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Cute Cool Funny and Famous Chipmunk Names

by NC Staff

You do not ignore the cuteness of Chipmunks, those adorable creatures, are part of the same family as squirrels, making them one of the cutest animals globally. These small and lively creatures often become part of our gardens or even our homes. Naming them is the first step to adopt and train these cutie pies. In this article we will bring best and cool chipmunk names for you to choose from.

Cute Chipmunk Names

Naming chipmunk can be a fun job because these small and active animals bring happiness and playfulness. Below are cute chipmunk names, whether it’s in your garden or a pet. Every name here is picked to show the special traits and adorable qualities of chipmunks:


Female Chipmunk Names

These female chipmunk names are selected to fit the charming nature of female chipmunks, ensuring that each one matches their adorable and lively personality. Here are different girl chipmunk names that are just right for female chipmunks:

Famous Chipmunk Names

Naming chipmunks can be a fun experience, and getting ideas from famous characters and historical figures can make it even more special. Here are famous chipmunk names from movies, cartoons, literature, and history that might suit your chipmunk perfectly:


Names For a Chipmunk

There are many delightful options to choose from names for a chipmunk, and it is a fun task also. We selected each of these names to match the playful and charming personalities of chipmunks, making them an ideal choice for these adorable creatures. Here are the options:

Disney Chipmunk Names

When you want to give a chipmunk a name, checking out Disney can give you lots of great ideas. Disney characters are famous for their special traits and lovable qualities, making them perfect for inspiring chipmunk names. Here’s a list of Disney chipmunk names:


Funny Chipmunk Names

When you want to give a chipmunk a name, choosing something funny or whimsical can make it even more fun and special. Here’s a list of different funny chipmunk names that are sure to make you smile:

Cartoon Chipmunk Names

Cartoons are great at sparking our imagination and giving us characters we never forget. When you’re naming a chipmunk, looking at cartoons can give you lots of creative and fun ideas. Here are cartoon chipmunk names inspired by cartoons:


Chipmunk Nicknames

Nickname of a chipmunk lets you express the special charm and personality of these adorable creatures. Nicknames often show affection and closeness, making them great for a pet. Here are sweet chipmunk nicknames:

Scientific Name for a Chipmunk

Chipmunks have a special name in the scientific world that sets them apart in the animal kingdom. In the scientific world, chipmunks are known as “Tamias.” This name has its roots in Greek, where “Tamias” means “storer.” It’s a fitting description for chipmunks, as they are famous for storing food.

The initial section indicates the genus, while the subsequent section designates the species.



Hope you have selected a cute name for your little chipmunk pet. These cute creatures mean more to us than just occasional visitors or characters in cartoons. The names we pick for them, whether based on their playful behavior or their scientific category, show how we connect with these small members of the animal world.

These names show our respect, curiosity, and admiration for these delightful creatures and their role in the beautiful web of nature.

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