • Dromia personata: The sleepy sponge crab, known for carrying sea sponges on its back.
  • Limulus polyphemus: Although named the Atlantic horseshoe crab, it’s more closely related to spiders and scorpions.

These scientific names not only help in accurately identifying the species but also provide necassary information about their taxonomy and evolutionary relationships. Each name, steeped in Latin and Greek roots, reveals something about the crab’s characteristics, habits, or habitat.



Our above guide and detailed list of crab names guide gives you options for naming your pet. We’ve got names for both boy and girl hermit crabs, cute names, best names and more. Hopefully you have picked your favorite name among these names.

In every aspect, the names we give to crabs show our human fascination with them. They reveal our desire to organize, comprehend, and connect with these amazing creatures.

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