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Best Cute Catchy and Female Pegasus Names

by NC Staff

Are you searching for a perfect name for your imaginary Pegasus character? Or perhaps you’re just curious about Pegasus names? It is not easy to find unique name for Pegasus. The name you choose should suits these amazing creatures as well as honor the Greek origin.

The mythical winged horse, rooted in Greek tales, represents freedom, strength, and adventure, attracts human minds for centuries. Below we will discuss hundreds of unique and perfect names for Pegasus that reflects their importance and nature perfectly.

Famous Pegasus Names

These famous Pegasus names take us to a world of awe and creativity. These special names capture the true spirit of Pegasus, bringing a bit of magic to any story or creative project you have in mind:

  • Skydancer: Aptly named for its gracefulness in the air, Skydancer embodies the elegance and freedom of the skies.
  • Starmane: With a mane that shimmers like the night sky, Starmane is a Pegasus known for its celestial beauty.
  • Zephyrwing: Gentle as a breeze but swift as the wind, Zephyrwing is a name that speaks to this Pegasus’s speed and agility.
  • Cloudhoof: This Pegasus, known for its fluffy, cloud-like hooves, seems to trot on air, leaving no trace behind.
  • Auroraglide: Named after the Aurora Borealis, Auroraglide’s wings mirror the colors of the northern lights.
  • Blazeheart: With a fiery spirit and a bold heart, Blazeheart is a Pegasus that inspires courage and bravery.
  • Moonfeather: This Pegasus, adorned with silvery feathers, glows softly in the moonlight, embodying the calm of the night.
  • Thundermane: Known for its thunderous gallop in the skies, Thundermane’s presence is as awe-inspiring as a storm.
  • Galestride: Swift and powerful, Galestride’s wings can stir up gusts as it soars through the air.
  • Solarchaser: Always found basking in sunlight, Solarchaser has a golden hue that sparkles in the day.
Famous Pegasus stands majestically among flowers in green valley, wings spread.

Names For a Pegasus

We carefully select each name on this list to connect with the ethereal and magical essence of Pegasus. These names of Pegasus capture the magic and grace of these mythical winged creatures, bringing a sense of wonder to your bond.

  • Skygazer: A Pegasus always found looking towards the heavens, dreaming of the next adventure.
  • Windrunner: Known for its incredible speed, racing with the wind as if in a playful challenge.
  • Starshimmer: This Pegasus’s coat glimmers like a starry night, capturing the wonder of the cosmos.
  • Sunbeam Dancer: As if dancing on sunbeams, this Pegasus radiates warmth and joy wherever it goes.
  • Moonlit Majesty: With a graceful presence, this Pegasus is a serene figure under the moonlit sky.
  • Azurewing: Its striking blue wings are as vast and deep as the ocean, symbolizing freedom and depth.
  • Celestial Spirit: A Pegasus that embodies the boundless spirit of the skies, always seeking higher ground.
  • Galehoof: Known for its powerful hooves that can summon gusts of wind with every step.
  • Lightningmane: With a mane that sparkles like lightning, this Pegasus is a vibrant force of nature.
  • Shadowflare: This Pegasus has a mysterious allure, with a dark coat that seems to capture shadows.

Winged Horse Names

The Pegasus is an amazing and mythical winged horse often seen as symbols of freedom, strength, and grace, should have names that show how incredible they are. Here are special winged horse names, each show their magical nature:

  • Aetherwing: Soaring effortlessly through the skies, Aetherwing represents the pure essence of the heavens.
  • Breezefleet: Swift and light, Breezefleet glides through the air like a gentle gust of wind.
  • Celesthoof: With every step, Celesthoof seems to tread on the very fabric of the starry night.
  • Dawnfeather: As radiant as the first light of daybreak, Dawnfeather brings hope with every sunrise.
  • Ecliptic Blaze: With a mane that sparkles like stars during an eclipse, Ecliptic Blaze is a sight to behold.
  • Flaremane: Known for its vibrant, fiery mane that seems to flicker and dance in the light.
  • Glimmerstride: Reflecting the world around it, Glimmerstride moves with a shimmering grace.
  • Horizon Glide: Always found near the horizon, this Pegasus seems to dance along the edge of the earth and sky.
  • Iridescence: With wings that shimmer in all the colors of the rainbow, Iridescence is a symbol of beauty and hope.
  • Jetstream: Powerful and swift, Jetstream cuts through the air like a shooting star.
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Flying Horse Name

The mythical Pegasus is a magnificent flying horse that has always sparked our imagination. These wonderful creatures deserve names that capture their enchanting and magical nature. Here are different flying horse names:

  • Skytrotter: This Pegasus effortlessly trots through the clouds, embodying the freedom of the sky.
  • Aurorawing: With wings that shimmer like the northern lights, Aurorawing is a vision of celestial beauty.
  • Cloudmane: Named for its fluffy, cloud-like mane, Cloudmane glides gracefully through the heavens.
  • Starhoof: Leaving a trail of starlight in its path, Starhoof is a symbol of dreams and aspirations.
  • Galefeather: Quick and agile, Galefeather dashes through the air like a gust of wind.
  • Mistygait: With a gentle and mysterious presence, Mistygait seems to emerge from the morning mists.
  • Sunprancer: Joyful and vibrant, Sunprancer dances in the sunlight, radiating warmth and energy.
  • Moonsteed: Serene and graceful, Moonsteed mirrors the calm and beauty of the moonlit night.
  • Zephyrheart: Gentle and kind-hearted, Zephyrheart moves with the softness of a zephyr.
  • Stormchaser: Bold and adventurous, Stormchaser is fearless in the face of turbulent skies.

Female Pegasus Names

When you name a female Pegasus, it’s important to pick a name that shows her elegance and the magical beauty. Below is a list of female pegasus names, each carrying a sense of the magic and grace that female Pegasus have:

  • Celestia: Her name evokes the vastness and beauty of the celestial skies.
  • Elysia: Named for a place of perfect happiness, she embodies joy and serenity.
  • FloraWing: Reflecting the beauty of a blooming garden, her grace is as delicate as a flower.
  • GlimmerStar: With a shimmering coat, she shines brightly like a star.
  • IrisMist: Named after the rainbow goddess, her mane and tail shimmer with all the colors of the spectrum.
  • Opaline: Her coat has the iridescent sheen of an opal, sparkling in the sunlight.
  • Rosalind: Graceful and beautiful, she is named after the delicate rose.
  • SapphireDream: Her deep blue wings are reminiscent of the richest sapphires.
  • TerraWisp: Grounded yet light as air, she connects the earth and sky.
  • VioletWind: As swift and colorful as the wind on a spring day.
Female Pegasus flying in sky with flowing hair and clouds.

My Little Pony Pegasus Names

We collect each name to capture the magical traits of Pegasus ponies, showing the playful and excitable spirit of “My Little Pony”. Below we share creative my little pony Pegasus names, ideal for any Pegasus pony in your attractive stories:

  • Breezy Flutter: As light and playful as a gentle breeze.
  • Cloud Twirl: Dancing gracefully among the clouds.
  • Feather Drift: Floating serenely on the wind’s current.
  • Honey Drizzle: Sweet and kind, bringing joy like honey.
  • Sparkle Swirl: A whirlwind of energy and sparkling joy.
  • Astral: Mystical and otherworldly, like a traveler through the cosmos.
  • Zing: Full of energy and excitement, a name that sparkles with life.
  • Gale: Playful and spirited, riding the gusts of wind with joy.
  • Ember: Glowing with warmth, like the dying embers of a cozy fire.
  • Horizon: Forever reaching for new possibilities, a name filled with optimism.

Mlp Pegasus Names

These Mlp Pegasus names are filled with charm and cheer, are just right for the Pegasus ponies. Each name shows the unique personality and magical qualities of these amazing characters, making them perfect for any MLP-inspired adventure.

  • Petalwing: Light and delicate, reminiscent of petals dancing in the breeze.
  • Zingara: Energetic and vibrant, a name that reflects a zest for life.
  • Tranquil: Calm and composed, a Pegasus that brings serenity to the skies.
  • Eclipse: Dark and mysterious, capturing the essence of a celestial phenomenon.
  • Aether: Light and airy, a name as celestial as the clouds it soars through.
  • Skylark: Soaring high with a melodious song, a name that echoes through the clouds.
  • Astral: Connected to the stars, embodying the vastness of the night sky.
  • Minty Breeze: Fresh and invigorating like a cool, minty wind.
  • Twilight Twirl: Dancing in the twilight with elegant spins.
  • Daisy Drift: Drifting gracefully like a daisy in the breeze.
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Good Pegasus Names

These winged horses represent freedom and grace, and they should have names that connect with their noble character. Here is a list of good Pegasus names each selected thoughtfully to show their majestic and magical essence:

  • Lumina: Radiant and luminous, casting a warm glow as it soars.
  • Seraphic: Angelic and divine, suitable for a Pegasus with heavenly grace.
  • Serenity: Calm and peaceful, bringing tranquility to the skies.
  • Gossamer: Delicate and fine, like the threads of a spider’s web in flight.
  • Whisperwind: A gentle breeze, carrying secrets through the air.
  • Elysian: Blissful and idyllic, evoking a sense of heavenly paradise.
  • Bellewing: Beautiful and charming, like a fairy-tale creature in flight.
  • Vesper: Evening-inspired, perfect for a Pegasus that soars under the stars.
  • Star Chaser: Eternally pursuing the distant twinkles of the night.
  • Mystic Breeze: Moving mysteriously and gracefully, like a soft wind.

Fantasia Pegasus Names

These creatures symbolize magic, dreams, and countless untold stories. Every Fantasia Pegasus should have a name that shows their lively spirit. Here are fantasia Pegasus names that resonate with the wonder of these magnificent beings:

  • Cirque: Playful and lively, like a Pegasus performing in an aerial circus.
  • Sylph: Airy and ethereal, like a Pegasus from the heart of a fairy tale.
  • Zephyrella: A blend of Zephyr and Cinderella, perfect for a magical companion.
  • Astralyn: Connected to the stars, embodying the wonders of the cosmos.
  • Blossomheart: Gentle and kind, like a Pegasus from a magical garden.
  • Solstara: Capturing the essence of changing seasons, a name of natural beauty.
  • Harmonia: Balancing grace and melody, creating a symphony in the sky.
  • ArcadiaWing: Reflecting a utopian harmony with nature and the skies.
  • Echostream: Echoing the serene sound of a gentle stream in flight.
  • Glimmercrest: Adorned with a shimmering crest that catches the light.
Fantasia Pegasus on mountain peak, stars, cloudy background

Pegasus Roman Name

When Greek stories became a part of Roman culture, Pegasus mostly kept his famous name, showing how much people loved him over time. We honor the spirit of Pegasus by giving you a list of creative Pegasus roman names:

  • Celestius: Inspired by celestial skies, this name suggests a Pegasus who glides gracefully through the stars.
  • Aerowing: For a Pegasus known for swift, powerful flights, commanding the air currents.
  • Skymane: Symbolizes a horse with a mane like the swirling clouds of the sky.
  • Zephyrion: Named after the gentle west wind, perfect for a calm and soothing Pegasus.
  • Nimbusglide: Conjures the image of a Pegasus gliding effortlessly among the clouds.
  • Etherion: A name that hints at the ethereal, almost mystical nature of Pegasus.
  • Solarius: Evokes the warmth and brilliance of the sun, ideal for a golden-hued Pegasus.
  • Lunafeather: Perfect for a Pegasus that seems to dance in the moonlight.
  • Astraeus: Named after the titan of dusk, for a Pegasus that embodies the mystery of twilight.
  • Halostride: Suggests a Pegasus with a presence that’s almost holy or celestial.

Pegasus Names in Percy Jackson

These names are inspired by Percy Jackson, invite us to enter a world where Pegasus isn’t just a made-up story; it’s a real, living creature filled with wonder. Below is a collection of pegasus names in percy Jackson:

  • Aquawing: Perfect for a water-loving Pegasus, often found gliding over oceans and rivers.
  • Shadowmane: Ideal for a Pegasus with a dark, sleek coat, blending into the night sky.
  • Lightningstreak: A name for a Pegasus known for its incredible speed, as quick as a bolt of lightning.
  • Seabreeze: Perfect for a Pegasus that enjoys flying along coastlines, with a calm and gentle demeanor.
  • Moonbeam: A name for a Pegasus with a pale, luminescent coat, evoking the beauty of moonlight.
  • Startrail: Ideal for a Pegasus that loves to fly at night, under the starry sky.
  • Oceanmist: A name for a Pegasus that seems to have the essence of the sea in its mane.
  • Crimsonwing: Perfect for a Pegasus with striking red wings, symbolizing strength and passion.
  • Echoflight: Suits a Pegasus with a gentle, quiet presence, like an echo in a valley.
  • Zephyrbreeze: A name for a Pegasus that embodies the gentleness of a zephyr.
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Other Names for Pegasus

The famous winged horse from Greek myths, while we commonly know him as ‘Pegasus,’ have many other names that capture their spirit and elegance. Below we discuss other names for Pegasus, each highlighting their unique aspect:

  • Skytrotter: Ideal for a Pegasus who loves to leisurely roam the skies.
  • Cloudgalloper: For a Pegasus that seems to dance across the clouds.
  • Starsoarer: Perfect for a Pegasus that seems to reach for the stars in its flight.
  • Heavenmane: A name for a Pegasus with a mane that looks like it’s spun from the heavens.
  • Celestialsteed: Emphasizes the Pegasus’ ethereal and otherworldly nature.
  • Moonmystic: Perfect for a Pegasus that prefers the quietude of night skies.
  • Aetherwings: A name that captures the essence of the sky and the upper air.
  • Galaxysteed: For a Pegasus whose beauty reminds one of the vast cosmos.
  • Nimbusdancer: A playful Pegasus that seems to dance among the clouds.
  • Twilightglider: Perfect for a Pegasus that enjoys the tranquil time between day and night.

Pegasus Nicknames

Though everyone knows Pegasus, there are lots of cool nicknames that describe his amazing qualities. These names are a fun way to think about and honor the amazing spirit of this mythical flying horse. Here are different Pegasus Nicknames:

  • Moonracer: Ideal for a Pegasus who loves to fly under the moonlit sky.
  • Heavensent: Suits a Pegasus that seems like a gift from the skies.
  • Astralrunner: For a Pegasus that embodies the mystery of the cosmos.
  • Skyblade: Reflects a Pegasus known for swift, sharp turns in flight.
  • Nimbus: Ideal for a Pegasus that seems at home among the clouds.
  • Galeforce: Suits a Pegasus known for powerful, forceful flights.
  • Skyking: Reflects a Pegasus with a regal and commanding presence.
  • Solstice: Reflects a Pegasus that shines brightest during pivotal moments.
  • Mistwing: For a Pegasus with a mysterious, ethereal quality.
  • Skyharbor: Suits a Pegasus seen as a protector of the skies.
Pegasus flying in sky, cloud; background white light.


A unicorn and a Pegasus are both mythical creatures, but they have distinct characteristics. The primary difference lies in their physical features. A unicorn is typically depicted as a horse with a single, spiraled horn projecting from its forehead, symbolizing purity and grace. In contrast, a Pegasus is a winged horse, with no horn, known for its ability to fly. While unicorns are often associated with magical powers and healing, Pegasus is renowned for its strength, freedom, and speed in flight.

Traditionally, a unicorn and a Pegasus are separate entities in mythology. However, in modern fantasy literature and media, there’s a concept known as an ‘alicorn’ that combines the features of both—a winged horse with a unicorn’s horn. This hybrid is more a creation of contemporary fantasy than traditional myth.

Determining who is more powerful between a Pegasus and a unicorn depends on the context of their mythical stories and the attributes assigned to them. Unicorns are often imbued with magical powers, healing abilities, and a connection to purity and goodness. Pegasus, on the other hand, is celebrated for its physical prowess, the freedom of flight, and its role in several heroic tales. Both creatures hold significant power in their respective domains, making it challenging to declare one more powerful than the other.

If you like these names or want to read more similar Fantasy names, then check out our blog on Unicorn Names and Hippogriff Names.


Surely you like and selected the best name from the above pool of name.

Pegasus, with its big wings and majestic appearance, is a symbol of freedom, inspiration, and endless possibilities found in myths and legends.

These creatures encourage us to open our minds and discover the magic in our world. Their names and stories are a source of inspiration, reminding us of how powerful myths and legends are in human culture.

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