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Best Famous Funny and Cool Troll Names 

by NC Staff

Are you searching for best and cute name for your troll character? Look no further! In this article, we’ll provide you hundreds of the best troll names to choose from, whether for your World of Warcraft character or just for a good laugh.

Trolls, commonly found in folklore, fantasy literature, and cultural legends, are mythological creatures. In stories, legends, and the digital worlds we make and live in, trolls have a special spot in our imaginations. These creatures, sometimes seen as amazing and playful, have been a part of stories in different cultures.

Below we’ll explore various categories of names of these creatures, offering a diverse selection of options to suit different tastes and preferences.

Trolls Names

  • Grundle
  • Thorn.
  • Boulder
  • Moss
  • Rumble
  • Whisper
  • .Grit
  • Shade
  • Ember
  • Bramble
Troll Names

Names For Trolls

Trolls are creatures from myths and stories that have fascinated people for a long time. Each name isn’t just a word but shows something about the troll’s personality, skills, or where they live. Let’s explore the unique names for trolls:

  • Grunnar: A name signifying strength and resilience, Grunnar is known among trolls for his unwavering endurance.
  • Flintlock: Named for his knack for igniting sparks, Flintlock is both feared and revered for his control over fire.
  • Tarn: Tarn, meaning a small mountain lake, reflects this troll’s affinity for dwelling near water bodies in secluded areas.
  • Cobble: Resembling the rugged, uneven stones found in rapid streams, Cobble is known for his tough and resilient nature.
  • Nimbus: With a temper as unpredictable as the weather, Nimbus can go from calm to stormy in an instant.
  • Sedge: Hidden among the reeds, Sedge is a master of camouflage, blending seamlessly into his marshy home.
  • Vex: Known for his mischievous nature, Vex enjoys playing tricks on unwary travelers and fellow trolls alike.
  • Marl: Named after the fertile earth, Marl is deeply connected to the land and its well-being.
  • Ridge: Towering and imposing, Ridge is as unyielding and rugged as the mountain ridges he calls home.
  • Lichen: Lichen, blending with his mossy surroundings, is rarely seen but always present, watching over his domain.

Female Troll Names

Respected for their wisdom and mystical abilities, female trolls uphold ancient traditions and safeguard their sacred lands. Below we uncover distinct female troll names capturing the spirit and strength of these powerful beings:

  • Fern: Like the delicate yet resilient plant, Fern embodies the ability to thrive in the shadows, offering healing and protection to those around her.
  • Myst: Enshrouded in mystery, Myst has a knack for disappearing into thin air, her presence felt rather than seen, a guardian of secrets and ancient lore.
  • Breeze: Light and ephemeral, Breeze moves with the gentleness of a morning wind, her touch bringing solace and renewal to the weary.
  • Thistle: Bearing the name of the hardy plant, Thistle is both beautiful and formidable, her strength lying in her resilience and sharp wit.
  • Ember: Smoldering with a quiet strength, Ember possesses the ability to ignite change and passion, her spirit never extinguished.
  • Brook: Constant and refreshing, Brook has the soothing presence of a babbling stream, her voice offering clarity and calm in turbulent times.
  • Sage: Wise beyond her years, Sage is sought after for her counsel, her name synonymous with wisdom and deep understanding of the natural world.
  • Coral: Vibrant and lively, Coral brings color to the darkest depths, her spirit uplifting and inspiring to all who know her.
  • Raven: Mystical and enigmatic, Raven holds the secrets of magic, her insight piercing through illusion to reveal the truth.
  • Terra: Embodied with the essence of the earth, Terra is the foundation upon which her clan builds, her stability and generosity boundless.
Female Troll Names

Male Troll Names

In the rough landscapes and darkened woods where trolls wander, male trolls emerge as strong, wise, and protective figures. Below are male troll names showing true nature of male trolls’ bravery and their lasting impact in the mystical realm:

  • Bran: Sturdy and reliable, Bran is known for his unwavering courage in the face of adversity, standing tall like the tree he is named after.
  • Flint: Sparking change and innovation, Flint is revered for his ability to ignite passion and resolve within his community.
  • Holt: Strongly connected to the forest, Holt is a guardian of woodland creatures and ancient trees, his presence as calming as the deep woods.
  • Iron: Unyielding and robust, Iron stands as a symbol of resilience, his resolve as hard as the metal he is named for.
  • Jarl: Bearing the title of leadership, Jarl commands respect and loyalty, his wisdom guiding his clan through the seasons.
  • Knoll: Overseeing the hills and valleys, Knoll has a deep understanding of the land, his strategy and insight invaluable.
  • Moss: Blending seamlessly with his surroundings, Moss is a master of camouflage, his knowledge of herbal lore unmatched.
  • Nord: Reflecting the ruggedness of the northern wilds, Nord thrives in the harshest conditions, his endurance legendary.
  • Orin: Deep as the ancient ores, Orin’s wisdom is mined from the heart of the earth, his counsel sought by all.
  • Pike: Sharp and decisive, Pike is known for his strategic mind, his actions as swift as the weapon he is named after.

Famous Troll Names

Trolls are known for their power, cleverness, and unique traits. Famous troll names, passed down through stories, have become symbols of the magical and sometimes dangerous worlds they live in. Below are different options:

  • Gruff: The name evokes images of the classic guardian under the bridge, challenging passersby with riddles or brute force.
  • Skryja: A name known in whispers, Skryja is famed for her ability to vanish into thin air, leaving only a faint echo behind.
  • Bouldar: As solid and unyielding as the rock formations he embodies, Bouldar stands as a protector of ancient mountain secrets.
  • Triton: With a name that resonates with the sound of water, Triton lurks near rivers, his presence as unpredictable as the currents.
  • Fenris: Borrowing from the ferocity of wolves, Fenris is a name that commands respect and fear in the dark woods.
  • Glimmer: Known for his elusive nature, Glimmer is barely seen, except for the fleeting sparkle in the moonlit nights.
  • Hektor: A name that signifies strength and valor, Hektor is often the hero of tales where bravery conquers darkness.
  • Jotnar: Hailing from the giants of legend, Jotnar’s name is synonymous with power and the ancient forces of nature.
  • Krag: Reflecting the rugged landscape, Krag is a steadfast guardian of the stone and earth, his presence as formidable as a cliff face.
  • Mirth: In contrast to his kin, Mirth is known for his jovial nature, proving that not all trolls are creatures of dread.

Good Troll Names

These best troll names show the unique personality and abilities of the troll it belongs to. Here are different troll names, each describing traits that reflect the many sides of these mythical creatures:

  • Cheerripple: Creating ripples of cheer wherever it goes, this troll is the embodiment of uplifting spirits.
  • Laughingbloom: Blooming with laughter, this troll brings a springtime joy to the mystical forest.
  • Blisswhistle: Whistling tunes of bliss, this troll is the maestro of creating a blissful atmosphere.
  • Gentlebeam: Casting a gentle light on its surroundings, this troll is known for its calm and gentle demeanor.
  • Merrywhisper: Known for its merry presence, this troll’s whispers are the echoes of festive joy.
  • Bramok: Evocative of brambles and rugged terrain, this name suits a troll that is both protector and warrior of the wilds.
  • Thornix: A sharp, edgy name that hints at a troll with spiky armor or a prickly personality.
  • Mudlor: Ideal for a troll who dwells in marshes and muddy banks, blending seamlessly into the mire.
  • Grottar: Suggestive of caves and rocky lairs, this name is fitting for a troll that calls the mountains home.
  • Veldun: This name suggests vastness, suitable for a troll with a dominion over open lands or plains.

Funniest Troll Names

The names assigned to these trolls reflect their mischievous and comical nature, challenging the usual expectation of fear. Here, we introduce the funniest troll names, each captures the essence of their playful personalities:

  • Snoozle: A troll famous for falling asleep at inopportune moments, often while trying to scare travelers.
  • Burble: Known for his nonsensical babbling that confuses more than it frightens.
  • Fizzle: A troll whose attempts at magic usually end in colorful, harmless explosions.
  • Bloop: This troll loves to jump into rivers, causing loud, unexpected splashes for unsuspecting passersby.
  • Squiggle: A troll with an unusual walk, leaving zigzag tracks that baffle trackers.
  • Plop: Famous for accidentally dropping things from bridges onto boats below, then chuckling about it.
  • Snicker: A troll who can’t help but laugh at his own jokes, even when no one else does.
  • Twiddle: A troll who fiddles with anything he can find, often forgetting his initial intent to scare.
  • Splat: Has a habit of accidentally stepping in his own traps, leading to messy situations.
  • Bumble: A troll so absent-minded, he often helps travelers instead of hindering them.
Funniest Troll Names

Cool Troll Names

Cool troll names connect to their mythological origins but also bring in a modern touch, showing off their strength, mystery, and how they amaze people. This list presents troll names designed with creativity, expresses power and the mystery:

  • Ragnarok: A name that resonates with the end of worlds, perfect for a troll of apocalyptic strength.
  • Skarn: Suggests toughness and resilience, like the ancient rocks trolls are often associated with.
  • Vortex: Implies a whirlwind of power, suitable for a troll who commands the elements.
  • Titan: Evokes immense size and strength, ideal for the most formidable of trolls.
  • Shadow: A name for a troll who moves unseen, a master of stealth and secrecy.
  • Quake: Suggests earth-shattering power, fitting for a troll whose steps cause the ground to tremble.
  • Crimson: A name that hints at a fearsome warrior, perhaps one who has seen many battles.
  • Nebula: A name for a troll of cosmic power, or one with a mysterious, enigmatic presence.
  • Jade: Suggests both hardness and beauty, perfect for a troll with an unbreakable will.
  • Rift: For a troll who stands between worlds or guards the boundaries of realms.

Cute Troll Names

Trolls are often seen as big and serious in stories, but there’s a different, more playful side to them too. We can explore cute troll names to see this fun side. The list below has troll names, each with a touch of playfulness:

  • Fuzzle: For a troll with an unusually fuzzy appearance, inviting hugs rather than screams.
  • Fluff: Suggests a troll with a fluffy exterior, as soft and gentle as a cloud.
  • Squish: Perfect for a troll that’s irresistibly huggable, with a squishy, comforting feel.
  • Tumble: A playful troll who loves to roll and frolic in the meadows.
  • Glimmerpaws: This troll has twinkling eyes and a mischievous grin. Glimmerpaws loves to play hide-and-seek in the moonlit forest.
  • Snugglewhisk: With fur as soft as a cloud, Snugglewhisk is the cuddliest troll you’ll ever meet. This name is perfect for a troll who adores hugs and warm embraces.
  • Jingleberry: Jingleberry is the festive troll who spreads joy all year round. With a jingling laugh and a heart full of cheer, this name embodies the spirit of celebration.
  • Whisperwillow: Known for her gentle nature, Whisperwillow is the wise and thoughtful troll of the group. She’s the perfect confidante, always ready to lend an ear or share a comforting whisper.
  • Dazzleflutter: With wings that shimmer like a kaleidoscope, Dazzleflutter is the enchanting troll who brings a touch of magic wherever she goes. Perfect for a troll with a flair for the extraordinary.
  • Gigglesnout: Gigglesnout’s infectious laughter can turn the gloomiest day into a carnival of joy. This troll is the life of the party, spreading laughter like confetti.
Cute Troll Names

Warcraft Troll Names

The World of Warcraft is like a big puzzle of stories, fights, and friendships. Trolls are known for being tough, deep thinkers, and strong warriors. The warcraft troll names of trolls tell stories about their lively communities and the rough places they live in:

  • Zuljin: A name that evokes power and leadership, reminiscent of legendary troll chieftains.
  • Rokhan: Suggests a wise and cunning figure, skilled in both battle and the arts of shadow magic.
  • Voljin: A name that resonates with bravery and a deep connection to the Loa, the spirits revered by trolls.
  • Senjin: Implies wisdom and a strong sense of community, honoring the memory of a revered Darkspear elder.
  • Zekhan: Suggests a youthful but promising warrior, known for loyalty and courage.
  • Talanji: Reflects dignity and grace, suitable for royalty or a high priestess connected to the gods.
  • Zulamar: Suggests a connection to the sea and the courage of those who navigate its treacherous waters.
  • Gazlowe: Though not a traditional troll name, it brings to mind the ingenious spirit of troll inventors.
  • Nazwatha: Implies a deep connection to nature and the primal forces that shape the world.
  • Loakan: A name that speaks to the wisdom of the Loa and those who seek their guidance.

Trolls Character Names

Troll characters are found in many types of stories, from old tales to new cartoons, showing a lot of different qualities like cleverness, courage, kindness, and humor. This list has trolls character names, each with a description:

  • Flix: A name that hints at a troll with a quick, clever nature, always one step ahead.
  • Duff: Suggests a sturdy, reliable character, much like the solid earth trolls are often connected to.
  • Glitter: Ideal for a character who brings light and joy wherever they go, sparkling with positive energy.
  • Chuckle: Suggests a troll with a good sense of humor, always ready to lighten the mood.
  • Twirl: For a troll known for their agility and dance, moving with grace and beauty.
  • Nook: A cozy and comforting character, like a safe haven in the midst of turmoil.
  • Jinx: A playful troublemaker, always involved in some harmless mischief.
  • Rift: For a character who bridges worlds or brings change, a mover of mountains.
  • Duskwhisper: Duskwhisper is the troll whose whispers intensify with the setting sun. Her words carry the magic of twilight, inviting others to explore the secrets of the fading day.
  • Mossygrin: Mossygrin is the troll with a grin as green as moss. His friendly demeanor makes him the beloved guardian of the moss-covered pathways in the heart of the forest.
Troll Character Names

Troll Names for Games

These names shape how players see and interact with them. Whether you’re creating a make-believe adventure, a role-playing game, or any game with a touch of magic, picking the right troll’s name can make your creation more interesting.

  • Grunth: A name that suggests brute strength and a no-nonsense attitude, perfect for a warrior or guardian.
  • Trixel: For a troll known for their cunning and agility, always ready with a clever plan.
  • Brog: Implies a solid, dependable character, perhaps a steadfast ally or a formidable foe.
  • Skulk: Perfect for a sneaky troll, adept at moving unseen and striking from the shadows.
  • Lurk: Suggests a troll who prefers the dark, waiting patiently for the right moment to emerge.
  • Fendrel: A name with a hint of nobility, suitable for a troll with leadership qualities or a regal bearing.
  • Mire: For a troll connected to swampy or marshy realms, adept at navigating through difficult terrain.
  • Blight:  Implies a troll with a darker side, perhaps wielding corrupting magic or spreading decay.
  • Ravok: Suggests power and a fierce spirit, a name for a troll not easily vanquished.
  • Bracken:  Implies resilience and the ability to thrive in harsh conditions, a survivor.

Troll Names for Valorant

Valorant, a game known for its competition and exciting gameplay, pulls in players from different backgrounds, including those who enjoy a bit of playful teasing in a harmless way. Here’s a list of troll names, meant to bring laughter and friendship:

  • BoomBot: A playful nod to Raze’s trusty companion, perfect for players who love explosive entries.
  • ClutchKing: For the player who always seems to pull off the impossible when it’s down to the wire.
  • WallBang: Ideal for those who have mastered the art of shooting through barriers, much to their opponents’ dismay.
  • NoScope: For the audacious player who prefers style over precision, often with surprisingly effective results.
  • FlashFail: A humorous admission of those all-too-common moments when blinding moves backfire.
  • Camper: A playful acknowledgment of a strategy as old as FPS games themselves.
  • LagWalker: A tongue-in-cheek reference to the eternal scapegoat of gamers everywhere: lag.
  • EcoRound: Perfect for the player who saves when everyone else is ready to spend.
  • Aimbot: A trollish boast that’s sure to raise eyebrows and elicit a few chuckles.
  • DuckHunter: For those who have an uncanny ability to pick off crouching enemies.
Troll Names for Valorant

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Hopefully you liked our collection of troll names above and picked the best name. These names have a special charm and identity in the big and lively world of stories, games, and online groups.

They create a picture of humor, strength, fun, and sometimes a bit of mischief. The names we pick—for trolls or heroes—show our creativity, humor, and love for adventure. They connect us in the big picture of culture and fun that goes all around the world.

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