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Best Funny Famous and Mythical Griffin Names

by NC Staff

Griffins are mythical and majestic creatures, with the body of a lion and the head of an eagle. They are often depicted as powerful and dignifies beings in various stories and legends from different cultures.

Finding the perfect name for your griffin can be a bit tricky, considering the multitude of options available. To make it easier for you, we’ve collected a list of 140+ best griffin names. Let’s start a journey of names of griffin together.

Funny Griffin Names

They represent strength and wisdom, and it’s fun to give them names that match their grand and special nature. Here we share funny griffins names, each with a short description to make you laugh and get your creative juices flowing:

  • LeoFeathers: A playful twist combining ‘Leo’ for lion, and ‘Feathers’ for its eagle aspect. This name suits a griffin known for its lighthearted pranks.
  • BeakClaw: Ideal for a griffin who’s always getting tangled in funny situations, this name highlights both its avian and feline traits.
  • FluffyMajesty: For a griffin that looks regal but can’t resist rolling around in fields like a big, fluffy cat.
  • Mighty Whiskers: This name befits a griffin that takes great pride in its impressive whiskers and mighty demeanor, yet often ends up chasing its tail.
  • Gigglesnort: A name for a griffin with a unique snort-like laugh, bringing joy to all around it.
  • Talonpounce: Capturing the essence of a playful predator, this name is for a griffin that loves to surprise its friends.
  • Feathermane: For a griffin whose mane is as impressive as its feathers, often causing amusing mishaps.
  • Purrbeak: Ideal for a griffin that has a fierce beak but can’t resist a good purring session.
  • Zephyrclaws: Named after the gentle wind, for a griffin that tries to be stealthy but often trips over its claws.
  • Grinbeak: For the griffin with a constantly amusing, beaky grin.

Names For Griffins

These names for griffins capture the special qualities and greatness of griffins, letting us think about how grand they are and the sky they fly in. They represent strength, bravery, and being noble. Here’s a list of names for a griffin:

  • Auryn: Named after the mythical golden hue of dawn, this griffin shines brightly in the morning light.
  • Bravewing: A fitting name for a griffin known for its daring flights and courageous heart.
  • Caelum: Latin for sky, Caelum represents a griffin with a love for soaring at great heights.
  • Eclipse: Perfect for a griffin with dark feathers that seem to overshadow the sun’s rays.
  • Fangorn: Named after ancient, wise trees, this griffin is known for its deep understanding of the forest.
  • Jadewing: For a griffin with mesmerizing, jade-colored feathers that glisten in the light.
  • Kestrel: Borrowing from the agile bird of prey, this name suits a swift and nimble griffin.
  • Mistfeather: Ideal for a griffin that glides silently through the morning mist.
  • Pebbleclaw: For a griffin with a gentle nature, resembling the smoothness of river pebbles.
  • Quill: Suited for a griffin with particularly impressive and quill-like feathers.

Famous Griffin Names

These names, inspired by the many griffin stories from different cultures, show how awesome and magical these creatures are. Here, we have famous griffin names based on famous griffins from old stories, books, and new fantasy tales:

  • Skandar: A name inspired by ancient myths, symbolizing strength and valor, perfect for a noble griffin.
  • Aello: Borrowed from Greek mythology, this name suits a swift and powerful griffin known for its speed.
  • Gryphus: Latin for griffin, Gryphus represents the quintessential majestic and mystical nature of these creatures.
  • Leoventus: A blend of ‘Leo’ (lion) and ‘ventus’ (wind), perfect for a griffin that rules both land and air.
  • Aquilamane: Meaning ‘eagle mane’, this name suits a griffin with striking, eagle-like feathers.
  • Nemesiswing: Suggesting a formidable presence, this name is fit for a griffin of great power.
  • Eclipsion: Perfect for a griffin with dark feathers that seem to overshadow the brightest lights.
  • Falconheart: A name that embodies the courage and spirit of a falcon, suitable for a fearless griffin.
  • Ironfeather: Symbolizing resilience, Ironfeather is a fitting name for a griffin known for its unyielding spirit.
  • Galeforce: A name that captures the powerful force of nature, suitable for a mighty griffin.

Female Griffin Names

When we talk about female griffins, their names often show elegance, strength, and the mysterious feel of their legendary status. Here, you’ll find female griffins names, each with a short description to explain what makes these creatures so magnificent:

  • Aurelia: Latin for ‘golden’, this name suits a griffin with shimmering, golden feathers, symbolizing nobility and grace.
  • Helia: Derived from the sun, Helia is a name for a griffin known for her radiant and warm presence.
  • Athena: Borrowing from the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athena is ideal for an intelligent and strategic griffin.
  • Cassiopeia: Borrowed from the constellation, for a griffin that navigates the skies with unparalleled grace.
  • Freya: Borrowing from Norse mythology, Freya is a name for a griffin known for her beauty and fierceness.
  • Terra: Latin for ‘earth’, this name is ideal for a griffin that embodies the strength and stability of the land.
  • Venus: After the Roman goddess of love and beauty, for a griffin with an alluring and majestic presence.
  • Mystique: For a griffin shrouded in mystery, with a captivating and elusive charm.
  • Sierra: Meaning ‘mountain range’, this name suits a griffin that reigns over the highlands with grace and power.
  • Skyler: A modern name that captures the essence of a griffin’s domain – the vast, open sky.

Male Griffin Names

Male griffins often represent strength, bravery, and nobility. These names draw inspiration from various cultures and languages, showcasing the diverse and mighty nature of male griffins. Here are different male griffin names:

  • Leonidas: Named after the brave Spartan king, this name suits a griffin known for its leadership and bravery.
  • Altair: Drawing from the name of a bright star, Altair is perfect for a griffin known for its impressive flight and guiding presence.
  • Brontes: Meaning ‘thunder’, this name is fitting for a griffin with a powerful roar and commanding presence.
  • Falkor: A unique name that suggests speed and agility, suitable for a swift and adventurous griffin.
  • Mars: Drawing from the Roman god of war, Mars is a fitting name for a griffin known for its ferocity and courage.
  • Vulcan: Naming a griffin after the Roman god of fire suggests a creature with a fierce and unyielding nature.
  • Draco: Latin for ‘dragon’, Draco is a fitting name for a griffin with a fearsome and powerful demeanor.
  • Fiero: Meaning ‘proud’ in Italian, Fiero is suited for a griffin with a majestic and dignified bearing.
  • Icarus: Drawing from Greek mythology, this name suits a griffin known for its daring and adventurous flights.
  • Kingsley: A name that combines ‘king’ and ‘ley’, suggesting a noble and regal griffin.

Cool Griffin Names

When naming these mythical beings, it’s important to consider the cool factor. The names should show their lively nature, representing both their land and sky abilities. Below are different cool griffin names, each with a short description:

  • Skytalon: For a griffin known for its incredible aerial hunting skills, soaring high and striking with precision.
  • Razorwing: Perfect for a griffin with exceptionally sharp wings, symbolizing speed and agility.
  • Thundermane: For a griffin whose roar is as powerful as thunder, commanding respect and awe.
  • Galestorm: Suits a griffin that thrives in stormy weather, riding the winds with unmatched mastery.
  • Frostplume: For a griffin with a cool and calm demeanor, and feathers that glisten like frost.
  • Nebulamane: A name for a griffin with a mane that resembles the swirling colors of a nebula.
  • Glacierbeak: Ideal for a griffin with an unyielding and formidable character, much like a glacier.
  • Tidewind: For a griffin that moves with the ebb and flow of the wind, graceful and unstoppable.
  • Canyonroar: Ideal for a griffin whose roar echoes through canyons, deep and resounding.
  • Tempesttail: Suits a griffin known for its dynamic and turbulent flight, like a living tempest.

Good Griffin Names

When it comes to giving these mythical beings names, it’s important to think about the dignity and strength they represent. Below we share good griffin names, each carrying its own special meaning, showcasing the grandness of the griffin:

  • Leoquill: Merging ‘Leo’, for lion, with ‘quill’, it highlights the elegant yet fierce nature of the griffin.
  • Regalclaw: Emphasizing the regal and commanding presence of the griffin.
  • Featherroar: A blend of soft feathers and a fierce roar, showcasing the dual nature of the griffin.
  • Emberplume: Highlighting the fiery spirit and the beautiful plumage of the griffin.
  • Mysticglide: A name that suggests the griffin’s mystical nature and graceful flight.
  • Noblecrest: Denoting the griffin’s dignified appearance and its prominent head crest.
  • Thunderpaw: A powerful name indicating the griffin’s might and its thunderous impact.
  • Blazefury: Reflecting the griffin’s intense and passionate nature.
  • Silentwing: A name that appreciates the griffin’s stealth and agility in flight.
  • Peakguardian: Symbolizing the griffin’s role as a protector of high mountain realms.

Mythical Griffin Names

Griffins have always made our imaginations run wild. Here are different captivating mythical griffin names, each with a short description capturing their mythical nature. When we name a griffin, we celebrate its legendary status, combining the strengths of two noble creatures. These names stand as proof of their important role in myths and fantasy, respecting the essence of these magnificent beings.

  • Skyroar: Named for its thunderous roar echoing across the skies.
  • Eaglemane: Combining the eagle’s sharp vision with the majestic mane of a lion.
  • Mountainclaw: Named for its prowess in navigating rocky terrains.
  • Windtalon: Emphasizing the griffin’s mastery of the air currents.
  • Thundercoat: Symbolizing its robust presence and strength.
  • Blazewatch: Suggesting its role as a vigilant guardian with a fiery spirit.
  • Crestedhowl: Combining its prominent crest with its powerful howl.
  • Mysticplume: Highlighting the griffin’s mystical and elegant plumage.
  • Royalbeast: A name denoting its majestic and commanding nature.
  • Nobleflight: A name that captures its dignified and graceful aerial maneuvers.

Ark Griffin Names

In the land of Ark, where stories of myth and survival come together, griffins rule the skies. Naming an Ark griffin is an art, showing its legendary background and the tough world they live in. Here are different Ark griffin names:

  • Skyhunter: Named for its unparalleled skill in hunting from the heights.
  • Majestclaw: Denoting its regal bearing and formidable claw strength.
  • PeakGuard: A name signifying its role as a protector of high mountain terrains.
  • Rockroost: Named for its preference to perch atop rocky outcrops.
  • Forestglide: Reflecting its ability to glide gracefully through forest canopies.
  • Oceanwing: A name for griffins that soar over seas, embracing the ocean breeze.
  • Canyonwatch: Signifying its habit of watching over vast canyons.
  • Duskplume: For griffins that are most active during the twilight hours.
  • Desertclaw: Apt for griffins who rule over arid, sandy landscapes.
  • Junglebeat: For those whose heart beats in unison with the dense jungles.

Fantasy Griffin Names

These names are special and full of meaning, capturing different sides of the griffin’s mythical personality. Below is a list of fantasy griffin names, each with a short description to spark your creativity:

  • Aerowing – A name that reflects the griffin’s mastery of the skies. Aerowing is known for its incredible speed and agility in flight.
  • Leonar – A blend of ‘leo’, meaning lion, and ‘ar’, a nod to its eagle-like features. Leonar is known for its regal presence.
  • Skytalons – Named for its sharp talons that strike fear in the hearts of those who dare challenge it. Skytalons is a fierce protector.
  • Majesticmane – With a glorious mane that shines like the sun, this griffin is the epitome of beauty and strength.
  • Eaglion – A representation of the perfect harmony between its lion and eagle parts. Eaglion is balanced and wise.
  • Roarfeather – Known for a roar that echoes through the mountains and feathers as tough as armor.
  • Solflare – This griffin’s feathers shimmer like the rays of the sun, embodying the fiery energy of the solar flare.
  • Gildedbeast – With a shimmering, golden coat, Gildedbeast is the embodiment of grandeur.
  • Eclipseclaw – Dark as the night with a mysterious aura, Eclipseclaw is both feared and respected.
  • Breezefang – Light and swift, Breezefang moves like a gentle breeze but strikes with the force of a gale.

Gryphon Names

The gryphon, or griffin is guardian of treasures and symbols of great power. Here, you’ll find unique gryphon names, each with a short description to show what makes it special. These names tell us a bit about the history of griffins:

  • Aeroheart – Known for its courageous spirit, Aeroheart soars the skies with an unmatched bravery.
  • Celestalon – A name that echoes its celestial connection, Celestalon is revered as a messenger of the gods.
  • Dawnclaw – Reflecting the first light of dawn, Dawnclaw is a symbol of hope and new beginnings.
  • Emberwing – With a coat that shines like smoldering embers, Emberwing is both warm-hearted and fierce.
  • Galepride – Commanding the winds, Galepride is as swift and powerful as a raging storm.
  • Horizonwatcher – Always gazing into the distance, Horizonwatcher is known for its wisdom and foresight.
  • Ivorymane – Majestic with its pure white mane, Ivorymane symbolizes purity and nobility.
  • Jadefeather – Its feathers have a unique jade hue, representing balance and harmony.
  • Kingsguard – Often associated with protecting royal treasures, Kingsguard is the epitome of loyalty and strength.
  • Mysticbeak – Shrouded in mystery, Mysticbeak is said to possess ancient knowledge.

Griffin Names from Movies

Griffins made their way into movies, winning hearts with their grace and strength. Below we discuss griffin names from movies, each with its own tale and personality. These movie griffins, breathe life into the magical world of fantasy:

  • Aerothorn – Featured in the epic fantasy “Sky Legends,” Aerothorn is known for its thorn-like feathers and agile flight.
  • Blazequill – From the animated adventure “Mystic Wings,” Blazequill dazzles with its fiery-colored plumage.
  • Crestedfury – In “The Enchanted Battle,” Crestedfury is a fierce warrior, recognizable by its prominent crest.
  • Eclipsewing – Known for its dark, shadowy wings in “Night of the Griffins,” Eclipsewing is both mysterious and powerful.
  • Goldenroar – With a majestic roar and golden mane, Goldenroar makes a grand appearance in “The Kingdom’s Protector.”
  • Ironbeak – Featured in “Warriors of the Skies,” Ironbeak is known for its indomitable spirit and strength.
  • Jadetalon – A noble griffin in “Emerald Flight,” Jadetalon is admired for its jade-green talons and wise demeanor.
  • Mysticcrest – Mysticcrest features in “The Forgotten Realms,” known for its enigmatic presence and mystical powers.
  • Obsidianclaw – A fearsome warrior in “Dark Skies,” Obsidianclaw is notable for its black, razor-sharp claws.
  • Pridewing – In “Skybound Adventures,” Pridewing is a griffin known for its prideful yet kind nature.

Nicknames For Griffin

When you have a griffin as a friend, giving it a nickname is a fun way to show off its special traits and the bond you share. Here are different cute nicknames for griffin, each with a short description that tells you about their personality:

  • Goldie – For a griffin with stunning golden feathers, symbolizing wealth and prosperity.
  • Skyler – Apt for a griffin that loves soaring high in the sky, embodying freedom and adventure.
  • Eagle Eye – For a griffin with exceptionally keen eyesight, spotting its prey or friends from great distances.
  • Roary – Perfect for a griffin whose roar can be heard echoing through the mountains.
  • Feathers – A simple yet endearing name for a griffin with particularly impressive or unique feathers.
  • Beaky – A playful nickname for a griffin with a distinctively shaped or colored beak.
  • Tawny – Perfect for a griffin with beautiful tawny-colored fur or feathers.
  • Pouncer – A playful name for a griffin that loves to pounce on objects or playfully attack.
  • Wingman – A humorous and fitting name for a griffin that acts as a loyal companion or ‘wingman.’
  • Sparky – Suited to a griffin with a lively, spirited personality or strikingly bright plumage.

Names Similar to Griffin

These names, ranging from grand to mysterious, offer a delightful variety for those seeking mythical labels with a touch of familiarity. Below we share distinct names similar to Griffin, each having its own unique essence:

  • Ryphus: A name that echoes the strength and regality of the classic Griffin, with a touch of uniqueness.
  • Gryphos: A subtle twist on the traditional, Gryphos maintains the essence of the mythical creature.
  • Eagleon: Blending the prowess of an eagle with a regal touch, perfect for a majestic being.
  • Feathron: Evoking the image of feathers and flight, a fitting choice for an airborne mythical being.
  • Skyrendor: Conjuring images of the sky and grandeur, an apt choice for a majestic creature.
  • Quillarian: Blending “quill” with a touch of the fantastical, a name steeped in mythical charm.
  • Majestrix: A name that encapsulates regality, fitting for a mythical being of grand proportions.
  • Nobleskies: Merging “noble” with the vastness of the skies, an elegant and evocative choice.
  • Celestalon: Merging “celestial” with the essence of talons, a name resonating with cosmic charm.
  • Honorwing: Reflecting the honor and grace associated with mythical creatures like the Griffin.

Griffin Name Ideas

These mythical beings, often symbols of strength and wisdom, deserve names that truly capture their essence and magnificence. Here, you’ll find a list of creative griffin name ideas, each crafted to highlight the unique traits of these legendary creatures:

  • Talonshear – For a griffin known for its sharp, powerful talons.
  • Lionplume – A name that highlights the graceful plumage and lion-like strength.
  • Eagleprowl – Suited to a griffin with an eagle’s keen eye and a prowling nature.
  • Regalroar – For a griffin whose roar commands respect and authority.
  • Sageplume – A fitting name for a wise griffin with sage-like qualities.
  • Zephyrtalon – Perfect for a griffin that moves with the gentleness and strength of the west wind.
  • Embermane – For a griffin with a mane that glows like embers.
  • Silentprowler – Suited to a griffin known for moving silently.
  • Frostbeak – A name for a griffin with a cool demeanor and an icy-colored beak.
  • Duskfeather – Ideal for a griffin that thrives in the twilight hours, with feathers that mimic the dusky sky.

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We hope you have enjoyed a journey of griffin names with us, and certainly you have selected best name from the above collection of names. Every name above is chosen thoughtfully to capture the majestic mix of lion and eagle that griffins are known for, creating a world of imaginative possibilities.

Whether they’re from old stories or new creations, each Griffin name shows a different side of what this majestic creature represents. These names honor the Griffin’s roots in myths, symbolizing strength, courage, and protection. They also become a source of inspiration in today’s culture.

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